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  1. Yippeeee!!! This calls for a celebration indeed!!...I don't know what to write...okay first, am glad to know that @angieknows is now safely in Korea, hope @~*kYo*~ , @ilovesjk and the other one is safely there in KR by now too...enjoy guys/gals and goodluck...hope your stay will bring in good memories and a very fruitful mission!!!  will be here @soompi camping 24/7 waiting for your report:wub::)

    thanks @joongkyo for all the updates and valuable info and also to the others who continue to contribute news and information...I:heart:

    you all!!

    thanks @Summer Rizefor the link...am watching KMS in Celebrity Bromance @V app  

    Congratulations to all for a job well done in voting SJK-SHK to win BAA Popularity Contest...can't help but smile everytime I recall the difficulties encountered by so many of us here and the funny ways and means just to get that oh sooo precious vote...well it paid off indeed!!

    Now the waiting is killing me...Friday please comeeeeee... 

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  2. @angieknows and @ ~*kYo*~, have a  safe trip and lots of luck for the success of yours' (and our) mission...we'll be waiting for your newsfeed with great anticipation...enjoy and have fun!!:wub::)

    ...and oh @sigang it's a nice read and about the poem, am very curious to know the content of that poem especially if it's written by a well known poet...maybe our Captain Joongkyo could help if she have the time...hope to read more news about SS coming from you :heart:

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  3. Oh Wow!! Lucky @angieknowsand @~*kYo*~...congrats to the both of you...don't forget to visit the places/restaurants/bars as frequented by our SJK-SHK like the chicken house where SHK is a regular customer...also the sereangtea where we got so excited about upon knowing that they where together at that particular night having late dinner till the wee hours of the morning (w/ some of the Apha team)...maybe you can chit-chat the bosses from that establishment...am sure they will be a little sympathetic to our cause (kekeke), and throw as some bone...

    good lick and have a safe and meaningful trip...we'll be here 24/7 waiting for your update!

    to the others who are a regular contributor in this thread (you know who you are)...thank you :wub:

    to tell you all frankly i used to shipped SHK to the other namjas...but i know how and when to stop the moment i feel that it ended or it was not what i expected and hope it to be...am first and foremost a SHK fan...and now a SS shipper fan..hope it'll be for keeps this time...

    EDIT:  so true got another 200 points more...yeayyy...voted!!


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  4. 40 minutes ago, joongkyo said:


    Thanks, but it's not working for me :( 

    I guess will have to wait for someone to upload it on YT. The show starts in 20 minutes - is anyone watching it live?

    try clicking MBC HD from above streaming...it's working for me but its lagging besides I don't understand the language...

  5. here's another nice MV from Vitriana...the one who made an MV featuring the very first PC and has garnered over 1.5 million views...

    BGM---Like a Child


    by the way...thank you very much @joongkyo (and the rest) for the EFFORTS...I should be sleeping by now..but here I am waiting for updates... 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, lovemetruly said:

    @joongkyo true. A fanboy will always be a fanboy. He notices such things too. Wonder how SJK reacts when she's drunk. Lol he has to take care of her kekeke


    Someone also from the cast said that SHK is cute when she's a little drunk? Forgot who that is. Maybe from another alpha team or from their puppy? Aaaaah can i work at the bar where they usually drink so i could witness how they are when drunk. 

     you must be referring to Ahn Bohyun (alpha team member)...he praises her beauty and made mention that "SHK is even cuter when drunk"...somewhere along that line, in one of his interviews...

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  7. @SimpleWorld...that picture really screamed "Husband and Wife"...I happened to be reading your post when my 13 year old nephew saw the picture and said that they are bf/gf...then I ask him "why is that? that pic is for promotion"...then he said it has something to do with the aura/or vibes that make him say that...he happens to like SHK ever since when we both marathon watching Full House...:wub:


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  8. 17 hours ago, LoVeCartier said:

    MOD EDIT: Please don't quote images.


    hello...been a lurker and I love reading all your inputs...I just want to point out that the woman with glasses right behind SJK is Ms. Park (SHK manager)...FYI...I'll be camping here waiting for all updates...thank you all!!

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