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  1. Hi Sunnies, Koo's personal pain is too much to bear and I am staying away from reading or translating. Sorry about that. I just cannot... It does not mean I have left. I wil never abandon being Koo's fan. I pray for Koo and all of us Sunnies, including myself, as yet another challenge passes through Koo's life. I felt sadder remembering Koo talking about the death of her very first dog...she must have been dealing w more than that... betrayal of a solemn promise, abandonment, her health crisis,,,,,within a short span of marriage, it must have been storm after storm...She said she cannot help but to create when she is suffering...and Wow, she really created a lot and tremendously during her marriage... As Koo wrote in her first book, All Eventually Pass...Koo will come out stronger, wiser and even more beautiful inside and out...that is what I hope and pray. Thanks Sunnies for loving and supporting her like me. You all take care too. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Sunnies, I am shocked as you. But, I am not going to translate anything for now. A lot of confusion for me. I am going to wait it out. Give Koo space but with a lot of support and encouragement.
  3. Sorry Sunnies,,, So busy... I will get to it. Thanks for the reminder. It is just a wonderful article from someone who seems to respect Koo a lot. But, I hope I get to it. Fighting!!!
  4. http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=15630768171471663002#rs Let me just leave this link here for the article so that I don't forget. I think it makes difference who interviews and writes about Koo. I will try to find the time to translate. Fighting Sunnies!!!!
  5. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/020/0003228367 (thank you Rizu Aruva for the above link. I took a little bit from the article as most are repetition from original which I translated above.) 그는 “첫사랑에 실패해서 상처받고, 그다음부터 연애에 회의적이었다. 결혼할 거 아니면 만나고 싶지 않다는 생각이었다. 그런데 또 좋으면 불나방처럼 뛰어들었다”면서 “남편과 연애 시절 이별은 더 못하겠다고 생각했다. 안재현과 이별하면 죽을 것 같았다”고 털어놨다. "After a failed relationship, I was terribly hurt. After that I was very skeptical about dating. I did not want to date anyone who did not want to get married. But, if I liked someone, I jumped into it like a moth again. When I was dating my husband, I really felt that I cannot break up. I really felt like I would die if I break up with AJH." 아울러 “남편이 순하고 착하다. 남편은 제가 너무 무섭다고 한다. 싸우고 나서 ‘저쪽으로 가서 자’라고 하면 침대 모서리에서 잔다. 귀여운 면이 있다. 그리고 허술하다. 숨기는 것이 있어도 다 걸린다”고 전해 웃음을 줬다. "My husband is gentle and kind. He tells me I am too scary. If we have a fight, I tell him to sleep way over there. Then he sleeps at the corner of the bed. He is so cute. And he is careless. Even if he is hiding something, he gets caught easily."
  6. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/421/0004085806 This interview took place on July 10th at 11 am at the Morning Moon bookstore to talk about the publication of her book, Tears are Heart-Shaped. (Sunnies, I am going to basically focus on quotes by Koo) Reporter says the book is about a man who cannot appropriately face his feelings and about an atypical female who is always ready for the good-bye. "전에도 소설을 썼지만, 굉장히 오랜만에 쓰는 거라 새로웠다. 새로운 직업을 택한 것 같다"라고 운을 뗐다. 이어 "20대 때 남자친구 집 앞 계단에서 잠든 거나 이런 내용들이 담겼다. 제가 연애 때 한 행동들이다. 지금 결혼하신 분 얘기는 아니고, 20대 때 그랬던 얘기다"라며 웃어 보였다. I have written novels before, but, because it has been a long time, it felt new. I felt as if I found a new career. The story contains few incidents that actually happened in my past dating experience, such as falling asleep at the staircase of boyfriend's home. I am talking about me during my 20's, not the one who is married now." '눈물은 하트 모양'은 원래 시나리오였다고 했다. 시나리오를 소설로 재작업하며 이번에 출간한 것이다. 그는 "애착 있던 시나리오였다. 꽤 오래 생각한 거라 소설로 내게 됐다. 시나리오는 욕설도 심하게 나오는, 날 것 같은 거라 되게 만족스러워했다. 그런데 소설로 하니까 글 분위기가 바뀌었다. 당시 실연당하고 작업한 시나리오였는데, 일러바치고 싶어서 썼다. 