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  1. @jayakris Maybe it was her way to give SH and JE the last chance or warning to come clean before the documentary aires, but for SH to steal the tapes (Which was a stupid idea in time where everything is digital if she asked JE she would have saved her some money) shows to what length her sister and niece are willing to go to stop the reunion and I think this what got her mad and also the incident that took place in her store that for sure she knows that her sister is behind it.

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  2. I find the plot of the people with an ability is kinda stupid and weak and not air tite, don't judge me but I like to cover all the questions that come to my mind!.  The organization that kills people with ability their boss explained how those people got these abilities. If they didn't kill the little boy who was trying to help his sister I wouldn't have said this:

    "The abilities that belong to the Gods go down to the humans". How did it happen was it with the rain or a meteor showers? When did this happen was it one-time thing 100s or 1000s or million or billion years ago or it happens from time to time, because if it is a one-time thing then it will be over with the first generation who got it, which means it is not passed down.

    "When that happens, what do these humans do with this power? They use it for their own purpose." So what as long they are not using it to harm anyone and for good. Who cares?

    "And what will happen to the world then?" For me, I will get used to it and I'll be jealous but again it comes with great responsibilities and a price to pay.

    "It becomes messy, obviously". It's already messy so what?

    "That is why all of you are required". To become the judge and the jury and the executor and just kill whoever no matter what kind of ability they have even if it was a stupid one that's harmless.

    "You make this messy world balanced by catching those people". They established it belongs to "God" can't he just simply take it back instead of these people going around killing anyone who has it, if they can get powers temporarily it will make sense that there is a way to take it away from the people who has it instead of going around killing people. If they made the organization to protect these people and organize their life and they have to register and anyone who breaks the law gets arrested and locked up in special jail or they take their powers away.


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  3. 9 hours ago, stroppyse said:

    I actually don't mind HN being kind to JE if only HN did it from a knowing place, meaning that HN knows that JE is slime, but HN is just a nice person who doesn't want to see harm befall anyone, rather than because HN is a naive fool who still thinks JE is her friend despite evidence to the contrary.

    What I think is she just shouldn't deal with her on a personal level. They are neighbors for the time being and nothing more, she is not her friend especially after she wished her to be dead that was the last straw, they don't work together anymore. She should just walk past her and greet in a group or talk to her in the group never acknowledge her existence as JE does. HN is a nice person but that does not mean she has to tolerate everything that JE does or say to her.

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  4. 10 hours ago, jayakris said:

    What do all of you think?

    I think she just want them to suffer as much she did for the past 20 years searching for her daughter and then SH making her believe she is dead so she could give u the search, she wants them to pay back for everything they did to HN and EA. Once she is done with them she will give the boot or send them to prison whatever but first, she has to play with them a little before she finishes them off. I mean if they were just kicked out of the house or sent to prison for the crimes they committed where is the fun in that. The might just crawl back if she let them off so easy they have to suffer and they have to be in a state where they can't face anyone with their head held up high. Or maybe it is just what I hope JH is doing.


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  5. 24 minutes ago, oktatwork said:

    Today JE screamed and cursed at her, she already forgotten within minutes :D, ignorance is a bliss! 

    If I had a chocolate in the fridge and someone ate it I'll fight them and I will even not talk to them for some time, but for HN JE is an angel who: Almost got killed in a hit and run and she was at "fault" according to SH because she crossed the street when it was right time for her to cross and it is her "fault" that she did not avoid JE when she tried to kill her. How many times did JE insult her push her scream at her and tried to ruin her career? If JE asked HN a question HN while shocking her HN will answer while her soul is leaving her body, she never fights back or ignores JE she always acknowledges her as if she has a big crush on JE, she helped her once but she tried to ruin her also so she owes her nothing. I really need HN to do something and to be like her mother and take actions.


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  6. 25 minutes ago, meoooooowwww said:

    Why JH refuses to accept Sohyeon's resignation? What is JH's plan? I totally cannot understand writer-nim's mind -.- Today's cliffhanger is hmmmmm.... Boring!

    10 minutes ago, marypots08 said:

    So... is the customer complaining and got hurt another evil plan of SH? 

    Yes indeed, she is the one who leaked the tapes. JE was afraid that her aunt will just do another interview so they had to put a final nail in the coffin. I hope EA asks HN to do the interview too using her moms' wallet picture.


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  7. 3 hours ago, tinkerbelle2004 said:

    adding more twists and conflicts

    Usually, it is for the evil dual When JE made a mistake in her job she thought her aunt will swoop in and save her as usual, so she went ahead of herself and asked HG to go ahead and make the calls he warned her but she was like "Just do as I ask" and HG in my mind was like "Ok, it's your funeral". Then the writers I mean her mother comes with a "brilliant" plan, so SH decide to help her for the sake of her "grandson". I really want both of them to sink to the point where even saying sorry wouldn't save them, to the point where everyone around them gives up on them and turn their back. What is the point if grandma or their husbands have their backs and asked JH and HN to forgive them. I want HN to know who pushed her dear mother and almost killed her and for her also to grow claws and exact revenge on SH and JE and make their lives a living hell. Sometimes I think HN has something similar to Stockholm syndrome, no matter what JE do to her she likes her even more and tries to help her and she feels sorry for her, I think it is time for HN to wake up and join hands with her mother, JH&SJ team vs SH&JE team. One team has all the power while the other team has the writers power. We do enjoy SH&JE suffering and we will watch it for sure.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

    She cant do that though she has been to the doctor already and was not pregnant. 

    That's why she can because she is not but she lied to everyone that she is and her visit to the doctor was just putting an act for DG, so she hit two birds with one stone, she doesn't have to pretend to be pregnant anymore and she makes everyone hate on HN. But since YR knows and JH doesn't care she will be exposed for the lier she is.

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  9. 1 hour ago, joke lanfoo said:

    Evil witch JE has now suspected JH knows about SJ/HN connection and is sure HN doesn't.:triumph: 

    If it was a sweet revenge plot it would be a problem, but here even if JE knows she will only go on her knees and beg for forgiveness. SH and JE if their other family members found out it is a problem, they will do anything so no one could find out about the truth and the only thing that could save them if SH was out of the way but I don't think they will go this far.

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  10. I hope JH stands still on her ground. JE both parents are alive and JH did more than what she has to do for her family she carried them all. Its time for her to live happily with her daughter she waited 20 years and SH and JE can't guilt trip her. JE should just live now as DG wife and he has to be responsible for her he is the one who said I do and till death do us apart, so JH owes nothing to SH or JE.

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  11. HN has two mama bears, one of them now is going to unleash her claws and cut SH and JE into pieces, this is the tip of the iceberg. I wish that I'm not going over my head but I'm so happy how JH is mistreating the two clueless pair. I hope they never catch on until the moment of truth. When they both are exposed to the whole family and a little show will be great for all their bad deeds.

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