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  1. 2 hours ago, dondon binay said:

    SJ is terminally ill so hes out of So Yu' life as well. I think SoYu will end up marrying a much older guy who can really take care of her. 


    I think the main reason they gave him a fake uncurable terminal disease, is to make SY love for him the cure. It will make him stronger and he will fight for her and his family and he will overcome all that because of love. They need a miracle cure so they made up a fake disease that you don't need to google it or search for it.

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  2. On 3/14/2019 at 10:59 AM, dulceres said:

    @howa, you are not alone!!! For now, at my age; I don't have the energy to watch a stressful scenario.:rolleyes:


    9 hours ago, Yi Gui said:


    I decide to keep away from this drama for a while too......I dont understand how the writers would think such a storyline can help ratings? What are we, 20 years ago? We audience are much better now...


    Anyway, for my own good, I will wait until perhaps the finale time to binge on the SJ-SY parts and fast forward through it:unamused:


    8 hours ago, xprosperity said:

    May or may not do the same but I honestly just watch SJ-SY parts now because they're so adorable. Everyone else is RIDICULOUS.


    For me I will download the episodes, once I read a very great piece of news, I will skip through the stressful episodes only watching the part that doesn't include Ms. Hong, her son, and the intruders and watch the episode where everything is great but I think that episode is far but I prefer to wait over getting all angry, mad and heartache. I'm the kind of person who watches the end of a movie if things started to go bad in the middle to see who is a life or dead or happy, I skip through the parts where someone is having a hard time or being mistreated, if I saw the ending bad I just without any hesitation hit Shift+alt+delete.

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  3. I think it is the time for me to wait until I read a piece of good news about an episode, I'm not feeling like watching any more of this drama. Things are going from bad to worst for both SY, SJ and their families, to make things worst Ms. Hong is the victim now and the writers as always are helping and will keep on helping her to the last episode. My heart can't take it anymore so no episode for me from today until SY and SJ join forces to take Ms. Hong down, and to do so I think they need a major player like SK Aunt.

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  4. So, now I wondering if they will go after the house deposit that SJ gave to SY!. The 50,000 $!. The father will be like "I'm her father and I need to that money urgently", every K-drama where a family member steals the house deposit, also this way SH might find about his mother buying SY building. In the preview, it seems the father totally forgot about Ms. Hong betrayal and his kids didn't even warn him at all.

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  5. SH will be the one who will regret mistreating SY and betraying SJ. Mi-Ri manager TB the way he treats the mistress and her husband is always awesome. He always bashes the father for not protecting his daughters and mocks the mistress.

    Now they will force themselves into SD, CY, SY  home taking a note from Enemy From the Past plot when the father and his wife shamelessly wanted to sue his (not real daughter) for money because he can't work a fabulous job. They will force their way in and stay in SY house for sure or it will be a miracle if they didn't.

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  6. It's ambiguous what SY told SJ exactly, but it seems all the cards will be on the table next episode. Ms. Hong finally showing herself to SJ dad but it is early I presume for SJ or his sister to know her true color, they will depend on her on the time of their father crises. I think SJ will marry SY after what happened to his dad to make him happy.

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  7.    @marrez1 @xprosperity


    She could have waited after she said yes and they had a nice time and she could have talked to him honestly on another day about Ms. Hong wrongdoing, but now if they were asked how did he propose to you she will tell the story toward her answer which was "If I said yes will you take Ms. Hong down?". Now their marriage is about Ms. Hong and not about them both, even in this sweet moment, Ms. Hong managed to ruin it without actually being involved.

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  8. @dramaninja  He has to find out before marring SY and he will run away or break it off, K-drama never makes the lead get married out of love if one of them is sick. Ms. Hong was saying she will tell SJ father in her own way I thought she will wait for the right time for her or she will use it in her advantage but it seems she did as she does always with fake emotion.

