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  1. On 12/23/2018 at 7:11 AM, yosii said:

    hello where did you get that notification ?? thanks

    sorry but as you got that notification to enter the page yes 24 appears that I have no pending purchases .. not what to do .. I have never received any notification


    Hi there @yosii, I got a SMS notification from DHL saying that my order from Yes24 is estimated to arrive on Dec 27, 2018. I didn't even remember that I bought the DVD via Yes24 and I only found out after searching my email for any email. I've received my DVD and it came with a photobook, script book, some manhwa, a card, pics and postcards of Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong, the DVD itself and the commentary and NG DVD :blush: The only downside is there is no subtitle :cold_sweat: Anywho, I hope you'll get yours soon :innocent:

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  2. On 11/6/2018 at 9:10 AM, yosii said:

    Hi, does anyone know what happened at the end with the DVD? It's been over a year since the drama ended ... I'm someone who bought the dvd ... because I wanted to see all the bts of our gum couple ... I had the hope that they would stay together in real life ... but finally nothing happened ... I feel sad because I spend a lot of time and we still do not see the DVD ... for me I lost the value ... I have no interest in the DVD ... because in the end the couple did not stay together ... but still I want to know what happened with the DVD ... many of us made an economic sacrifice in having it ... I do not want to think that we were scammed ..:pensive:


    Hi there, I think we'll be getting the DVD soon as I received a notification from DHL saying that my order from Yes24 is on it's way. I totally forgot about the DVD because there was no news about it and I just decided to accept my fate that I was scammed :bawling: Anywho, hoping that the DVD is worth the money that I spent on it :innocent:

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  3. Hi everyone, loving this couple as I think they look really good together, watching their bts clips reminds me of another couple, Lee Joon and Jung So Min while they were filming "Father is Strange". Hoping that this ship will sail like those two except in their case, there is no need to worry about the military service as Yoo Seung Ho has completed his. Totally love CSB sassiness for calling out YSH during her speech and love YSH for replying to CSB during his speech. Although you can see that he was kinda shy doing it but the fact that he still does it warms my heart. KyuAh couple hwaiting! :wub:

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  4. 6 hours ago, sukbin said:

    BTW, I have just completed watching the well-received "Because This Life Is Our First" which is super popular among international fans but did not break 5% domestically. And same like other dramas, there were quite a lot of photos from the wrap party including videos of a parting hug between the two leads. This led me to feel frustrated why nothing at all coming from our OTP? No parting hug video? Fair enough that there was no early promo before the drama began airing but even after the drama ended and enjoying great success, the casts seem to not join the rush to ride the popularity from the drama and just doing their own things. I swear I have never seen a drama doing so well in rating's department yet it's like a country's top secret affair. :(


    Ok, writing too much :crazy:. So, are we getting more KAJ since tomorrow is December 1st and her Marie Claire is for December issue? 

    @sukbin I, on the other hand, love that it's like a country's top secret affair because then, my imagination can just run wild on its own hihi :wub: On a serious note, although no news is quite frustrating as shippers, I'm just glad that at least there are no news regarding both of them with other people :blush: 

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  5. I finally watched "One Day" yesterday and there was a scene where KNG fell when he was running away from CWH's spirit and his insoles fell off where in this scene, it was KNG himself who suggested to have the insoles in the scene to make it more believable. His eye for detail is probably what made him praise KAJ by saying that she is more passionate than all the actress that he has acted with as she also has an eye for details :heart: IMHO, I do think KNG probably sees a bit of himself in KAJ in this sense that as they spent more time together filming, he began to see her in a different light from when they first met :wub: 

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  6. 1 hour ago, lovelycate said:

    Anyway, as some1 mentioned before, it was the first time that I felt a female actresss can match up with NG's Charisma and wasn't outshone by his performance. Even You-Know-Who was outshone by him in Shark, and it was a shocking but delightful realization. AJ's performance was outstanding for sure, and I believe NG also felt it too. As he said, cameras are like lie detectors and you can't hide anything. However, it hit me he never praised her performance except saying 'She is more passionate than any other actors.' In other cases, he is such a sweet man who never forgot to praise his co-stars profoundly. So unatural and unlike for him. Maybe, he wants to hide something. HAHA.


