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  1. Thanks stardaisy212 for info.

    Beau translated the interview http://ygworld.net/2009/10/19/091019-musician-choice-kush/

    Kush’s ‘The music that captured me’

    Kush(Real name Kim Byunghoon, 25 yrs old) is a member of Stony Skunk with four full-length albums, and is an experienced musician. Right now he is active as an essential composer and producer in YG Entertainment along with Teddy. Kush, who’s only in his mid-twenties, has participated in many ‘popular’ singer’s song’s such as Gummy(’Sorry’ Lyrics-Composing), Taeyang(’Only Look at Me’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Um Junghwa(’DISCO’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Daesung(’Look at Me Gwisoon’, Composing done with G-Dragon), Bigbang’s Second Album, 2NE1’s First Mini Album etc. This straightforwardly proves that he has made his ‘brand name’ firm regardless of the quality of his songs. Kush, who’s working on 2NE1’s Second Mini Album that’s planning to be released in November day and night, answered all the questions while coughing and said, “Sorry. Because my days and nights are swapped up, I catch colds easily”.

  2. to everyone

    I`ve posted how to order from YGeshop in BB thread. It`s here http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho...;#entry13680039

    And congratulations for Sean and his wife!! ^^

    OMG thankyou i got to credit card part and i couldn't find how to put my details in..you're a life saver..1tym cd here i come

    Koo Hye Sun- Sketchbook [breathing]


    Track List

    01. RAIN

    02. 별별이별

    03. 밤비소리

    04. 향기

    05. 사랑의 꿈

    06. 골목을 돌면

    07. 이별행진곡

    08. 골목을 돌면 (GUMMY Vocal Ver.)

  3. This year is yg comeback..yeah i like to see that even if it's just a digital single or mv..all yg

    anyways this is about brave brothers why he left yg for anyone who hasn't read about it


    Translation by Jet @ ygworld http://ygworld.net/2009/08/18/brave-brother-vol-1-attitude/

    What is the reason that producer Brave Brothers, who was in charge of a part of Big Bang’s success story, left YG?

    Brave Brothers, who released his first album “Attitude” on August 18th, recently revealed the reason why he left YG in an interview with Newsen. The Brave Brothers said, “Above other reasons, I was tired of making music at that time. It was a time when I was very tired and things were hard. I needed to set a new goal for myself. I went independent with the thoughts that I would be happy coming out of YG.”

    Brave Brothers went independent and created “Brave Sound Entertainment.” However, there was a hard time for the Brave Brothers too. It was because the netizen’s bad comments about the Brave Brothers continued. The hating comments, usually saying that he re-uses his own tunes too often, gave him pain that was hard to hold in.

    About this, he said, “This is like telling someone who makes music to stop making music. Truthfully, there were parts that were hard to take in. The netizens, who were crowding me with bad comments, only judged me by the few popular songs. I made songs of different styles but they judged me with the songs that are so-called”with the trend.”

    Adding on to this, he said, “You can’t help that in the point of view of the music producer wants a “hit” song. The reality of the music industry is that you can’t take hasty chances because of the huge fund attached to it. So, they want songs that meet the trend, and they expect me to keep making those songs. I can’t just neglect this.”

    Also, he said, “But what’s for sure is that I made lots of songs of different styles, not just the few famous songs. I will keep making the music that I want to.”

    He added, “Of course, these indications and criticisms urged me on. I learned a lesson, too. I came out with this album to do the music I want to. This is definitely not music that will appeal to the mass public. I overall used a rough sound. But because I made music that the Brave Brothers wanted all along, I don’t have any regrets.”

    Finally, he said, “I’m a producer. A person who makes music. All I want is for lots of people to listen to my music, not popularity or fame.

    On the other hand, Brave Brothers’ first project single album “Attitude”’s title song “Invisible” is a song of a new genre that combined Rock and Hip-Hop. With a heavy drum and synthesizer, with a rough sound and ad-libs in the addictive, modern refrain, Son Dam Bi is featured in this new song.


    1. Interview

    2. Brave Sound

    3. Invisible (Feat. 손담비 & 별들의 전쟁)

    4. Bittersweet (Feat. M, 현아, Maboos, Red Roc & Basick)

    5. Invisible (instrumental)


  4. pinch Ha Yul's cheeks..adorable..

    @ jess1tym4life

    Is the YG eshop base foreigners outside South Korea but still in Asia or is it available to western Europe and Us also?