    I think what Ms. Hong told SH about SJ father is a lie, we saw how ashamed he was when he cheated on SJ mother and how he cast SK away and her mother because of that and to keep Ms. Hong around and trust her is impossible, also Mi-Ri she is young and beautiful and he never once did anything shameful toward her even when she was in his room, and for SH mother to work for him for 30 years when she claims he assaulted her is unbelievable, I will believe is if she was the one who threw herself at him when he was drunk and he pushed her away. I will believe that she doesn't know who is SH father or she abandoned him because he is poor or she drove him to leave or suicide. I think someone from her past has to show up, it is the only way to get rid of her.



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  9. Mi-Ri really deserves better, SK deserves whatever comes her way, she asked for it and went for it. She didn't even back down with all the blackmailing and the evil people including her aunt know about her affair. The coach the way he was taking the photos was stupid and SK is stupid for not noticing.


    YT, YT, YT he did it this time, being drunk is not an excuse.


    SJ is sweet as always while SH is dumb as usual.

    By the way, YT in the review was a semi-hero for calling SH for what he actually is a Mama Boy.


    5 hours ago, Yi Gui said:

    I hate that Ms Hong is always the first one to know everything, including SJ's diagnosis! :unamused:


    That doctor should lose his job for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality.


    4 hours ago, dramaninja said:

    This is the way it always goes in dramas. :rolleyes:


    Ok SJ is suffering from something call Alberckros syndrome have no idea what this is.




     I googled it and it seems as a fictional disease maybe it is a hint that he will miraculously survive and overcome it.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Yi Gui said:

    . Ms Hong let SY see what kind of man that SH really is, thank god! SY is falling for the right guy thanks to it.

    I really thought we will have a 2nd lead syndrome on our hand when the drama started and slowly we started to see the truth, instead of having a sweet one we got a 2nd lead disaster. Usually, 2nd leads are either pure evil or pure sweet and supportive, here we have none of that, we have a mama boy with trust issues and a ticking time bomb.

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  11. 1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    Oh and Hong knows SJ fainted and was taking to the ER because SH told her, ladies and gents I think she is 100% planning something now with that look on her face.Only 3 people know he fainted SH ,Hong and SJ himself.


    She asked one of her minions to check out and he went right away on his laptop without asking for details, is it that easy to go on your laptop and do that? is this how hackers do it?

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  12. Ok, SK took it so far or she is just dumb, who does something like that in front of her house where her dad or her husband might see?. Who does that, on another matter her husband couldn't just wait to get into his house to use the bathroom he had to go on his house wall really?. She claims she is scared to get caught yet she is still cheating and she still has the nerves to do it in front of her house, does she want to get caught?. The husband keeping quite to get LX is disgusting.



    So this group gets paid to do an evil minion job so they are basically mere drudge (A drudge protects the vampire master (Ms. Hong) during the daylight hours (at the office) and runs small errands (stalking, stealing, making fake calls) they will also act as waiters or waitresses (at SK aunt restaurant) and sometimes a source of food (does getting slapped and taking the fall count or should we wait).



    Who could resist this face? and go to work to set around doing nothing and then comes back and not miss it and to be that face the first thing to see once you get home? Not me!






    For the first time TW acts like a man who is a husband and a father suppose to act, take responsibility and taking actions, unlike the Eun sister dad he didn't stand up for his daughter when his wife slandered them nor he defended his wife when a total stranger defended them and insulted her, but this part of her trembling was funny.



    SJ is a real man who listened and remembered everything SY told him and what he told her made the connection and stayed loyal and loveable, he gave her million reasons and never judged her as SH the mama boy did, but SH from the preview seemed to see something but he will be still clueless and I don't trust the preview.


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  13. 28 minutes ago, xprosperity said:

    He has no feelings for her whatsoever and didn't he cheat on her before also? Who's he to talk?

    I don't recall that he ever cheated on her, he was cheated on by his ex so he should realize the only common thing is him, he lacks a lot on keeping his woman loved and cared for and on everything related to women, but not on the greed department, he is not a good husband or a good worker or good at anything but going after titles and gossiping and playing games

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  14. Ms. Hong giving her son an emotional rollercoaster ride and making him tied up in the webs of her lies made me really wonder how will he ever survive?. How could he keep his sanity ones he finds out the truth about his dear mom. Even when she talked to SY she made her son (which he actually is) sound unstable and he gets seizures. His mother telling him she wouldn't lie to his face while she doing it and with a hug or her saying she will die if she lied to him which makes her a ghost since she lies through her teeth.