    @lovelycate I, on the other hand felt that his comment that she is more passionate than all of the other actresses that he has worked with is the highest compliment that you could give to a fellow actor. Especially so that the compliment came from KNG who is known as an actor's actor. The unnatural thing for me is him directly mentioning KAJ's eyes during his interview when a simpler answer would be he felt sad and empty when LUTYN ended as most actors do feel sad and empty once a project has ended. Plus, as someone mentioned earlier, he was veering off when explaining about the song "Some" that apparently is his fav song at the moment :ph34r: I, for one, was not a fan of both KNG and KAJ prior to LUTYN although I have watched sparingly "Shark" and "Catch Me". However, their chemistry in LUTYN made me a fan and the more I learn about them, the more I wish them happiness in whatever they do. Together or apart, they each shone brightly in LUTYN and that as a kdrama fan, is truly a blessing :heart:

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  7. 1 hour ago, lovelycate said:

    Q4: Don't you feel like loving someone when you do love scenes? 

    A: In the past, there was a time I yearned to love someone like crazy. But now, I can differentiate my performance from reality. If not, actors can’t survive. Nowadays I keep reminding myself that I should act in a healthy way.


    Forgive my rough translations. I don't have time to proofread them.:blush: 

    NG is a complicated man and sometimes contradictory with his comments. Hope he now terribly suffers from emptiness and loneliness because of AJ's absence. Haha.

    Hard for me to say this but I agree with his statement that as an actor, he needs to be able to differentiate between acting and reality. However, the fact that he needs to constantly remind himself that he should act in a healthy way puts a smile on my face because I can imagine the amount of time he reminds himself that he is only acting while filming LUTYN :wub:  


    42 minutes ago, 3z3zm3lp said:


    I think he is clear of what is real and acting. So i think he or both of them will need time apart to asses what they really have :D But he is only human, even though his brain is logical his heart is not so since he feels sadness after the drama ended. Like normal people when we part from great friends a d company.


    Pretty sure they loved each other during the drama. It is only right and fair to really be sure (hehehe rooting for them to realize they are each others half:wub:)

    @3z3zm3lp I totally agree with you that they need to have some time apart to assess their feelings towards each other. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. However, sometimes, no matter how much you try to rationalize your feelings, you can't escape the fact that the heart wants what the heart wants :heart: I'm truly hoping that they each follow where their hearts lead them :wub:

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  8. Someone in this thread mentioned before about how we tend to listen and love a song as we can relate to it and I think it is quite true. KNG is probably still feeling the high from the good vibes from LUTYN and his acting partner :wub: The fact that the character was his own making is probably making him think it might not be a bad idea after all to put his heart on his sleeve (delulu mind talking hihi :blush:).

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  9. 56 minutes ago, josung said:


    I know right, sensitive guys are so rare nowadays. 


    @Cynthia kristiani


    I think that KNG is drawn to KAJ’s eyes the most somehow, how can one not to, when her eyes are so emotive and expressive. The lips come a close second of course, judging from the ravenous kiss.


    For KNG to mention the eyes would mean that they have left a strong impression on him. When I saw KAJ in the earlier episodes, I was drawn foremost to her eyes. I watched her in Punch and 200 pounds beauty but did not recall much of her eyes, other than they are beautiful and big. In LUTYN, her eyes can really talk. They remind me of an old song. “Lost in your eyes” by Debbie Gibson. I think KNG has to be lost in those deep pools. How not to fall in love after looking into those eyes after so many months? Ah, there my delulu mind runs amok again.


    You know, I am pretty sure that KAJ looks at him (radiates :heart:) like that during the BTS moments too – outside from the acting scenes as well. And the reason why he can’t hold his gaze too is because he feels the same. When I started dating my husband, he said that I always avoided his gaze. That’s what shy people do, when they like someone, they just could not hold the gaze of their loved ones for too long. Of course, now my gaze has changed to the glaring kind whenever he finds excuses not to do housework.


    Being the new age sensitive rare pokemon he is, I am sure KNG is shy to boot whenever he has to look at her. :)


    @josung I agree with you wholeheartedly, KAJ's eyes are beautiful and at the same time so emotive and expressive. I also agree that KAJ must have looked at him with love radiating from her eyes. How can he not be bewitched by such beautiful eyes who are only looking at him during filming, he is a normal human being after all. I did the same thing too when I went out on the first date with my husband. I just could not look at him directly and for the first time ever, I was thankful to whomever had decided that it's a good idea to have a centerpiece on the table. The fact that I couldn't hold his gaze surprised me as we were colleagues and were once deskmates before so it was definitely out of character for me. There is a Malay saying about gazes "Dari mata, jatuh ke hati" which basically means, you start falling from looking at the eyes. In my delulu mind, I think, KNG is definitely in this phase. What he does about it only time will tell...

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  10. 1 hour ago, leba said:



    Oh... no wonder he has so much of the sky and mountains to look at! Omo! I think he hasn’t totally gotten over it yet. He only “feels refreshed” after looking at the sky and mountains, hasn’t moved on. Like us! Haha.


