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  1. Now for sure Ms. Hong has nothing to do with SK affair but she is moving into her, she is her next target, SJ plan was breaking his engagement with JY by using SY. The older sister and her surrogate scandal with SD and at last SK who was never under her radar until her aunt showed up. All that to clear a path for her son to take over the company and separate him from SY.
  2. Watching the Eun sister mother was heartbreaking, their mother was loving and supportive to her kids, if she wasn't sick her kids would have been successful, she never blamed the sons for their parent sins, like when she was in SJ office and his dad barged in or for what his sister did to SD, SJ was always happy around her, they could have been in the perfect mother-son-in-law relationship. SD is selfish until the last moment, she was trying to do that to herself in front of her mother, that was horrible very horrible of her, now SD is going to blame herself. I hope their mother doesn't die that will be awful. In the preview did one of Ms. Hong drudge grew conscious??. Ms. Hong is not the kind of person who feels remorse at all, she might fear thing get more complicated for her but never remorse because she is a psychopath. For her to hug SJ sister that was a whole level of creepy but the table turned when she tried to encourage SJ to go to SY and he told her that SH is already there she rushed out like a bullet train like someone who needs the bathroom. SJ didn't ask the right questions to her. I wish for SH to wake up and use his brain and connect the dots to realize that his mother is behind everything horrible in his life and the lives of the people he cares about.
  3. both of them will have nothing to lose, that kind of enemy is the worst for Ms. Hong.
  4. So SD was not the intended target of Ms. Hong! I hope nothing goes wrong with SD after her encounter with bulldozer who acted as one today for sure.
  5. SK now has the upper hand and she should play it right. I really hated her entire scene, she is being blackmailed by two actual adulters and a homewrecker and she is being pathetic and weak, her aunt forcing her to get pregnant from a man she hates is low. I don't understand what quilty does her husband has for her aunt to make him a chairman? If I was her aunt I wouldn't even have hired him as a doorman. JY for the first time does good and SH is clueless even when the truth is in front of his eyes. He saw how SY acted in front of his mother and he is not even slightly suspicious. On the next episode, I hope nothing goes wrong with SD.
  6. He is the real definition of a trophy husband, she wanted him so she did everything to have him once she did she had to lock him down so she gave him a doll (his daughter) to play with and to keep him busy. She doesn't expect anything from him but to stay loyal to her. She is his sugar mommy and not a wife, there is no respect in their relationship. Give and take that is how their relationship goes she gets to have an arm candy and he gets to play with his toy and live a lavish lifestyle he is like Rapunzel rarely leaves the house. The little girl never spends quality time with her parent unless if her dad needs a picture and her mom need a reminder that she has a child.
  7. The fight between them was stupid and weird but the end was funny it reminded me of my childhood when I put an ice cube under my brother shirt.
  8. This is unfair for SK really, now she will become a bank for the two women after she was an ATM machine. I was expecting it was her imagination but it wasn't. Her husband is disgusting she keeps pushing him and saying no and he seems set on getting her pregnant no matter what. Wouldn't be surprised if he tricked her and tried to steal her eggs and hired his ex as a surrogate. Mi-Ri did great, he humiliated her and looked down on her love, she should move on.
  9. The Eun sister father was a great man who worked so hard for his family, he never cheated on his wife >> wait, what he did cheat on his wife OK, at least he didn't abandon his two daughters>> wait what he did OK at least he supported them >> what now? he didn't OK, don't tell me now he didn't help his ex-wife when she got sick and needed money for treatment >> oh he did see he is a great father how much did he help them with, wow 15,000 that's so generous of him >> you mean 1,500. Oh OK he is a salary man>> What do you mean by 150$ you're kidding?. That loser dares to say his daughters look down on him because of their mother sickness and because she is weak, she has an excuse for being weak it called Chemotherapy, what is his excuse for being a lousy father, kids feel safe and protected because of their fathers. Ms. Hong running to Mr. Choi office just to protect her son face in front of JY was not a smart move since JY is onto her, JY know and the older sister knows and SJ knows no but he will forget maybe, that behind every problem there is Ms. Hong, SH was about to join the list but he might stray. SJ sister is more scared of her father finding out that she went on her knees and totally ignored her husband. SK, I really wanted her to have a clean break up, her husband deserves to be cheated on, he has to take a good look at himself his first wife cheated now the second wife, it is his fault but that is not an excuse for cheating. I'm 99.999999% sure that SH will forget if not they would have ended the episode with him not drinking by throwing away the drink. Looking at his tortured face and tormented soul makes me wanna cave in and feel sorry for him but then I remember he is a stalker and brush that feeling off.