    It's foreign living in korea and outside of korea..it's like the main yg website anyone can register..atm i haven't gone past the payment section cause there r some parts in korean which i need help on..if anyone has already purchased stuff form yg-eshop and it works for them let us know.

    hmm.i already registered but everytime i try to log in it wont let me..i clicked that 'find my password' button and it gave my the password i typed when i registered but i still couldnt log in.hmm.i wonder why.

    What site are you trying to log in the yg main site or the artist's site?

  5. thanks so much:)..mannn theyre so tight.lol.i need to scan my id card then.oh.and what abt the id number?what you you put in there?..

    ur id# is what is on your id card you are using to upload..e.g i used my driver's license so the id # is my driver license# if you need help i just posted a post on how to purchase from yg-shop. If you're talking about the main yg site than it's same i think. I registered mine a way back.



  6. The allkpop writers posted some comments on the last page:

    do you honestly believe we would reveal information if there wasn't solid evidence... THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT...

    Why would we be scared when there's documentation to backup everything that's been said?

    I guess RQM and allkpop got it like that. :rolleyes:

    Even if they had docs to prove what they said is true..they already started trouble from making that statement public..what to back it up they gonna publish the docs as well, yeah that will be good way to solve that issue. RQM & allkpop will get themselves into even deeper trouble..

    If you can't do your job in help promote someone don't go blame the company who actually made the artist :rolleyes: what a joke

  7. The past few hours this whole issue is the big thing..wonder how se7en is dealing with all this..all these years of working in the states has turned out like this...like i said before even though i want him to do well in the states i prefer him back in korea.

  8. edit: just saw 2ne1 tv..omg omg i want full show..this showed bits & pieces of the other like yg, gummy, bb etc


    ygworld.net Looking for Staff??????


    I usually look to this site first before going into soompi forums. So help them out :D ....if you can

    hahah thanks for the support and ad...good to know members visit it..makes us work harder to bring to yg fans latest updates..


    i don't know.. i jsut like spreading the news. I'm not a hundred percent sure but apparently it's like documentary.

    gummy, teddy, big bang, 2ne1, se7en and YG(the man himself) all have episodes or soemthing?

    I'm really excited about it.

    omg this is exciting thanks so much for info..i've been so behind in yg stuff..cause my slow net..this is a must follow.. you can read more at our site..


    -Teddy TV: There’s a camera in Teddy’s work place so we can see how he works

    -YG TV: There's a monitor in yg's office where he watched over his artists, YG TV will reveal what videos are in that monitor


  9. daniel is always surrounded by pretty ladies..so adorable..

    this is so cute just saw this for cyon arena phone, the hair is actually growing on me..he looks good, smart etc.. :D

    it's so cute at the end when he goes

    " i hope you enjoy watching movies on your arena phone as much as i do, but i hope you only watch Daniel Henney movies, that's a good idea..just joking"


    credit: jess 4 caps
































































    credit: < 곽승훈 기자 european@sportschosun.com> , jess @ http://www.yg-bb.net/
















































































































































    i'm watching bb global warning concert dvd..i found this funny..
































    they picked on gdyb hahah
































































    credit: elavip 4 banner, jess @ http://www.yg-bb.net 4 caps

















  12. cool where in Melbourne is this cafe i might go visit hahah...any vip wanna come..anyways finally watched my ty concert dvd man is this guy was older..

    for ty fans who hasn't seen it...

    Download Taeyang Hot Concert


    01 . INTRO

    02 . 기도

    03 . MA GIRL

    04 . 나만 바라봐

    05 . 죄인

    06 . 태양 HISTORY

    07 . DON’T WANNA TRY


    09 . BABY I’M SORRY

    10 . WITH U

    11 . ALWAYS (remix)


    13 . 눈물뿐인 바보

    14 . 나만 바라봐 (remix)




    credit: jess @ http://www.yg-bb.net
















    For all bb fans join our 1st contest you can get $50 or $25 worth of BB stuff from yesasia..








































    jess, hey! welcome back.. thnx for the gifs! G-Top is hilarious..








    welcome back jess XD








    ;) Thanks for the welcome it's good to know i haven't been forgotten hahah..back to bb i still need to watch their global warning concert be back with caps & gifs..








    Not sure if posted credit: Beau @ yg-bb
















    [JUNE 1, 2009] The Food Industry, Competing Celebrities Events with Bigbang etc













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