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  1. 3 minutes ago, sanaeozora said:

    To be spoiled or not to be spoiled...that is the question.

    I seriously don't think I will be able to wait for the subs so this might be the first kdrama I watch raw so I will probably need to check the forums to get a clue about what's going on.

    Am I crazy or will any of you do the same?

    T- 5.5 hours for D-Day!!!!

    You're not alone...but where to watch it live streaming?...please share through private message...

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  2. Gotcha!!!

    can't  help but share this find, thanks to KDW FB fanpage....

    @lynksimkung, is this the evidence you've been looking for?...is SHK still in Japan?...if she is...then....Oh no I don't know what to say:wub:..simkung to the max!!!



    candid 2015


    Kang dong won in Tokyo 
    @ Two Rooms Grill | Bar
    11.34 pm 6/5/2015
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  3. In my humble opinion, SHK need not adjust as she will be playing her true age (a 33 year old surgeon)...it'll not be convincing if someone who plays a surgeon living in emergency in a conflicted area who looked like a high school or college student or barely been out of school!!!!...if at all she needs to look a little tough and rough in that kind of surrounding...it's SJK who needed to adjust (age wised) for his role as a 34 year old army captain...so much talked on age difference (3? 4 years?)...I believe they are both professional actor/actress and they both have talent in acting...hope the story is tightly and beautifully written...so let's wait and see :)...but can't wait October please come fast...pali...pali :((

  4. For those who have yet to read a trans of her interview from her recent magazine cover Marie Claire -China (credit to Khxy of SHK Soompi Thread), here it is...
    The idea of shooting outdoor and the location was personally chosen by Song Hye Kyo. She was adamant towards her choice that it's hard for us to reject. Later on, we found out that she was actually doing us as a favor who came from faraway just for this photo shoot.
        Autumn in Seoul with clear sky.The hotel at Seongnam sits at the middle of the hill.As we drove up the hill, pulling the curtain away, the scenery was absolutely magnificent.Trees lined up the road, most of the leaves have changed to yellow while we could see some red leaves among them.Thecolors that signify the arrival of autumn offers some warmth but at the same time there always seems to be some distance between us.
       This coincidentally is just like Song Hye Kyo that we know in public. Humble but not someone whom you easily get close to. Whenever she smiles at you, by just her friendly attitude alone you will never be able to understand her fully.
       As the lead actress of 2 upcoming movies, isn't it good?. "No. An actress acting as 2 different persona will confuse the audience". she said while furrowing her brows.

        She uses " naive" to describe her character in The Crossing. " She falls in love with a soldier and because of war they must face a painfulseparation.Later, she  grows to be a mature lady. Her growth is a gradual one, layer by layer." Song Hye Kyo thought long and hard to describe Zhou Yun Fen, not because of lack of word but more of secrecy.I think you should "meet" her directly amidst the darkness in the cinema to know who Zhou Yun fen really is instead of listening to her explanations about her character.
        And the other character,Annie, in "I am Queen" is living in the bustling city in the modern era. She is very skeptical about her current and love life. " In the end, she was brokenhearted. But because of the help from her friends,she gradually has a positive outlook towards her life and becomes a happy and calmer person."
      Zhou Yun Fen has a high level of tolerance and self-restraint. Annie, on the other hand, is a true modern lady.She has the freedom to do whatever her heart desires.
       If things are in her control, she would love for the 2 movies to be shot at a certain time gap.This way audience can see 2 persons differently, there will be no comparison."The 2 movies were shot at different timing, so  i used different attitude and ideas to interpret these 2 characters.But some audience may think, the same actress act on 2 different movies  that talks about the same theme "love". Will there be any difference? especially in terms of acting.This is the pressure that i must face as an actress."
       She wants extend her gratitude to Takeshi because when Zhou Yun fen was in pain and depression, he's the one who helped her the most in the movie.Whether audience would like to believe that it's friendship or love, at the end of the day it is a good thing because it signifies hope and faith. "The moment she met  Takeshi's character in the movie,she would be happy and calm."
       Takeshi's acting experience and energy was a big consolation and comfort for her. "He is very calm and collected, he just gives off a pleasantvibe.So i still need to thank my acting partner." She said while touching her heart.
       There's a question that Song Hye Kyo never got to ask John Woo--why me?. In the past, she didn't dare to but now it's a question that doesn't need to be asked anymore. " I didn't understand it in the past.Now i am not curious or have any doubt anymore. When i saw John Woo at the shooting location,i could feel his love and that's already an answer for me .I relied heavily on Director, so i didn't need to ask anymore.Feelings and sensitivity are wonderful, but maybe when you have a chance to see him you can still ask him and see what he says."
       Eventhough, we didn't have any chance to ask John Woo personally, we got the answer from his partner, producer Terence Zhang. 'Not only she is beautiful, but also grace, elegance and pureness that radiates from inside. This aura is rare among actresses nowadays, so of course she is the most suitable to be Zhou Yun Fen.As an actress, she is diligent,focus, professional and she did her homework well.She is very understanding towards staff and crew around her. Her acting is natural and of high standard. Eventhough it's in different language,for her it's not a problem.Being able to work with her, is every producer's dream."
       "Of course,you are happy when others praise your beautfiul face but that's when you are young.There'sther "beautiful"that is more important, its here"she said as she moved her hand from her face to her heart." If all that is in you heart is an evil thought or you are living your life doing bad or unhealthy things.Those will be shown on your face and others can see it." She said don't be greedy, let the good vibes spread to those around you and keep calm.--this is the creed Song Hye Kyo lives by.
       She hopes that beauty is an appreciation but not a chain that bounds.Of course,there are times she lose control. "I am only a human,there are times when you unconsciously hurt others.Maybe i didn't do or say something on purpose , but my actions may in turn hurt someone." As time goes by, she adopts self control and positive thinking. " So when i see something bad, i will not rush to give my opinion , it will only hurt others.So don't, if not i might say something unpleasant ,might as well keep it to myself."
       Self control will turn into disposition and it will be reflected on screen.Now we understand why after "Full house", "The world's within" she disappeared from small screen and chose to appear in independent films such as "Camellia" and "Today" etc.Her acting garners rave reviews from audience and critics alike especially in "Today" where Korean media described her acting as " top notch ".
       I asked her about  all the different kind of love she has in her dramas and films, which one she is hoping for herself. She said all the love in her films are quite unrealistic. "If in the real world,for young girls, i think Full house is the kind of love that they wish for.No matter what the circumstance is,no matter how much a couple bicker and argue, it's all quite cute.For those in 24, or 25 years range, that is the best kind of love story." She expertly steer clear of her own and her past, her regrets and mistakes.
        "When i was young, i just didn't get it.All i knew was to love my job. Now i know, respect is a must in a relationship.He must respect my career and in turn i must respect his choice, there cannot be any meddling.That is really important," "Meeting each lover, i would discover a different self.Things that may happen and choices that i would make in the past, it may not happen in the present.When i was young, i was more stubborn.Only when i was in love i realized this trait of mine, you can consider it a bad habit.I realized that i was a stubborn woman.Now,i learn to understand others, such as what kind of person he is, how must i treat him.And all along i thought i was not a girl who likes to  act cute but when i met the other person i found that i was really good in acting cute.I guess love will ignite something in you."
    What comes to your mind when you see the word "Queen"? I guess everyone has their own criteria. I think the most important for a queen is she has her own dreams and career.She must be responsible of her own affair, she is brave and courageous towards love.
    Who is your queen?I never have one.I never even thought of becoming a queen. But for me, the most beautiful woman is Gong Li.

