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    Jem..& Leslie.. :lol: GDYB old school


































    GDYB- Unfold to a higher place












































    Masta Wu ft GDYB- Bad Guy












































    Masta Wu ft YB- Bad Guy






































































    YDG, Jinusean,YB: A-Yo!






































































    credit: Jem @ http://www.yg-bb.net










































    You couldn't hear when T.O.P talked..taeyang was a little cutie..









    elaa <33

    thanks for all the videos








    it's good to see things like these when you wake up XD








    gifs from the lotte duty free cf making ^____^








    http://i44.-/2mc97kn.jpg - something was wrong with TY =))








    http://i43.-/2qtkfox.jpg - just having fun...:))








    ^ staceeee, YES...I've noticed XD
















    ^ so many NGs...lol








    http://i42.-/241lf8i.jpg - idk what are they doing...















    Angy i c u here as well..i've being off bb for a while just got back into them..i don't think since this thread opened i posted much..well hope to join back into the bb fever..








    here is mine





























    credit: jess @ http://www.yg-bb.net





  3. The preview for Three Rivers is out!!!!!!!!!


    You can see Daniel at about 1:22 and onwards - I am so excited! lol

    "Dr. David Lee (Daniel Henney), a womanizing surgical resident who's broken as many hearts as he's replaced" (http://www.afterellen.com/blog/sarahwarn/previewing-cbs-2009-2010-shows)

    so have to see this to support daniel..him playing a womaniser this will be fun to watch hahah..




    random pics




  4. ^i know about the poll, yet i don't really care to vote.

    it's not because i don't love se7en because i do.

    but because even if he was leading in that silly poll, it isn't going to change the fact that he's not being handled well by his u.s.a. management. -_-

    true..true either way i actually prefer him back in korea doing promotions..his US activities hasn't gone so well..i really hope it picks up..such a waste preparing all those years and now..it's like not going anywhere..





    lols at the lolipop head going out with that kind of hairstyle?? :lol:

    Q? any site where i can watch live stream? for sbs ikigayo? :D























    u can try to watch on sbs if you have an account, some people watch on http://tvsbox.com/












    Can't wait for the debut..wonder what they will have for us..












    090517 2NE1 SBS Debut TimeZone





















































    5월 17일 오후 4시 00분 (4:00pm korean time)























    생방송 SBS 인기가요!





























































    * 2NE1 *























    2009년 최고의 핫 이슈!























    데뷔 전부터, 각종 음원차트 정상을 차지하며, 가요계 최대 기대주로 떠오른 ‘2NE1’!























    드디어 이번 주 ‘2NE1′의 무대가 시작된다!























    베일에 가려진 ‘2NE1’의 첫 공식데뷔현장!























    네 명의 멤버들이 각각 다른 콘셉트로 선보이는 댄스퍼포먼스 [intro]!























    스타일리쉬한 데뷔곡 [Fire]까지!























    ‘2NE1’의 역사적인 데뷔무대, 인기가요에서만 만나실 수 있습니다.























    - 2NE1 [intro+Fire]








    finally these girls has debuted..about time..i actually like the song..it's something i will listen to over & over..


    i like the space mv ver better..


    to all the people who said they won't make it...yeah they won't make it alright.. :rolleyes:


    2NE1, 15,000 Fans Confirmed Within 5 Days


    Translation: BBJet @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com





    Fans’ interest in new girl group 2NE1 is out of the ordinary.





    YG Entertainment’s new 4-person girl group, which is composed of CL, Sandara Park, Gong MinJi, and Park Bom, released 10 seconds of their official debut song ‘Fire’ every day from May 2-5 after 20 seconds being released on the first through their official homepage. Currently, on the 5th, 70 seconds is out to the general public.





    2NE1, who gained popularity through ‘Lollipop’ which they sang together with Big Bang, and who has become fairly famous between pop music fans, was so-called the “female Big Bang” from before debut. 2NE1 is raising their value with their release of ‘Fire.’ From the 1st to the 5th of May, in a mere 5 days, 15,000 fans have subscribed to their official fan café.





