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  1. Between GH mother and SW mother defiantly GH mother is more likely to accept SW because she liked him and she was worried about him when the restaurant was closed and if now she found out he is YR father she will accept him as she accepted SH, but SW mother she will do anything to come between them because she will lose everything once SW finds YR and his dad sees he is the little boy in the picture he will be outraged, so if SW made the connection he will know too that his uncle is involved as much as JH.
  2. There is many things unclear like how SM minion found out about the list of boys that SW needed if the woman called him to come and get it and he was just following him?. How he managed to steal YR profile and no one saw him where is security?, no one stops a strange man from approaching an empty desk?. How he found out about the older boy that SW was looking for who told him if no one was there when SW was asking the woman or these women will just tell anyone anything if they asked what this man was looking for or asking?.
  3. No comment. SM minion acting as if there is nothing he can do but horrible things to make ends meet, there is something he can do which it's getting a job, his cow cash will cut him out one day. I really hoped that SW goes into that mans apartment and he is so drunk to answer his phone and sees his uncle number on the screen but no, it seems only the ones with good heart deliver the good news which is one of the older boys who lived at the orphans around the time YR came to live there, he know how hard it's to grow up without a parent so he will come clean because YR is just 6 years old. I hope the preview for the long waited episode would be worth it, I hope it is not a false alarm. In case GJ married SH she will be the older-sister-in-law if SM and JH were still married then she will have her sister back if she and SW got married, JH and SM can't do anything or act I'm older so respect me because SH beats them all.
  4. The evil-step-mother is stupid, she could just told him to do a DNA test and it will prove BoMi is not her daughter, she has no reason to freak out. SuHu and the Dr Jin the only ones who saw through the ESM I don't think the ESM will admit that BM is her daughter at all it is way too early for that.
  5. With 22 episodes only left things started to be more of filling the time slot then actually having a story, since SW found out about YR being alive I started to watch the first 3 min then check the last couple min and the preview of the episode to see if there is something to look forward to while watching but there isn't. But I loved this part finally she can't ruin things this time for SW because his dad read her SM lost to JH because he has the upper hand not because she loves more! How come SW never said anything about SM ex? he saw him when he was tailing JH The grandfather had one job and he failed the one job The preview is not promising.
  6. So she thinks the dash-cam picture is a coincidence even with NaBis picture and hers from 10 years a go, really?. So now they are going after the little girl because SuHu is clean?
  7. Finally SuHu told her about his theory and if BoMi connected the dots it would be great but she loves her so much that she wouldn't believe him at all or she might ask her or act cautious around her which I hope she do.
  8. His sister with her simple sweet thinking she is way too smart then him or any of them, she is the only one who question things and read people face and says what is on her mind truthfully.
  9. First I don't think very much of the preview when SuHu asks the grandmother if BoMi is her missing granddaughter that is way too early and mission impossible in Kdrama. Lastly BoMi needs a brain transplant, why she is still friends with NaBi mother after everything even if she thinks she is good she is still NaBi mother she slapped her once when she thought she harmed NaBi so why she still trust her if she is searching for the real culprit behind the car accident. Did she just help NaBi husband by telling him where is the house contract saved?
  10. Sometimes I do become self-centered when I wonder why should they put off the drama and not air the episode because of holidays or events?. why that is my problem then I realize that it's because it's something that is happening there and the drama is aired there so of course they will broadcast the major event over the drama. so crazy of course, I think I could be the villain because of my twisted way of making the world revolve around me.
  11. I'm getting angry at how that dude managed to steal important document that easily, how SW doesn't suspect anything at all when everything went wrong even his aunt is suspecting that someone is sabotaging thing for him when she just found out about it. I feel that YR will be cut off for sure and he wouldn't answer his mothers question about SW son some how, it would be weird if he didn't remember his own name because children respond to their own name when they are toddlers unless if that was not his case and he forgot his name for some reason. JH knows that YR will make GH and SW happen for sure and that's what he hates most, why SW mother thinks she can take YR away from GH once SW and SG get married? SW loves both of them dearly and he wouldn't separate them even if he "married" SG because with his toxic mother, sister and JH in the picture SW is better off co-parenting with GH rather than making two people unhappy and hurt. GH is the best mother that YR deserve.
  12. I open almost every disk drawer in my room in the kitchen whether I needed to or not sometimes by mistake, and SW dad never not even once just opened it to check or look for something of his or because he is just bored? it is in a very obvious place not even hidden. In my opinion it would been more effective if JH gave her anything with SW DNA and she made the paternity test herself then she wouldn't have doubted him but again it is dirty move of him not to tell her the whole truth. Usually GH would have asked SW for help and confided in him but she can't see him anymore because of her weird mother. One thing I don't get it SM ex how can he stop SW from finding his son and why he is the man she always go to, the uncle proved he is a better minion and he is an accomplice. SW father, his aunt and SW are the only good ones in their family, SM takes after her mother that's why she is bad. Why his mother thinks delaying this would be good for her if it is only matter of time and she would be the one who made things go bad, SW would never marry SG especially that he is looking for his son now so why his mother is trying so hard to stop their meeting, her husband saw YR picture so it is not random a picture. SW mother is so stupid.
  13. I think I'm taking a break from the show and I will only check the preview, BoMi is not even using her brain No good development only a wedge is created between the granddaughter and her grandmother.
  14. SG is very funny one. I mean she has been in love with SW for almost a decade and she did all the sort of things to get his love, his acceptance by saying that she is more suitable partner than anyone or begging him to pity her, she even ambushed him with her family meeting, she started all sort of trouble with her obsession over him, she is ready to accept him even if he had a hidden son. She even talks in a manner that says I'm classy but acts as a high school girl who started with innocent crush and turned into crazy stalker. But she made me laugh. Does he really hates SW in general or he just doesn't wasn't GH to be with any man period I don't expect anything in regard YR, GH and SW for this week
  15. SuHu is losing his brain cell, man what will you lose if you showed BoMI the pictures of the evil-step-mother with Jason?, at least she will keep her guards up around her if she used her brain, I hope NaBi ruins her mothers plan accidentally .
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