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  1. I think JH telling his brother SH that he is having an affair and he wants the fame and wealth over GH sacrifice to him that he sees it as love, telling nothing to SW mother but he will discuss it with SM and then breaks up with her and then tells the father that the rumors are true and gives his letter of resignation, it is because he is using everyone as pawns in his chess game he wants all of them to move and break him up with GH so he could say I tried to fix this marriage but it was over. SM to make sure that GH finds out about the affair and it is the reason why her husband quite and lost everything that he worked hard to achieve, his mother will tell GH to save her dear son future, GH will feel the pressure and give him a divorce because she felt betrail, in SM father and mother eyes he will be the one who tried to ended but their daughter hang on him, but SM mother knows JH is greedy so she might not believe it at all but still her daughter will get married to a great plastic surgeon. Just a thought do you think SW will go back into being a doctor just so JH doesn't take over the clinic?
  2. It's a possibility since his ex is out of contact the boy lost his mother two years ago and his father is unknown, SW saw how much love the little boy is getting from GH, he saw how happy she was when he said to her she is a good mother it made her day. SOMETIMES when I hit enter everything I wrote goes poof.
  3. It seems the ending is near, JH heard SM dad looking for someone to take over his clinic once he gets married to his daughter and greed will make JH leaves his wife for SM and not love, now that SW is sure that his sister is having an affair with GH husband he will try to reason with his trashy sister but trash only belong with a trash like JH and his mother the gold digger, his mother putting an act the GH is her beloved daughter in law and she just met her was disgusting. YR this sweet boy will blame himself for the divorce definitely, this boy was hurt numerous time and now with divorce, he would be the person the will get hurt the most, GH loves him and her family also so he will overcome the ain for sure, GH when she adopted him she adopted him for him not for the sake just to complete her family. GH is strong when she refused to change daycare and did not just say yes to her husband, I hope she finds out first about the divorce without anyone telling her and for her to have the time to think clearly and kick that cheating husband to the curb before he asks for divorce I really hope they give her that chance to see his truth instead of crying and trying to fix her marriage, I want her to have the attitude of " Don't let the door hit you on your way out".
  4. Him being angry is about SW finding who his wife is and his misplaced anger toward the little child was horrible showed what a lowlife he is, I hope he doesn't use the sweet little boy as a reason for divorce, GH is mama bear and she will protect that sweet boy. His mother is disgusting, she was upset when her son carried the sick girl because she is planning to cut ties but she still leeching off them and got the nerves to ask GH to cook for her to distract her from the husband not being home, she finds out he is home and she is not happy with it? I hope SM remember what she told her brother about her love and it is her business when he falls for GH, I hope she minds her own business and doesn't do anything to ruin things for them.
  5. Him acting jealous of seeing his wife and his kid with another man is disgusting, while he was watching them he changed his watch and his cheater mood into the family man mood.
  6. The cheater's mom has to move out of GH parent house return their money, before planning to break GH and her son's marriage, she is so irresponsible.
  7. She already knows that because her father told about the wife trouble conceiving, that's why she was surprised when she found out about the little boy when she overheard one of the staff mentioning that she met the doctor and his family there
  8. SM imagining the happy life of GH and her husband was weird, is she now starting to act like a jealous wife and not a hidden mistress. I knew the mother in law will calculate what she gets but before that she should leave GH parent house, she is leching of the family and now she is stapping their backs.
  9. Seems he has a crush on her and once she gets divorced he will be there to catch her when she falls.
  10. I hope that too if the homewrecker mom and his mother know now then at least the next 5-10 episode should be more than enough, but I really hope his mother get out of the way so GH could start fresh because if she met the mistress mother she will do anything to come between GH and her new life.
  11. He is a doctor so for him not to get tested is stupid and she went through treatment to get pregnant and for her doctors to miss that is stupid too because they need to test the husband too, so the possibility for her to be infertile is high but definitely her husband is fertile or he would be the worst doctor.
  12. Now the cheating husband is losing his brain cells, he is now weak minded and only thinks of his mistress and he is jealous of her visitor. His mother for sure will be happy to have a rich daughter-in-law and what could she get from her, a house, a car, a holiday and designer cloth and pocket money instead of staying in a tiny room and she will befriend her and then once she is actually her daughter-in-law she will be ignored, she always complains about GH looks, GH is a confident woman who doesn't need to dress up as if she is going to a night club or ware ton of makeup, she is sweet and gentle and when she finds true love it will be because of her true beauty and not for her body, no matter how attractive you are there is someone out there more attractive and look fades and you get tired of it or get used to it, GH is a real gem and her husband is a germ If he did that I would have said that she was actually distracted so it is kinda her fault, but he attacked the little boy and mentioned the first scare he gave them at the library instead of asking about his wellbeing as the other guy did, that's why she compared between their reactions.
  13. Going dressed as their future son-in-law was stupid, but one thing good came out of that, she gets to be with her destiny thanks to his bold move they will get closer by spending more time before the divorce and he will definitely be there for her.
  14. The way the cheater mom dressed as a young girl in her late teen or early twenties, hoping to seduce the guy was super weird she made me laugh.
  15. I really didn't see that coming, when the immature mother-in-law was against the second sister dating the restaurant owner I thought she was out of line but not that. I loved the second sister action acting hope she gets the role.
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