    SH will give SY a hard time while working with him and the woman who Ms. Hong asked her to do so will do that too, SY already wanted to leave her job so it is not a big deal for her, but the only way for Ms. Hong lies to be exposed if she stuck around longer, I think SH will call his mother first about SJ and she will use that to her advantage, but what lie will she tell to her son when she gives him LX.


    In the preview for the first time ever I really feel bad for SK husband, like when something bad happens to someone you don't like but still, you don't wish them bad. One thing I need to say if her husband blackmailed her aunt I think she wouldn't give in since her goal is to destroy SK father and Hong, for her to give the shares to him will be a pointless move and wast of money.


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  15. SY is dumb and a coward, SH to tell SJ about his mother deal with SY as if his mother did nothing wrong while feeling disgusted by her. What did Ms. Hong say to make SH fine with her arrangement with SY?. If SJ got angry with SY because of that, that will make him into the biggest idiot of them all after telling SY to use him she pleased.

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  16. 6 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    What can you expect, he is young and good looking so of course, he was in it for the money.  I had my suspicions but was hoping I was wrong.  

    I thought it would be Ms. Hong but it never crossed my mind or even expected that the ex-wife will do that, SK situation will be resolved just if she never cared about her dad at all. She is still in the gray area and did not cheat on her husband or actually had more than an emotional affair. I hope her aunt finds a way to help out.

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  17. Really golf coach really? I wondered why he was so weak it turns out he is cheap and very cheap, SK always ends up with the bad one's poor girl, just give her a break her husband is the worst kind of a man but at least I think he is not a cheater.

    Ms. Hong is so annoying and loud and manipulative, SH should have thought about it and planned for it instead of drinking, for her to do what she did is going overboard and suspicious, I think it is him dreaming because she is not going to risk her reputation.


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  18. Now for sure Ms. Hong has nothing to do with SK affair but she is moving into her, she is her next target, SJ plan was breaking his engagement with JY by using SY. The older sister and her surrogate scandal with SD and at last SK who was never under her radar until her aunt showed up. All that to clear a path for her son to take over the company and separate him from SY.

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  19. Watching the Eun sister mother was heartbreaking, their mother was loving and supportive to her kids, if she wasn't sick her kids would have been successful, she never blamed the sons for their parent sins, like when she was in SJ office and his dad barged in or for what his sister did to SD, SJ was always happy around her, they could have been in the perfect mother-son-in-law relationship. SD is selfish until the last moment, she was trying to do that to herself in front of her mother, that was horrible very horrible of her, now SD is going to blame herself. I hope their mother doesn't die that will be awful.



    In the preview did one of Ms. Hong drudge grew conscious??. Ms. Hong is not the kind of person who feels remorse at all, she might fear thing get more complicated for her but never remorse because she is a psychopath. For her to hug SJ sister that was a whole level of creepy but the table turned when she tried to encourage SJ to go to SY and he told her that SH is already there she rushed out like a bullet train like someone who needs the bathroom. SJ didn't ask the right questions to her.

    I wish for SH to wake up and use his brain and connect the dots to realize that his mother is behind everything horrible in his life and the lives of the people he cares about.


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  20. SK now has the upper hand and she should play it right. I really hated her entire scene, she is being blackmailed by two actual adulters and a homewrecker and she is being pathetic and weak, her aunt forcing her to get pregnant from a man she hates is low. I don't understand what quilty does her husband has for her aunt to make him a chairman? If I was her aunt I wouldn't even have hired him as a doorman.

    JY for the first time does good and SH is clueless even when the truth is in front of his eyes. He saw how SY acted in front of his mother and he is not even slightly suspicious. On the next episode, I hope nothing goes wrong with SD.




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