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  1. 17 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

    She cant do that though she has been to the doctor already and was not pregnant. 

    That's why she can because she is not but she lied to everyone that she is and her visit to the doctor was just putting an act for DG, so she hit two birds with one stone, she doesn't have to pretend to be pregnant anymore and she makes everyone hate on HN. But since YR knows and JH doesn't care she will be exposed for the lier she is.

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  2. 1 hour ago, joke lanfoo said:

    Evil witch JE has now suspected JH knows about SJ/HN connection and is sure HN doesn't.:triumph: 

    If it was a sweet revenge plot it would be a problem, but here even if JE knows she will only go on her knees and beg for forgiveness. SH and JE if their other family members found out it is a problem, they will do anything so no one could find out about the truth and the only thing that could save them if SH was out of the way but I don't think they will go this far.

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  3. I hope JH stands still on her ground. JE both parents are alive and JH did more than what she has to do for her family she carried them all. Its time for her to live happily with her daughter she waited 20 years and SH and JE can't guilt trip her. JE should just live now as DG wife and he has to be responsible for her he is the one who said I do and till death do us apart, so JH owes nothing to SH or JE.

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  4. HN has two mama bears, one of them now is going to unleash her claws and cut SH and JE into pieces, this is the tip of the iceberg. I wish that I'm not going over my head but I'm so happy how JH is mistreating the two clueless pair. I hope they never catch on until the moment of truth. When they both are exposed to the whole family and a little show will be great for all their bad deeds.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, browngirl said:

    Will she and EA keep it to themselves?

    I wish, I want them both to team up and destroy SH and expose JE, since no one knows but YR how deeply she is involved and that she initiated everything and she is the first piece of the dominoes, her mother will say she will take the fall for her but I want them both to be taken down on the same time.

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  6. YR is a bad person but you need a bad person to deal with evil JE/SH. So her kneeling I hope it is her game and not her failure to take them down. JH already hired a PI who said he had the man her sister stole her money to pay off for something, he doesn't know what it's so he had him tailed, so if the PI had nothing on him or his men where not around at that time or he doesn't have it on tape, then he had failed his job.

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  7. 8 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    @howa yes. I agree that divorce is not that simple in Muslim countries, because husbands have to pay a very high alimony for the wives. It is very complicated. But there is social disintegration in general which causes so many problems now.


    What happened in sunny again tomorrow for this to become part I don't know
    I have to note it is not the place for this but I have to explain. Sorry. Every divorce in the world comes with alimony and it is not high because it depends on the husband income and it is only for the first 3 month of the divorce and not for the rest of her life unless if you're speaking about the rest of her money gift that is another book, when I said books are written about the conditions I meant for example if he divorced when she is on her period it is invalid, if they were having a very heated argument and sometimes when you're angry words are exchanged and he might end up saying the world without realizing it and he will regret it and this divorce is invalid, also let say he went to the doctors and the doctor told him he has only a few months to live and he decided to divorce her so she wouldn't inherit him invalid. Or he was under the influence or under anesthesia and he divorced her it is invalid, or maybe someone has a gun to his head to divorce her invalid, you have to look for the circumstances the way he said it what words he said, did he mean divorce because vocabulary is unlimited .....etc. That's why I said books were written about divorce and its conditions, sometimes you will have even to go to judge and he will ask what you said and how you said it ...etc does the word you used means you divorced her because there are many words for it, never said anything about money because it is a reason to divorce or not to divorce, not a condition.
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  8. 14 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    I wonder why YR is begging JE to help her?

    I think she knows about the hit on her so she wants them to stop or they are trying to bend what happened to HN on her if the writers decided to put her in a coma to fill up the next 11 episodes, also HN already has the pictures and the thugs run off without taking the phone, so if YR has the phone maybe she is just playing JE and pretending.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    - SH also found the photo of herself with the thief in JH's drawer so she made up some sort of excuse to tell JH. JH was angry and I don't think she bought it. JH also hired a private investigator and he gave her a report and pictures of SH hiring the thug.



     I'm trying my best not to pull my hair out, really the writers had to give SH an opportunity to lie about it instead of getting caught red-handed, I'm not lying if I said I have my hand on the back of my neck and my blood pressure is rooftop high. Really Really couldn't they just gave us the satisfaction of watching JH taking the mask off her sister they had to help her Why?.

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