    Please tell me we’re not reading too much into his one short paragraph. He definitely is high. And so are we. So we ain’t over reacting rite? Hahaha. 


    I wish to join u in the next bet too, @littlebluecat. Haha. But not sure if they will progress so fast, though I really hope they will....


    47 minutes ago, iamemilykay said:


    @leba NOPE, WE'RE DEFINITELY NOT~~~~~ *nods....and repeats again and again to convince oneself* :tounge_wink::tounge_xd::tounge_xd:

     @littlebluecat @leba Nope, we are definitely not reading too much from his one short paragraph :ph34r: The fact that he is high is further feeding my delulu mind :wub: We are definitely getting happy vibes from both of them so hoping that the ship will sail soon if it hasn't and sail happily if it has :heart:

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  11. 13 minutes ago, etherealk408 said:

    Kim NamGil for High Cut Magazine November (LUTYN-related parts only)


    It seems like LUTYN's Heolm's comical character begins from the actor himself. While preparing for this interview I re-watched from the first episode. Putting in the needles and  burning the moxa looked very natural. The scene where the child actress who appeared as Oh HaRa's wrist was pierced with needle, even watching that again was very thrilling.

    The scene you mentioned just now, it wasn't a real person's arm but the needle was put into a dummy instead. Wasn't it perfect? A lot of people really believed it was a real arm. Kekeke. I learned putting in needles and steaming moxa for about a month. I've received oriental medical treatment since I was young and was familiar with putting in needles and moxa so I learned quickly. (places his mouth close to the (reporter's) recorder) "Children, please do not imitate( putting in needles)."


    I thought HeoIm was well prepared in many aspects. In the drama HeoIm's growth story as Joseon's noted doctor, the romance with a 21st century Korean doctor Choi YeonKyung (Kim AhJoong), as well as comical, hyper etc, HeoIm is a character where you had to show a diversified image. At the same time you had to at least maintain a unified "tone". If things went wrong it could've slipped into "over acting" but you avoided the trap very well until the very end. 
    Did I avoid it well? (laughs) Before shooting began the people around me were saying that I suited HeoIm very well but I myself wasn't certain about it. Prior to this in QSD too I acted out a real-person character like Bidam. Luckily both HeoIm and Bidam are real-person regular people don't know much about. (laughs) The character is a person that changes this way or that depending on how an actor "wears" it. Beyond the setup of a "Joseon noted physician who is an acupuncture genius" ,HeoIm is also a widely open character. That's why personally up until episode 4 I acted in a way to highlight the comical side of Heolm, and after that I acted within the bigger framework of additionally showing the aspects of HeoIm as a noted doctor.


    Just by looking at your cheerful side now, it's hard to imagine it, but did you have any experience crying recently?
    While acting <LUTYN>. Looking at Kim AhJoong's eyes while acting, the tears came easily (laughs) . After the drama ended, it felt much emptier than how I thought it would be. I was alone and suddenly tears welled up in my eyes. Is it menopause? (laughs) The thing was, since LUTYN had a happy ending I didn't think it would be that way. After the drama ended I didn't want to turn around and look back at it but the aftereffects lingered too long. I looked at the far sky and mountains, listen to songs and got sentimental about it, and after suffering over it like that I feel refreshed.


    Thanks @etherealk408 for the translations. You are definitely a gem :heart: After reading this, I doubt I am moving on anytime soon. Now, I really do think that they did love each other during filming. The fact that he himself stated that he felt empty and the aftereffect lingered too long after the drama ended is feeding my delulu mind on why these two should be together :wub: I am hoping that rather than keeping himself sane with looking at nature and listening to songs, he follows what his heart is telling him and get the girl who inspires all these feelings :grin:

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  12. 20 minutes ago, lovelycate said:

    @martanur  Thank you so much for letting me know. Wow, I haven't realized that even after watching the scene numerous times.:D You guys are great~:heart: 

     @lovelycate It is probably because as per what my bff said to me when I told them how much I loved the show, I can be quite obsessed when I like something so every minute details are stuck in my brain hihi :tongue: So thankful for all you guys in this thread as you are the only ones who understand this obsession, I can't really share it with my husband as he might think he married a weirdo so here I am, smiling happily reading everyone's insight :heart:

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  13. 2 hours ago, gogumajet said:

    I'm not sure but I guess that she might sometime personally edits and uploads too. I was wondering when will she put LUTYN with the other list on ig but then the description change to a kiss emoji instead of list of projects. It's either it take to much space to list all the project or someone really have something going on with her life right now. Lol! Delulu me. :lol:

    @gogumajet I was wondering the same thing as well as I've been checking her IG on a daily basis and she has yet to list down LUTYN on her IG description :ph34r: However, happy enough that it changed to a kiss emoji instead :heart: My delulu mind is telling me the same thing, something good must be happening to her right now :wub:

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  14. 45 minutes ago, Ohsh said:

    Yes definitely agree. I don’t mean to imply that she is the reason they broke up (if they even did, since we are speculating here). All relationships takes two hands to clap, and a lot a fair amount of good timing. Maybe they are not the best fit for each other during that time in their lives when both are trying to move up in their careers. 

