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  1. 2 hours ago, UnniSarah said:


    I wonder why they didn't let us see the contents in the envelope. sMH SMH SMH   @stroppyse..    ILOVED THE PHRASE THEY USE "DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT I CAME BACK TO JUST GET THE PRICE OF GUM?"... When I read this it made me smile so much.  


    She lost her mind when her husband took out 10,000 that they don't have and got scammed. She lives off her sister with her entire family and she might have paid for JE collage and the nephew and she was about to support JE in the U.S, so how much can she spare to pay off fake  SJ, I really wanna know?. It really makes no sense unless if she embezzling from her sister!

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  2. 2 hours ago, jimb said:

    Hwang’s Mother assures her Daughter that she’ll Take The Rap for everything.


    She is really weird when she was caught for stealing Leos designs, she asked JE what to do and her daughter told that is not her problem and she should deal with it, she called her daughter a what rhymes with witch while crying. Now she is asking her not to say anything and she will take the fall!, the truth to be told JE started it but her mother is the one who committed crime after crime so basically JE  did what any immature filled with jealousy little girl will do, while her mother did what a career criminal or thug will do, and she did it for the money.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    in the preview, it seems that SH makes her  doctor visit Eunae to give her medicine to prevent her from regaining her memory

    SH is poor as a dirty rat living in the sewage system, what doctor will risk his career for few pucks. this drama doesn't have a rich chaebol but SH manages to pay people off. I hope she is not using her sisters' money

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  4. 28 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    Oh go Fake SJ drain her out and make her suffer since HN is too nice to do anything and she has a goldfish memory when it comes to JE destroying her career, she always reaches her hand first and always nice to JE, just because of the one time JE helped her before acting evil toward her.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, jackieoh said:

    I feel that the fake SJ came back but to serve SH in something not sure exactly in what. But I think she will involve EA, HN and fake SJ. Probably by saying that they were all in on the con idk something to not make EA not credible when she wakes up. 



    Don't forget HN and her mother went to the police unless if SH went there and faked her way in to stop the investigation, there is still her album picture unless if SH used the fact everyone is busy at the hospital and stole it and her dress from the day she went missing and the big DNA. Its the last 19 episode so it should be more about unraveling the truth and not complicating things more.

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  6. 18 minutes ago, meoooooowwww said:

    Oh yes.. I did not think of that... It could be the meaning behind the scene pic of SH at the police station to meet that fake SJ and ask the police to release her from the jail. Then, SH make a plan with her. So many possibilities.


    You know what.. If SH truly try to make that fake SJ as her scapegoat, it will just backfired SH as she does not have idea that the fake SJ already knew the truth behind the reason why JE really hate the real SJ. Just like what I said before, it has the possibility of the fake SJ to reveal the truth.


    @dramaninja EA wake up at the end may be true or just a troll (like SH seeing things like that)


    Or maybe she is using her as a reminder of what happened before when girls claimed to be her daughter, but she doesn't know that HN was slapped once by her mother because of fake SJ.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, jayakris said:



    I think it is a cultural thing again.  Though much less these days, as I understand, communal sleeping within a joint family house was not too rare in Korea till not too long ago.   Easier to organize on the heated floor with bed spreads too, unlike when you have separate beds which take up space.   So, a daughter sharing a room with the mother isn't considered too strange by Korean viewers.  Still it was a bit unusual/rare, as most people in JH's position would want "their own space".  I think this was to show that JH is indeed a very selfless and kind soul, which is probably the only way the Korean viewers would take it.  Not as anything too odd.

    Since the aunt marriage is not great she could share a room with her mother or daughter and her husband with his son.

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  8. 1 hour ago, UnniSarah said:

    @nohamahamoud2002... Exactly blame the writer, don't blame the character...:bawling::bawling: 


    Wouldn't it be great if Ha Nee got her memories in today's episodes.  I would love that to happen. EA being in accident means there should be another reveal to help HN know who are her enemy.........  smh smh smh 

    It will be more awesome if she got it after overhearing her aunt and JE arguing about their crimes against her.

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  9. Isn't weird how the owner of the house shared a room actually a bed with her mother while her sister and her husband and her son and daughter have their own rooms (3 rooms)?. Now I really wish if the fake daughter stayed until JE was kicked for making her feel uncomfortable, JE worst nightmare is to lose everything that she stole from SJ to HN.


    2 hours ago, meoooooowwww said:



    Is she at the police station?

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  10. 6 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    - AE wants to mend fences and brings food to SH Boutique for HG's mom but she is not there so Hana lets her wait in the office


    - in walks SH ... 


    The preview is also shocking. AE is in a coma with a head injury - I wonder if SH has something to do with it.

    And Hana gets confirmation about the pregancy from a doctor but if I am not mistaken does not want to keep it.


    @gladys57I will do my best :)




    If SH did that to HN mother is a matter of time for her to get caught and prison time. She will have one of two choices running away or silencing HN mother.

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  11. 18 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

    @gladys57  It is vey frustrating to see the villains win at every turn. Wacthing your favorite couple go through all these hurdles just to be together. Let me give you a good tip. Although these dailies do rush the ending, some do give you a good story line when the villains are getting payed back for all their sins. 

    One daily that had the best payback in my opinion for the VILLAIN IS Enemies from the past. I love that drama too, I completely forgot about it . I recommend this daily to everyone.  

    I liked the ending in Enemies from the past and I hope for more, for the aunt and her daughter for both of them to be cut off and in prison, what they did is unforgivable, they didn't only fake the death of HN they tried to ruin her career and her relationship with her mother and grandmother. The always try to ruin her reputation, not only that they are planning to inherit her when she is alive. It will be very stupid if everyone didn't make the connection between the aunt and JE attitude towards HN and everything that happened to her.

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  12. Why YR went to SN family and told them she knows DN is her daughter, if she pretended that she forgave them because she understood it would been better, but YR is the kind of person who tells you about her whole plan and what will she do to you but never when ,so all you have to do is wait and sleep with one eye open, she does not sneak up on people when she has all the tools for a face to face attack.

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  13. 41 minutes ago, rikimaiu said:

    I feel so sad for JW. He is a much better man than SH when it comes to DN. I don't know why the writer has to so cruel to him  to make him lose the girl whom he loves. I was hoping that things would flare up between him and YR resulting in YR deleting his name from her family register. This way, he would be free to marry DN, i.e if DN loves him back. 


    She is on his family registry since she is the one who entered the family by marring his father, so she should remove herself or DN should never add herself to it.

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  14. Spoiler

    In episode 10 I think , I was watching the scene were she was making the dough, then the guy who was helping , he touched her hand and then she dropped the dough and again he touch her hand again , the coincidence the song was playing from my phone was this part So touch me. So touch me. So touch me.from Pia Mia - Touch for the both touch and I am like what ??!


    I don't think it is but anyway I said maybe

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