  10. I was checking the asianwiki page of this drama, I know that young SH is the same boy from "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim", what I found today interesting is that even the girl played young SY was the same girl too, she was very cute when she was telling the boy WWWSK that she is gonna marry him but it didn't work for them here. The best friend CY in her profile picture looks gorgeous. It seems it is her first acting gig and she is doing a great job.
  11. I think because she is old and it is hard for to conceive, that is the only reason they always use in Kdrama.
  12. SY remembering her relationship with SH and reflecting on their memories together where there was nothing much, they met as children and SH went to his mother and he met SJ, then SY and SH met again but when did they meet again exactly?. What made SH and SY think they might be couples?. SJ stepping in instead of his shameless sister, it seems the first obstacle is out in the open.
  13. She should find out first since she is his assistant or Ms. Hong to use this info to her advantage that he is not fit to inherit the company.
  14. That trash Eun dad blaming the mother for being sick instead of blaming himself for not doing his duty as a father, and for his wife to tell him that he has nothing to do with them!. I don't understand men and women using a trashy slur to describe women they have a problem with?. Where they use words with associate with prostitutes. No amount of water could cleanse his dirty soul. I really thought for a second she will stab him in the neck! and hoped for it deep inside. The slap was missing one thing, for SY to be more confident and not bulldozer to let it slide but the only great outcome that SY knows who is actually behind it, I hope she never gets intimidated by Ms. Hong anymore. I think every preview gets us excited only to disappoint us. The show is almost halfway and there is a lot of things that happened and a lot of time for fillers episode. I hope things go towards retaliation from SY instead of Ms. Hong ruining SJ to his disease for the next 50 episodes to getting revenge and redemption for the last episodes.
  15. His father is an idiot but at least he cares about SJ. Unlike the Eun sister dad, his daughter getting slandered by his wife and he keeps his mouth shut, that idiot it worthless. I still remember him giving SD 150$ for her mother treatment.
  16. Couldn't agree more, I'm only interested in what their idiot so-called father said.
  17. So she tells her son "Go on and live your life but I'm killing myself so I wouldn't be an obstacle in your way", what a piece of trash. The Eun family are lucky to have CY as a friend she is a great girl and very helpful, I really like how she is always worried about them and does a lot for them. Now I'm suspicious of the maid Miss. Do she might be SK aunt inside man or she is just a better fortuneteller than her, but she was right that bulldozer doesn't know how to dress and she dared to mock SY sense of fashion. She looks like a painted elephant that escaped from the circus or cotton candy from a carnival or one of the Teletubbies that failed in her audition to be on the TV show and went to the dark side. SJ saying it is the best kiss of his life make it seem he kissed a lot of frogs until he found his princess but JY is not even a frog. The options he gave her all are on his benefits. Again how come the two most stupid women get the most important info so fast and without any struggle? I suspect the last scene of the preview to be a dream, no way it is true, too good to be true.
  18. It was episode 29 at the beginning of the episode, he wanted her to assure him that she belongs to him and loves him. The title was because the minion called Ms. Hong and told her that SH took YS to a motel, she made SY sound very cheap.
  19. I use to have second lead syndrome until the day he dragged SY to a hotel wanting her to give herself to him to get rid of any doubt about their relationship as if she is just a soulless body and made me sick to my stomach. I really wanted to cheer for him especially with a mother like Ms. Hong, I really believed he deserves to be happy because he is kind and gentle, then he started to act like a scumbag and disappointed me.
  20. I was like Yes Yes. I'm glad that tomorrow is Thursday and it is not Saturday because we will have to wait for two days for that.
  21. Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head.

  22. If SH has a half brain he will wonder why his mother said " Because of a girl", his mother ruined her son for a company. If she is that great she wouldn't need to steal someone else's fortune to give it to her son. She should have spent her 30 years in something more constructive instead of enslaving herself and her son for something she could have built all on her own. .
  23. Things in the episode are crazy even though I understood nothing and in the preview is even crazier.
  24. Because of her dad who turned her into a servant/doormat, the step-daughter keeps coming back because her mother pushes her to do so, and she acted all sweet in front of the awful SK dad, so basically SK has no saying in the house even over the maid. She is afraid of her father if she caused a problem so she should just lay low and live invisible. I don't know why she married a divorcee with a child, who seems incompetent and does nothing at all. I think her aunt or her father forced her into this marriage, she is not happy but she is looking to please her father over her own happiness, she knows how he hates her but she doesn't know how her mother died if she did she wouldn't be so eager to his affection. SK should just leave and run away from home it is the best thing for her to be happy.
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