    In the afternoon of the 5th, YG Entertainment revealed that “2NE1’s official café was made in March, but it was on the 1st, when we released the first segment of ‘Fire,’ that we started getting down to opening the fan café to the public. From the 1st to the 5th, approximately 15,000 people subscribed to the café.This is evidence that pop music fans are showing a high level of interest for 2NE1.”





    2NE1’s ‘Fire,’ which was composed by YG Entertainment’s main producer, 1tym’s Teddy, is a hip-hop song with an inclination towards reggae. On the 6th, the full song and two different versions of the music video will be released simultaneously.





    Source: Star News






  7. Daniel Henney was sooooo HOTT in X-men !!!

    Even when he died, he was still HOTTT !!

    && daaaaaang in the beginning in when they were in Africa and he was shooting the guards... :w00t:

    soooo HOTT...

    but the movie was really good ! I would recommend it

    I hope he's in another movie soon

    Watched the movie and I loved it. I've heard not many enjoyed it but I surely did.

    It was filled with action and the effects were just mindblowing amazing!

    I went to see the movie yesterday..oh man i kept on telling my friend u have to see my korean guy daniel..hahah when i saw him on screen i was like..daniel..man even though he played the bad guy but he was hot..shooting all those people..i so hope he gets to do more movies in the states..i actually thought the movie was ok..but it's not something i would watch again..if i was to i'll watch daniel's part..

    the movie got mixed reviews.... but most of my friend who have watched it, enjoyed it!

    Can't wait to watch it now!

    here's my contribution to this thread (pics from Wolverine LA premiere)

    Daniel-My friend-me


    Oh man you & ur friend were so lucky to meet him..too bad he didn't come to Australia..i would drag my friend with me..

  8. Also, you need to give a break to some other fans. It's not their fault that they don't know about all of YG's artists, you know.

    Just because they like Big Bang & 2NE1, you can't expect them to study and research about others from YG.

    I understand that you're trying to "keep it real" and whatever, but sometimes (imo) it seems like you're just being downright pessimistic.

    What she is trying to get is..some people will only start to like or be bothered to learn more about the artists if they were ft in bb or 2ne1..if they weren't do u think they would know who stonyskunk & like their music..


    credit: 2ne1 daum, jess @ http://ygworld.wordpress.com


  9. Thank you so much Jess for those pictures. I must've aired already in Korea correct?

    Hoping to get the HQ in my hands....

    edit I checked the Miss Gold thread. There are torrents and Clubbox links:


    Is it too much to request for alternate links? (Megaupload/Mediafire/Sendspace)

    edit again

    semi-fly posted a megaupload link that was posted at aigo. go here to download.

    Thaks alyak for letting us know..i need to download it later so i can drool... :lol: now if anyone haven't seen it must watch

    credit: CodeAnalysis

    [HQ] Hugh Jackman & Daniel Henney @ Gold Miss(Apr 19, 2009)

    pt 1/4


    pt 2/4


    pt 3/4


    pt 4/4


  10. [HD] Hugh Jackman & Daniel Henney Interview @ Weekly Entertainment(Apr 11, 2009)


    credit codeAnalysis


    Hi and welcome to thread..i'm like a newbie here too who pops in now & than ahha but been a fan since i saw him with UJH in Seducing Mr Perfect..thanks for clip is there a HQ download?

    these are some press conference clips i've joined together..enjoy

    090411 Daniel Henney & Hugh Jackman- X man press conference in korea


    credit:sstv, jess @ soompi & yt

  11. From Parents of "Daniel Henney"

    Thank you sooooo much for theses pictures.. We are sooooo proud of this Amazing Moment.

    Everyone go a see this movie on May 1st. Make this the number one movie of the year !!!!

    Phillip and Christine Henney

    Your son is an amazing actor and hope he will do well in the US market..he should be in more movies..

    X-man is shown in Australia on the 29th April i hope he can come to Melbourne to promote it..

    dh21.th.jpg dh20.th.jpg dh19.th.jpg dh18.th.jpg

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