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  1. I wish Spanish translators were needed, lol. I could help on that.

    Nice ad page too for Korean translators! I'm working on learning Japanese so give me a few more months and maybe I can help with Japanese if needed.

    I think that translators to every language O.K.? haha^^

    We are trying to spread to all fan around the world..any translators r welcome to join..

    here is a yg new year message that features se7en when he 1st performed..quality isn't so good if anyone has HQ ver we can re-encode it.







    bit hard to make it out but any chance to see Taebin is good. Not sure if this has been posted but it's only been uploaded a little while ago.



    This is 1 of the taebin performance i do not like..he performed this during his nice 'n slow concert..don't like..but he is still hot..




    Thanks for translation hope she doesn't mind we use this for our sub vid..i can't find her id on yt can u pm me..

    if u're interested to join our team..visit



    DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE @ 081213 GDYB Message Cut (One Love Concert mbc)


    *Coming Soon 081213 GDYB Message (sub)



    Translator: (Needed)

    Editor: (Needed)

    Timer: (Needed)

    Q.C.: (Needed)

    Typesetter: (Needed)

    Encoder: happimexd




    Bae: We met at the auditions with the same dreams

    Bong: There were times when we just wanted to give up but we stayed together

    Bae: I love you the most when you cook us rice

    Bong: I love you the most when I was sleeping and you put the blanket on me

    Bong: I love you bro

    Bae: Thanks for having my back

    Bong: Together we will always be gay lovers ( jokes ) I meant friends


  4. there are audio clips of danny at big bang's concert in japan! you guys have to listen!!! it was posted mid month but then i didn't notice...look under the audio section.

    you guys HAVE TO LISTEN! in one of the clips (there are 2) Danny speaks in english, and we all know how sexy that is!! seriously peeps....you guys need to listen to believe what i'm sayin! i was so pysched cause there were like no fancams or anything and no real pictures from the concert either so i was super happy to find the clip! tokyo fans showed him luv which i'm glad to hear...go listen for yourselves!

    I just heard it before and man so sexy..i did a post of what he said but couldn't pick up some parts cause fans were screaming can u help out?


    The start was so cute when he tried to speak japanese..he said something and it came out funny so he laughed..

  5. Koream Performance...he sang one of his Korean songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First song - Money Can't Buy Me Love

    Second song - Jal Hal Ggeh (I will do well) - KOREAN SONG!

    Third song - Girls

    oh love money can't buy me love..hope there r pics & vid up soon..thanks for info

    i need more info. ASAP if anyone knows about this!!

    here is the website:


    OMG!!!!!!!! This better be real! I need more info! I'm having a heart attack....................

    i thought this was posted here..guess not anyways it's Whisper Entertainment 3 yr anniversary so they r holding this event..u can check out their facebook for more in http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109977205720. You have to be 21+


  6. - HHP talks about "tell it to my heart", and wu says that teddy originally made the song to give to big bang, but jinusean took it, and then they took it from teddy again. the result was that when they were recording (M/N: i guess it was for fun at first), it turned out so well and they really felt that it turned out better than the one big bang and jinusean did, so it naturally became theirs to use (*he laughs here, haha).

    wow meena thanks so much for the translation..yeah the article was heck long...now we know the reason behind Tell it to my heart..wonder how bb would have sound and who would have done the female ver..

  7. Congrat to BB for winning another yr..at least this award got it right..

    Man just saw their performance..T.O.P got his kiss from Hyori hahaha i bet ya they had to rehearse that part over & over

    more pics & performances @





    credit:chau @ ygworld

  8. This is the best news why cause..........................


    ♬ Come Back stage

    ․ Do you 'REMEMBER' the BIGBANG stage?

    지금 이 순간! 세상을 바꿀 BIGBANG culture가 눈앞에 펼쳐진다!

    빅뱅만이 들려줄 수 있는! 빅뱅만이 보여줄 수 있는 Number1 stage 속으로~

    - 빅뱅 Big Bang- Intro + Remember + 붉은 노을 (Sunset Glow)

    ♬ Feat. Feat. Feat

    YMGA ft.Kim Ji Eun 지은- Tell it to my heart

    credit:blueBB @bbvipz, mbc, jess @ ygworld

  9. 1st welcome to the thread..i personally don't like all of their songs..there will be some that i will listen to over & over some i would just listen to a few time and that's it..As a fan not just bb as a whole but as a yg fan or any artists..at times we need to say what we think..u can call it bashing or just suggestions or personal opinions etc

    but it's what we say helps the artists grow and improve..if we just say that everything they do is right..and that it's all good how will they learn..

    I don't wanna start anything here because I'm new in this thread but I think many people visit this forum just to bash Big Bang and their album 'REMEMBER'.

    Its OK if you don't like it or if you find the songs similar to 'LIES' and 'Last Farewell' but that doesn't mean you can come here and judge the producers, the composers and the members of Big Bang just because their music isn't as you thought it will be.

    I admire their talent as true singers, excellent rapers and amazing dancers as well as their creativity to make music and fashion styles.

    If they decided to do their comeback with a cover for me it's OK! since they did their own version and it sounds totally different.

    Personally I didn't know this song was a remake and I still ignore what's the name of the original singer (sorry for that), thanks to Big Bang me and many young people know this song and I think everybody is enjoying it. To me their version is more than PERFECT.

    Please stop to bash and judge Big Bang, 'REMEMBER' that behind of them is YG Entertainment and people there knows better what's the best for the guys.

    If you blame them just because they have a cover, 'REMEMBER' that TVXQ!, SHINee, Super Junior, SNSD (All they artists of SM) sing covers & do remakes of many Korean and international singers and nobody bash them for that.


    No one's bashing them.They're just giving Big Bang their views about their new album.THAT is why VIPs are different from other fanclubs.VIPs are always,and will be straight forward,they tell it like it is.They don't take EVERYTHING what BB gives.I have my fair share of disliking some of their songs...like "Crazy dog"..i remember listening to it and was like"Heck!I'm having a headach~"

    Here's proof:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXZ0bkQluaQ&feature=related

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