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  1. i've been watching random clips that are pretty old but omg. i came across Gummy and 1tym.

    it's a christmas thing, if you've already seen it, it doesn't hurt to see it again ^^.

    There's also Kim Jieun ft. Taebin, or the other way around. Would anyone know if Ji eun was from America, she's got really good english.

    ahhh yes down memory lane..1tym & Gummy perf was so cute too bad bk wasn't there...that clip with taebin & KJE is form his teleconcert..if you want full clip i will reupload..

    just doing some Park Bom Spam http://ygworld.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/park-bom-pics/


    [song] Park Bom ft. G-Dragon & Gummy - Anystar

    [MV] Park Bom, Hyori, Lee Jun Ki- Anystar HQ 316MB

    [MV] GD, T.O.P ft Park Bom - Forever With You HQ 213MB

    GD & Park Bom were so cute together..they were my fav couple at that time


  2. Wait...for the song WHAT will they make an MV for it??

    I have read yesterday from BBVIPZ and I hope the online translation is right..

    "WHAT" will not be performed on broadcasted shows because the lyrics did not

    pass their regulatory board of some sort...waah I was actually looking forward for

    them to perform this live...

    This is expected..wu's last album most of his songs were banned..at least i do hope an mv can be made that way it makes up for not able to see them perf on stage together..

  3. He's also featured in YMGA's album; for the song Scandal ^^ <3

    Yeah..i have to say i listened to that song maybe 2 times..and it still hasn't done anything for me..i still don't like it....this is 1 taebin song that is not on repeat..hahaha..however i think i over played the one he ft in H-Eugene's album....

  4. LISTEN @ DOWNLOAD @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/perry-vol1-storm/


    01. Perry ft G-Dragon, Sean, Masta Wu- Storm

    02 .Perry Ft. Y.G, Vanessa- Oh No

    03. Perry ft Masta wu- Turn It Out

    04. Perry ft Danny, Jinusean, Masta wu- Lexy- Get Ready pt1

    05. Perry ft Masta wu- Know What I Mean

    06. Perry ft.DJ Murf,Jah-U,Jeff,Honny Hoon,Day-1,In-Chang,Jae-Jin- BiSan

    07. Get Down

    08. Perry ft G-Dragon-G-Dragon

    09. Perry ft Swi.t- Don't Leave Me

    10. Perry ft Lexy- Baby Come On

    11. Perry ft 45rpm- Money

    12. Perry ft Jinusean- So Tight

    13. Perry ft Teddy & Masta wu- Bounce

    14. Perry ft G-Dragon, Jinusean, Masta wu-Storm (Remix)


    credit:ygfamily, jess @ ygworld

    Translated article http://ygworld.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/no...08-one-concert/, http://www.allygfamily.co.nr/

    Translation credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com

    YG Entertainment holds its annual year end concert ‘One Concert’ every year on 31st December and this year there may not be any concert performance since a few YG Family members will be missing for this year’s performance.

    YG Ent said on 14th October, “The meaning for ‘One Concert’ is for YG Ent artistes to come together to perform. But with Se7en’s American debut and Big Bang’s Japan concert, it is not easy to get them out from their busy schedule.”

    Hence it is said that it will be quite impossible that the concert performance will still go on.

    The YG Ent representative said, “Because it is hard to get the YG Family singers together this year, but fans are assured that the YG Family singers will be back to meet fans next year, appearing better than ever.”

    ‘One Concert’ which sees YG Entertainment singers like Se7en, Big Bang, Gummy, 1Tym, Jinusean etc together at one place is held every year on 31st December, and just last year, the tickets to the concert was sold out in record of 20 minutes, receiving very good responses from fans.

    Meanwhile, after ‘Fine Gentleman’ released in 2002, YG Family has just released ‘What’ which is collected in the debut album ‘Made in R.O.K’ of Hip Hop duo YMGA.

  5. sorry i'm kinda last on the one concert

    is the one concert another concert..cuz

    i thought they already did that concert..

    like two yr ago????

    That was for their 10th Anniversary world tour..they didn't have one last yr cause of that.. One concert happens at the end of the year on Dec 31st- Jan 1st..it brings in the new year..it usually goes on for 6+hrs or so..yeah a great way to celebrate new yr..with yg..oh well not this yr..

    does anyone else think that DM's voice sounds like Sean (JinuSean)?

    That's what i thought when i heard Tell it to my heart i was like JS is in it...than i went oh no It's DM.. :lol:

    not only your trip! the heck? nooooooo :tears: why NOW, why this year when I finally decided to go to Korea gosh.

    as for the M/V - it's L.O.V.E!!!!! even though you are right abt the repetitive concept, Jess.

    Come to states with me helga..who knows yg might end up there for se7en hahah

    My 2cents about the yg concert..YG Consist of 1tym, Big Bang, Gummy, Jinusean, Kim Ji Eun, Masta Wu, Moogadang, Perry, Se7en, Stonyskunk, YMGA.... in the past few yrs yg still held their concert even with a few members missing..so wth is diff here..He better make it up with something good..cause i ain't happy :angry::crazy: However i am a reasonable person...i can see where everyone is coming from..there hasn't been much new stuff happening from the other artists...so having a concert where they perform the same old songs over & over is boring to watch..with no comebacks from past artists this year..its gonna be 1 disappointing yr.. I so hope next yr..we do see new yg stuff..the old & new..

    Anyways i was prepared for this..i am still pissed but i guess i go with my backup plan.. States baby..maybe i'll see se7en in concert.. :wacko:

    [News Translation] YMGA ” tell it to my heart” was originally JinuSean’s song

    YG BOUNCE : Tell it to my heart MV Behind The Scene Pics


    Credit: sookyeong.wp, momo, chau @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com, http://www.allygfamily.co.nr

  6. err...nothing special again..another yg mv..cars, girls..showing six packs ahhaaha :lol: unfortunately this time it was wu..i was like nooooo my eyes..don't do that again..he looks skinny but he has a six pack..but it's not as nice like hot hot like taebin..but i know for sure Nai will enjoy this..Hey sophia.. DM is cutie..but i won't touch i got my Danhwan..

    WATCH & DOWNLOAD MV @ http://www.allygfamily.co.nr/



    credit: jess @ http://www.allygfamily.co.nr & http://ygworld.wordpress.com/ 4 caps

  7. if they do perform 'what' .. it's hard getting all the artists together coz of their schedules.

    The only member that is away is gd in japan promoting number 1..the others YMGA, Teddy, Perry, CL, Kush r in korea..not having an performance or album promotions..they could however be busy writing new songs for a comeback..hahaha yeah right i'll love to see that..

  8. There some haters up in here! I don't know what ya'll talking about cause that Performance was HOT!!!

    YG couldn't get Jieun to do Uhm part? Lazy Mofo.

    It was hot cause u got to see DM sophia..hahah..for me there was no eye candy or anything special to make me spazz about..but yeah it was good to see them back on stage....now add in teddy and u have the 3 back together again..

    Yeah they could of used CL or KJE to replace UJH..man why why..

    Stupid thing is pissing me off taking forever to download..and clubbox is playing up on me.. :crazy:

  9. Read in one of the YMGA articles on newsen that they will have their debut performance on October 12th at SBS Inkigayo.

    YMGA - Debut 20081012 SBS Inkigayo

    # Hot Music

    * YG 패밀리에서 야심차게 탄생시킨 힙합 듀오!!

    - YMGA [Tell it to my heart]

    i wonder who will do UJH's part if she is not able to be there..maybe kim ji eun? or maybe CL can sing..well let's see how this debut will turn out..if any surprises..

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