     @Ohsh Totally agree with you on this that all relationships takes two hands to clap and a lot of fair amount of good timing. They probably fell for each other on set but life got in the way during that time. Forgive my delulu mind but I think this is also one of the reasons why KNG acted differently towards KAJ in the final BTS. He might have fallen for her but after what had happened in the past, he is now taking a different approach instead of professing his love for her like what he did to SYJ in the past. The only problem here is this time, he is dealing with KAJ, a cool-headed woman who is beautiful to boot but thinks like a guy, if you catch my drift. As per what she stated in her interview, she is definitely not the push-pull kinda girl but more of the straightforward kind. Hopefully, KNG will pick up his act and make up his mind fast as a woman like KAJ, is hard to find :heart:

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  15. 23 minutes ago, Ohsh said:

    Agree, agree and agree! I was also wondering what kind of woman will be the perfect foil for KNG’s personality and psychology. I feel he cannot be with someone too domineering nor a strong career woman, which I thought could be the reason why SYJ didn’t work out. He would need someone who is mature and positive emotionally and yet girlish and sweet. Someone who is happy to let him take the lead and be there for him emotionally. In return, I feel he will dote on her and treat her like a princess. 

     @Ohsh For me, I think the reason why his relationship with SYJ (if they were in a relationship) did not work out is not because of her though, but it was probably because he himself was not happy. At that time, although Pirates was a great movie, there were still talks about how SYJ was the one who brought him in. This must have been a blow to his ego which would then make him an unhappy person to be with. It was just probably something that was not meant to be :mellow: Anywho, hoping that the glow that we see from his photoshoot means that he is in a better place both in his heart and mind. If a certain Ms KAJ is the factor, it would just be icing on the cake, if not, good for him though as a healthy mindset brings out a healthy body overall :heart:

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  16. The more I read about both KNG and KAJ, the more I think that their HI and YK character are quite similar to their own personalities. HI, seems to be an easy-going guy from the outside but is actually quite sensitive on the inside while YK, looks cold from the inside but is actually quite easy-going from the inside. IMHO, I think that is why these two is the ultimate OTP for me as I think they complement each other really well and it shows on the screen :wub: So looking forward for KNG's interview and hoping that he is in a better state of mind and health after the success of LUTYN :heart:

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  17. I was watching MBC's I Live Alone and was happily surprised to hear KNG's voice in ep 188 when he called Lee Si Eon to wish him luck for the MBC's drama awards. Felt kinda sad as he told his friend that if he wins the award, he wants him to please mention his name as he said that his career is not good at that moment :cry: This was in early 2017. He even mentioned it during his Life Bar episode. I feel so glad that he decided to do LUTYN as I think this drama was probably his pick me up drama from his own slump. Even more so, he met KAJ who always makes him laugh due to her frequent "dazed" moments  in the early episodes :wub: I truly believe that these two met each other at the right moment and truly thankful for both of them for giving us the best OTP moments of all time in my opinion :heart: 

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  18. 7 minutes ago, lyserose said:

    I have already created daum account but my problem came from yes24. Once I signed up, they sent me an email for verification of email address by clicking on a link but the "link" never appeared. So, when I tried to checkout, my password appeared to be invalid. I tried signing up using 2 different email accounts but still not successful. I really do not know what's the problem. :bawling: 

     @lyserose the link is the word "Shortcut", him ne, hwaiting!!!

  19. 2 minutes ago, parootpatootie said:

    is there an option to pre-order it online and pick it up instead of having it shipped? i dont wanna risk it getting scratched, broken or lost in transit. besides, i want to have another excuse to visit korea. haha

     @parootpatootie I don't think you need to worry about that as the shipping option is either EMS or DHL so it is quite dependable. For me, the most worrying part is when would the DVD be released as there is no exact timing :fearful: However, I am throwing caution to the wind and buying it to show my full support and love to all the crew involved. I might not be one who will prepare goodies for uri Gum Couple being an international fan and all, but I am definitely one who will support official goods that will benefit everyone involved in the drama :heart:

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