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  1. The first 2 episodes were hilarious, the poor Zombie detective!! I hope they don't loose all the comedy, and the guest stars.
  2. I am stressed as well. I want to stop watching this episode right now, and wait for the final. I can't handle all the waiting for next episodes..UGH. I am also afraid of what psycho JHJ is planning, he is just so creepy. DH has no idea he has snuck in and stolen KHK business card before.. he is spying on all of them. Edit: JHJ is lying... people don't believe him. He is doing a long range plan.... OMG, with such a serious face too, like who is gonna fall for all the lies... UGH.. *end rant*
  3. Ep 10 is up on IQ... OMG! With Eng Subs, I will see what I can update. GAHAHAHAHAH they are so cute!! OMG.. all the feelings. They are really cute, and he does say all the right things... Edit: Psycho's talking at bar telling you he is CRAZY!!! Someone please come slap NE WTF psycho and GW outside Preach it GW! Edit: JHJ with DH (KHK waits for her in the car) Another crazy KHK and DH Sorry it should be Jung Jae Hyuk, I keep typi
  4. I started this drama this weekend, 5 episodes in so far. I have high expectations... LOL! 1) The leads will not die 2) no more expectations.. hahah
  5. What did she say? I can't find the subs.... Although we knew she was like this with all her lies and delusions..
  6. I believe 7:30.. I was definitely watching at 8:30 central time (while in a teleconference)... LOL!! Edit: wait, maybe 9:30 cause you guys on the Eastern Coast are ahead??!!
  7. Watched it on iQiyi, it was up with Eng subs by 7:30 am Central Time..... It was sooo good! I would have pulled my hair out, but that last 2 mins saved my sanity!!! Also, I am in love with the OST ..espcially this one Song: Dinner Mate Artist: OVAN
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