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  1. simply put it, January 1st to 4th of 2021 the event is once again cancelled due to the pandemic, we apologies to the organization event has to be cancel due to the fourth coming round of the pandemics as well as the fact some of the hall is once again closed.
  2. ACGHK 2020 Christmas Preorder Figure for Elefun is starting on December 3rd 2020, please copy and paste the following app name to download. Supported by IOS and Google Play Store. 《凌速博覽app》preorder only last for 4 days. edited : App is online 凌速博覽app ticket sale only last 4 days.
  3. hey everyone, Usagi is back with a new group, that is about to debut!! yay!!!! let me introduce you to the upcoming agency and entertainment company “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ first of all “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ that allows performers, creators and idols to express their individual emotions and styles, there are so many uncertainties around the global entertainment as well as climate changes that is going on around the world, “SG Global Entertainment/Agency “ allows their team to have a healthy mind and body for a bright and prosperous future. “SG Global Entert
  4. hey everyone, usagi is back with some wonderful hand crafted beer!! although wine and dine has been changed to be online and there is no face to face event. I would still like to recommend some small business brand. today’s main character- Deadman Brewery!! how did the brewery begin? Deadman’s: Deadman started when I came back to Hong Kong 8 years ago. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Then went to Canada for high school and university. 8 years ago I came back to Hong Kong to work. The craft beer scene was non existent. And being in Canada, the craft beer was boomin
  5. Cosplay Competition is the main hit of the event every year, and ACGHK would be releasing the upcoming competitive cosplayer would be posted soon, for now they hope everyone would enjoy the live broadcast that shown in last years cosplay event. 2019 Anime E-sports Cosplay Competition Last Year's Cosplayer
  6. the event date to ACGHK 2020 has been changed to ACGHK 2021/1/1-4 as everyone is aware that my chinese isn't perfect because of that I am right now updating everything that is already posted on their facebook page and translate everything in english. the 1st Elefun Pop Art & Toy Show will be joining hand with ACGHK 2021 and you would be able to see new artist and new original toy design in HK. TVB Big Big Shop x ACGHK working collaboration on selling limited anime goods. link: https://bit.ly/3h2KZcp Ani-Com Park not very long ago did a creativ
  7. there will be a live broadcast coming soon on session live, where you will be getting the chance to see your favorite artist and band members, as well as registering for an account is free of charge. information : Joy Ruckus Club is the biggest Asian American virtual music festival in the world - featuring over 24 hours of pop, r&b, edm and hip-hop music streaming globally over two days - October 17 & 18. Tickets start at $2.99 for 2-day festival access to 70+ artists streaming live, plus options for virtual meet and greets with your favorite artists.2-Day Festival Ac
  8. Once a year Japanese Autumn Festival is once again held in Emax, where small cosplay designers and shop owners who loves Japanese kimono and other goods is show within the event. Where JK uniforms and other Kimonos as well as cosplaying fans are seen within the event. Performance artist that was in the event was the following. イリアード -iliad- 乙女シンドリーム- 乙女新夢 The following band would also be holding a free live on the following date 10/4 乙女シンドリーム 10/17 Midnight Wave - Kona 10/18 イリアード -iliad- 10/25 乙女シンドリーム- 乙女新夢 11/01 萬聖 Fever
  9. not very long ago, Amanotes the mobile app game, has just did collaboration with YG Entertainment, with the following artist BLACK PINK - PLAYING WITH FIRE BIG BANG - BANG BANG BANG LOVE SCENARIO / KILLIN ME - iKon this app game includes huge and new dance hits from you beloved artist as well as the founder of Amanotes have said “This partnership with YG Entertainment will be the beginning of more collaborations in the near future as we aim to provide everyone with the newest and hottest releases from their favorite artists. This will also enable us to develop an inter
  10. Hong Kong comic social association gifting young primary student, middle student and high student, college student on their talented artwork with the theme, "beauty of Hong Kong" all the reward was done by ZOOM video live. 3 of the winning artwork that was posted and released. congratulation to all the winners
  11. hey Usagi here, um... about the zoom meeting, idiot has to get a translator into the meeting, got lost after the ONLINE TICKET DRAW on their special APP that is also releasing special collection ticket designs. i'll come back with full details soon edited: this year there is a elephant art group design, as well as the normal cosplay competition and original comic design artwork competition as well. right now all i am aware is there is no line up for public ticket buying so people has to download the ACGHK APP to get the tickets and if you seriously can't make it t
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