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  1. So she forces BoRa to have abortion by hiring someone to harass her into doing it, she is fine with her son to think his child is dead then she finds the child first, once she found out who his mother is she wants to take him away from her because he is her blood and then what? "SW my dear son I raised your dead son from his ashes"?. What logic is she living by? or she will make SM and JH adopt him? I wouldn't be surprised with her twisted mind. She can't even tell husband fearing he might divorce her so what she plans to hid the fact that YR is SW son but yet she wants to take him away from GH and bring him home, the only way for her to do that is for JH and SM to take him, I think JH would say no. That what I was thinking while watching and writing it down directly but thank to SM smart plan her mother has to marry SW and SG off first before filing for the lawsuit but really the mother is stupid for wanting to file a lawsuit without the father knowing.


    For SG to stoop so low is one of the side effects of being associated SW mother and listening to her and it will defiantly earn her a spot at SW blacklist.


    Did any of you acted crazy and clapping when the uncles phone fell of his pocket because I did while clenching my fist toward my face and shaking my head from excitement. Then when his mother was calling and he answered I hoped it would be her and she will ask about YR picture but it was way better this time because he saw them first. I started pointing my index finger and shaking my shoulders. Best 3 min of the entire show so far.


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  2. Thankfully SoRa is totally different than SK. I really wanted SW to say everything while he is drank and I wanted his dad to be there too, but nothing goes as we always want. I love how the aunt likes to say what is on her mind and the truth and she can never keep it to herself.


    GD is so goofy he gets it from his dad for sure :lol:, I really hoped the uncle ruins the DNA test he did enough for the money she given him for his brother because poor YR deserves better but he never thinks for himself and only does what he asked to do, she says jump he says how high, SW mother might scheme anything to get him away from GH if she just stayed quiet it would be better but when she gets involved things will go bad for her, SW already thinks his son is died so if she went after GH it's only matter of time for him to find out what she did.


    And the World's Worst Mom Award Goes To .................. ( Rhetorical).




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  3. BoMi got slapped from her step-mother and she still OK with that, but as always bad people wonder why the good people are trying to figure out what happened to them or go after the truth???????????????.


    SuHu is acting like a secret agent who is trying to find the truth for BM who is not smart enough to keep her business as her own, as long he is digging the truth and keeping it to himself and not share it with BM things would be great, but again things gets out the people involved find out that someone is closing on them.


    What kind of idiot thinks that kids should appear shabby when they live in a developed country even in underdeveloped countries they dress well for school and they are clean, it is not like they came from work to school or vice versa. No one will ever think that.


    BoMI is idiot for her anyone with the name of Jennifer Lee should be the one she is looking for??

  4. SW mother is thug and she acts almighty and classy!!! it is funny that she called the man evil when he just abandoned the child in front of a home whereas she tried to kill the child before his birth and harassed his poor mother, but of course she wants to hid the child so he wouldn't ruin her grown, competent, righteous and responsible son life. But for his uncle to help her he deserves whats coming for him from his sweet wife when she find out about his involvement, her disappointment would be enough punishment.


    SR is getting herself into another heart break, he didn't fall for her before GJ why would she think she could make him forget her?. I don't understand didn't SY reject GD because of his job and his lack of ambitious?. What changed?.


    GH to SW " Let us keep it professional", then she calls him and asked him and wonders about him but when he asks her how are you doing? she will say " Lets act as an employee and employer".


    SW mother can never do anything to make GH give up YR, but for her to find out first it is unfair, as always bad people find the truth first. So if she kept her mouth shut, it would be better for her because then her son will know she killed her own grandchild in life, but if she got involved he might find out the truth from her action, I hope YR remember how his mother looked because her picture might be his only clue.


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  5. The aunt husband finally found his voice when he said "We are all on the same boat" it seemed that it had two meaning or it is that I over analyze things. GH is weird she is the one who asked SW to have a employee employer relationship yet the she is the one who asks a lot of personal question!!

    I think it would be easier for SW to cut ties with his mother, SM and JH if he was asked to do because he already cut ties with his mother and as for JH and SM it would be no brainier, as for SH for him JH is his only family.


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  6. 2 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    It seems SW mom is involved :( she may be the one who wanted to get rid of his child :( 


    I think after she asked her to abort the child she will assume she did, she doesn't even know BoRa where about to know if the child even exists, if she did she wouldn't asked her brother-in-law to search for BoRa but she will try to find YR where about and take him far away. So she is not involved this time I guess if she never knew that BoRa is dead to begin with.

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  7. When the wrong girl gets offended by the remark that meant to the girl that he was mesmerized by. "Why are you so pretty ?".


    This drama has a lot of funny moments, it is very weird ho when the step-mother mention Song Bo Mi name to the grandmother and the lawyer it never raised any red flags, a simple response like she has the same name as the missing granddaughter?



  8. If my memory serves me right YR lost his mother 2 years a go, so if BoRa is his mother then she is defiantly dead and the woman in the preview will not be BoRa but maybe she is someone random or someone who knows her. SW is keeping her photo in his desk drawer so if YR visited the restaurant and went to his room he might see her picture and recognize her. So I think BoRa is dead because there is no way for GH to be with both YR and SW with her in the picture. Even SW mother will prefer BoRa with YR over GH at anytime but if BoRa is dead she will try to take YR but since SW decided to cut her out of his life because she demanded BoRa to abort the child and with almost 40 episode left adding BoRa to the mix will make it hard for GH and SW to be together .