    How do you practice self control?I think every actor and actress will have it.Everyday you are learning the art of self control and discipline.Everyday you go out to let the public sees you and they follow you closely while you can't see them.When i step out of my door everyday, i realize that i don't "own" myself anymore. Ok, sometimes i will lose my temper but let's say my temper is only the size of my  thumbnail.Once,it spreads to the outside world(meaning rumors), my temper may  turn into the size of a fist. Actors, we have no choice,once it spreads, it will be a publicconsumption.The art of self control is never ending.
    How do you describe current Song Hye Kyo?The things that i wish for i would work hard to get it, the things that are already in my hands i would do my best.I don't want to think about the future, i am not sure what i want to do or can do in the future. I don't want to be greedy, now i am going to promote my upcoming movies, i want to do those first.I am not going to think far yet.
    What are the things you appreciate about yourself?I don't boast about myself.
    What are the things you don't appreciate about yourself?I am not content about my personality. Because sometimes i am ...sigh.. not satisfied. For example, when i see something or someone's attitude which i am not pleased with, i won't say it out.I admire those people that are straight forward ' i don't like this or i don't like you doing that" some people are like that.But i just couldn't do it, I want to say it out but can't do so or unable to say so, so i will just keep it to myself.
    Because you are scared of hurting others?Yes
    Are you scared of growing old?I am just over 30,i think this is the best time to be. I don't know what will happen in the future but for now there's nothing to be afraidof.When i was young i was inexperienced, that's why my acting was lacking.But now, you can say that i have some experience so when i act out certain character , i can act them out better. So i think this moment is the best.
    In reality, are you the quiet/restrain Song Hye Kyo?or there are other side of you that we don't know?Of course there are times that i would be lively but of course i would only be so when i am around my very good friends.Friends that i trust 100%, i can be lively,witty,playful and sassy Song Hye Kyo.Of course not many have seen this side of me,most will not ever.
    What is so good about being an actress?Filming.The premiere of a movie/drama is the happiest one.Those days i would be very confident and excited, i really relish those feelings.
    To the point of forgetting your difficulties and problems while filming?Yes, all forgotten.
    If you could ask a question to Song Hye Kyo in 10 years time, what would it be?Do you live well? (laugh) Do you think you live well when you were 30-39 years?

    ----my delulu reading on the highlighted statements is that...she's presently in a relationship...why use the word present "like things that happen and choices that she make in the past may not happen in the present"...should use the word "future" if you're single at present :-? ...that is if the trans is correct...
    ----another point, now she knows that she can act cute...when in her past interviews she said...she's not...I know I read it somewhere...or I'm wrong...
    anyway, just my thought...what's yours? :-/

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  5. @jae, sorry, I don't know the time frame when she started writing till finished :-?

    @ciel_gd, I guess you are referring to the other book 'Moment' (a photobook) which was released January 2011...the other book is entitled 'Hye Kyo's Time' (personal photo essay), released 27 August 2012 :) 

    @Mardybum, love your simkung moments...keep on posting :-* ...same with @zaza , I love all your investigative reports...also @ticktock and @AnnW, @Kyobowl, @Rubylia...and to all the rest that I fail to mention, you know who you are...many thanks...you're all doing great...KEEP ON POSTING!!! :-bd =D> <:-P :x

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