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  1. @luvforeverjust curious...what is the connection of Jung So-min to SHK if you or anybody knows?...why send her a foodtruck?...or maybe it's the director or any staff of the movie that she knows of...please enlighten...

    @Chewy Hoe can you now share to us the story behind the berries that you once mentioned? if there's any? or it is confidential?...do we need to ask for a security pass to spill the beans?:sweatingbullets:

    one more thing...can somebody tell us which part of Shanghai fanmeet video wherein he talks or denies about his non-celeb GF? was it asked by the MC? or he volunteered to clear the rumor?

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  2. guys...how come that I can vote multiple times without waiting for the 20 min. gap...or am I?...they keep on accepting my votes and everytime I check on the number of points it changes once I voted...is there a pop up message saying that you just voted and cannot vote...please enlighten me...I might be wasting my time doing multiple votes at a time if one can vote only once every 20 mins.:sweatingbullets: 

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  3. @MaGi_Grace, what about with Laneige?...she said...

    41 minutes ago, khxy said:

    Laneige has given me happiness and i think i have given happiness to Laneige too ,so Laneige is an important part in my life


    ...since the Big Boss is humorous...thus, he makes her happy and so does she to him...whew:sweatingbullets::) 

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  4. 25 minutes ago, joongkyo said:

    @SillyLily The video is talking about the fan meeting and the private jet. I'll summarise what's going on if the people on the thread want it, but I think many didn't want to discuss the private jet matter anymore - If that's the case then it wouldn't be fair to the others on the thread.

    Please do @joongkyo...we want to read more news about SS...just can't get enough of them both:wub:

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  5. @angieknows you made me basically ROFL with your personal account on BAA...thank you...that's what I've been waiting to learn and read...the reaction of the people/medias...wish we could also find out some reactions from their colleagues in the industry..knowing that it's an award ceremony (were they indifferent? jealous? )...you know the winners where kind of overshadowed by the Songs...even in the news and print media...it's almost all about Songs and the winners where just relegated to the sidelines...am happy to learn that the Songs owned the night:):wub:  

    thanks also to @cestlavie88, @ilovesjk. and @~*kYo*~...looking forward to your next adventure on SS couple...

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  6. 3 hours ago, joongkyo said:

    @munyeng you just killed me with that song. Reading the lyrics and hearing SJK singing. Will Kyo sing the female parts...oh god..dead!


    Oh God!!! am still recuperating...and now this!!! can't take it anymore I have to say something...anything...feel like am in a roller coaster ride...and one more thing the song selections are DAEBAK!!! are they getting married or something?...now I'm liking this song too included in the list...My Way by Hins Cheung...I like the lyrics and the melody...don't if this has been posted cos I have not finish reading and liking all the post...and still have pages to backread...here it is..:wub:


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  7. @human1981 there is such an award (as in Skinship award) @Baeksang? whuaa...SS should win it hands down kekekeke:wub:

    Many thanks to our agents over there @SK...I have fun reading all your accounts and adventures over there...hope tonight you'll accomplished your (our) mission...hope you'll be a witness to some sweet and unguarded moments of SS...

    @profilerby your username alone I can surmise that you are a profiler by profession not necessarily that kind of profiler in tv series Criminal Minds...so I trust your inputs...hope you could contribute more in this forum coz I love reading professional analysis on our SS  couples behaviour...it's very interesting indeed! and like you my life is preoccupied with SS couple and would to have my life back too...but then it give me happiness so I guess I want to enjoy it more for a while...untill when? I just don't know kekeke

    so today is the D-DAY!!!...counting every seconds...minutes...hours till Baeksang...hope the live streaming will be good tonight...

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  8. Oh Gee!!!@angieknows...so you're there now @serengetea...wow, time to snoop around...so now you can validate the stories if true...maybe you can ask the Bigboss/Owner of the resto...Oh gosh can't wait for your report...thanks very mucho in advance:)

    @lovely_skham_stv you are also in SK?..can't wait to know your finds about SS...maybe you can meet up with the rest of the gang?...enjoy your stay...

    @joongkyo, yes the cf is too short...can't get enough...she's too cute and I love it!!!...how I wish there's a longer version...@hclover96 thanks for sharing the shilla cf video...

     @SeGafanlady, Happy Birthday!!! we missed your inputs...

    ok...back to lurking....waitingggggg....tick tock tick tock...


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