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  9. BoMi is stupid for thinking that she might find the real culprit at the company, when the logical thing for her is to focus on the people around her ex and the person who will gain the most for not being implicated in the crime and the person who will be rewarded for making her the scapegoat.


    BoMi is practically giving her stepmother the very knife that could kill her, in every time she meets her she always end up spilling the beans and she never wondered why this woman is so interested in her this much?


    The reunion between the grandchildren and their grandfather was sweet and sad, they only could depend on him even though he is not mentally sound. For SuHu to go directly to the hospital was a very smart move from his side and what he did after was great but it could be destroyed so easily by BoMi who likes to run her mouth to her stepmother, I hope SuHu keeps up the good work and not to tell anyone


    Its way to early for the reunion between the two women, but seeing the stepmother attitude at the preview looks promising but I don't expect much, she has to win for 90 episodes at least.


  10. I found this scene funny because of the Photoshop and I wondered if they forget to shot it so they decided to Photoshop it instead?. Because he was taking a private phone call but for him to go all the way up there was weird just to see the evil-Lee coming to the hospital.



    Finally BoMi is doing something right by sharing information with SuHo, it is the best way for her to get to the truth he is smart, competent and he has connection, but for him not to share it with her is the best way so the stepmother stays in the dark.


    Finally the grandmother is back and close to the truth and she knows from the preview her granddaughter was alive at the time she went missing.

  11. When GH mother called SW to invite him I was feeling bad because now he is getting so much love from her but once she finds out who he is she will give him hate twice the amount of love she gave him now. I just want her to know now and rip the bandaid off.


    YR for sure will be the best match maker between his mother and his father, now it is SW turn to be cold to GH and distance, but for his uncle and his uncles brother to be involved in BoRa disappearing will be awful I guess if the aunt found out what her husband did will be enough punishment.


    SG is now turning from being a lovable character into a hateful one. Why I feel like JH use to be a better dresser when he was married to GH compared to now, he is a shabby dresser like his older brother minus the glass, married to GH made him elegant while married to SM made him shabby.

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  12. I felt bad for SoRa but not for SG, SoRa did go out with SH even though she practically dragged and dated him alone, but she thought she was his girlfriend and when he gave her a clear answer that he likes someone she gave in, even though she came back again once she found out who she is but again she respected his love. In SG case she looks down on SW love and thinks of it as a pity she believes birds of a feather flock together, she got rejected every time and this time SW told why he can never love her and that because of the way she thinks. BoRa turned out to be an awesome woman and she is the reason why SW changed from mama boy to the great person we know now. It seems next episode would be a great one YR is back and someone who knows what happened to BR appeared.


    One more thing why what happened to SW restaurant was not revealed yet about the two scammers?

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  13. 5 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    The problem is Bo Mi is on a short time table before she is suppose to leave  Or deported again (3 mos I think) so she is unable to register her DNA with no SK. ID card to provide the officer. 


    It did not cross my mind I only remember when she was asked why not go to missing people center and register your DNA and she said why bother if no one is looking for me.


    5 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    What I look forward to the most is him to realize that the missing heir was the one person he and Na Bi framed for car theft and he chose Na Bi over. That is going to be a huge kick in the pants for him. With his personality he will try to woo Bo Mi but by then she will not fall for it. 


    He abandoned the big whale and sacrificed her in order to have a small fish.


    5 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    Anyway I hope they wake Bo Mi up soon and let her see the clues all around her.


    Until this moment she did nothing good but helping the two kids, she is on a time line but if her ex hired her as he said to keep her close or to frame her again. I hope this time she uses her brain and I hope her grandmother sees her, the only good thing is the stepmother does not know that the grandmother will recognize her BoMi.

  14. Why does she even care if he is bleeding? or dying when she is asking him a very important question I think BoMi has a goldfish memory, she never pays attention to what is important and forgets to follow through. Dr. Jin is so confusing is she nice, bad or just weird or she is only gets weird when it is related to the researcher directly, NaBi cooking is a hazard of food poisoning.


    If BoMi dad was the guy who tried to save her from drowning why will he be fine with his wife cheating, but if the guy was just a man that the step-mother just hired and then reported him as kidnapper was he one of her lovers.


    The little boy wrote "mine" as in it belongs to me and everyone thought it was the explosive. It was funny and adorable of him not figuring out why everyone is freaking out because of it.


    Yet another big clue waiting to be ignored, dismissed or thrown away, she might end up doing nothing as usual, she might not even do something as simple as registering her DNA now that she will know someone out there is looking for her.


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  15. 1 hour ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    Its a shame that those people think nothing of ruining her life. I know why the step mother did it but son in law and Na Bi did not need to do that to Bo Mi.


    NaBi husband made a choice between two women, BoMi who has nothing and NaBi  who has everything he needs and wants. So in order to save one he had to destroy the expendable one.

    This time if BoMi really have a clear idea about the actual culprit of the car accident, that would be a big step forward for her since she never ever makes a connection like the Dr did or like when she was trying figure out why bad things is happening to her too many times. I hope she stops being cozy with the evil-step-mother.

    I still don't get it why she is the one who inherited BM wealth and why the grandmother is doing nothing about the company business?

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  16. 1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

     it seems we are the only ones commenting here,


    This show became my new favorite and usually it is the last thing I watch.


    1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I want to understand a point, is Nabi the daughter of bomi's dad?


    This point is still unclear especially the step-mother is a cheater.


    1 hour ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    Did the stepmom get rid of bomi because she saw her with her lover?


    Yes she was afraid she might tattle on her.

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