제가 작업한 '내 새끼' 같은 거라 소설로도 충분히 가능할 것 같아서 소설로 작업했다"고 밝혔다. Tears are Heart-Shaped was originally written as a scenario. I was very attached to the scenario and thought about it a long time. That is why I decided to turn it into a book (if I could not turn it inot a movie.) The original scenario contained tons of curses that quite satisfied me. But, I had to drop all that to convert it into a book.The feel of the book changed. The scenario was written after a failed relationship and I wanted to rant and blame. The scenario was like my child and I felt it was ok to convert it into a book." 출간 과정에서 제목도 바뀌었다. "원래 제목이 '소주의 상식'이었다. 그런데 출판사에서 투표를 했는데 '눈물은 하트 모양'으로 가장 표가 많이 나왔다고 하더라. 의견을 따라서 그렇게 해도 괜찮을 것 같다고 생각해서 했다. 10대, 20대가 읽었으면 좋겠는데 왠지 20대가 아닐 것 같아서 예쁜 제목으로 지었다고 하더라." To publish, the title also changed from Soju's Sangshik to Tears are Heart-Shaped. I heard that publisher's staff had a vote and the title with the most vote was Tears are Heart-Shaped. I thought it would be OK. The title became pretty to attract the readers in teens and 20's. 원 제목인 '소주의 상식'은 주인공 이름에서 따왔다. 그는 "제가 실연당하고 하도 소주를 먹어 가지고 소주의 상식이라는 어떤 여자는 소주, 남자는 상식이면 재밌겠네 이런 생각에 하게 됐다"고 했다. 이어 "상식이가 점점 소주화 되어가는 모습을 그려내서 '소주의 상식'이라 지었다. 내용도 그렇지만 상식이가 결국 소주에게 빠져들어서 소주의 것이 되니까 그런 제목을 생각했다"고 밝혔다. The original title, Soju's Sangshik, comes from the names of the main characters. After a bad break-up, I drank so much soju that I thougt it would be fun to call her Soju and the man Sangshik. Sangshik gradually becomes more attached and fall for Soju that I made the title, Soju's Sangshik. "소주와 저를 동일시하면서 썼다. 제가 약간 독특한 생각을 했을 때, 처음 첫사랑과 이별했을 때, 첫사랑을 이해하려고 노력했다. 바람 피울수도 있지, 떠날 수도 있지, 사람인데 그럴 수 있지 그랬는데 소주를 그런 여자로 만들었다. 지금 같으면 전혀 그런 생각을 안 하지만, 소주를 만들 땐 그때의 저를 투영해서 썼다." There is a lot of me in Soju. I was trying hard to understand the experience of a break-up, first love, first good-bye. I was trying hard to rationalize that it is all in human nature to have affairs, to break up, to think differently,,,so I made Soju. So, a lot of me is inserted into Soju." "사실 제가 20대 때 불나방 같았다. 아닌 걸 알면서도 내가 너무 좋아해서 감정을 주체 못 하고 막 쫓아가고, 담 넘어가고, 문 두드리고 이상한 짓도 많이 했다. 지금은 그렇게 못한다. (웃음) 지금은 훨씬 이성적이다. 그렇게 해봤자 사람의 마음을 얻을 수 없는 것을 알고, 굳이 왜 그러냐는 생각도 든다. 그냥 나를 사랑하자는 마인드로 바뀌었다. 그 담을 넘으면서 쟤가 대체 뭐라고 그랬을까. 하하" In my 20's, I was like a moth. I knew it was not proper, but I could not control my feelings, so I would run after, cross the boundary, bang on the door and did a lot of strange and crazy things. Now, I cannot do that. (laughter) I am much more rational now. What is the use of that. You cannot earn the heart of another doing all that. I decided to love myself. What would he have said when I crossed over that wall.. haha. 구혜선은 "보고 재밌다고 하더라"며 "저도 과거에 누구와 만났을 때였다고 다 얘기했고, 이런 걸 소설로 나와 읽어달라고 하니까 그때 읽었다고 하더라. 그래도 읽어줬다"고 했다. 이어 "감상평은 '독특하다'였다. 캐릭터가 독특해서 전체적으로 행복 소설같이 않고 어떤 독립영화 본 것 같다고 그런 말을 하더라"며 "남편에게 그래도 고마운 게 결혼한 사람이 연애소설을 냈는데 그렇게 담담한 남편도 없을 것이다. 싫어할 텐데 되게 고마웠다"고 밝혔다. Ajh saw the story and said it is interesting. I told him that the story is based on when I was seeing such and such person. I told him everything. I asked him to read it again when it comes out in a novel and he said he already read it. But, he still read it. His impression is that because the character is so atypical, it does not read like a happy novel but it feels as if he watched an independent film. I am still very thankful to my husband for being so cool when a married woman publishes a dating story. He could hate it, so I am very thankful to him. 2009년 첫 번째 소설 '탱고' 이후 작가로서 10년이라는 시간이 흘렀다. "작가든, 영화든 다 하나씩 10년 채우니까 뿌듯하고 뭔가 해낸 것 같다는 생각도 든다. 처음에 목표는 '이거 한 권만 냈으면 좋겠다’는 생각이었다. 그런데 어느 날 보니까 여러 권이 있고, 여러 개 영화가 있고, 여러 개 전시를 하고 있더라. 시간이 그렇게 가버렸다. 그래서 조금 많이 늙은 것 같다. 에너지를 하도 많이 써서 저를 너무 학대한 것 같다. 노동, 학대. 그래서 지금은 그만하자는 그런 생각도 든다. 그런데 8월에 또 나온다. 하하." 10 years have passed since the publication of her novel, Tango. I do feel satisfied and accomplished for having wriiten books, made movies the last 10 years. At first, I thought it would be enough to just publish one book, but then I realized that I have several book, several movies and several exhibitions. Time just flew. And I am much older. I used up so much energy that I feel like I abused myself with labor and pressure. Sometimes, I just want to stop. But another one comes out in August. haha 그야말로 '열일'하고 있다. 분야도 다양하다. 배우로 시작한 그는 영화감독, 작가, 화가로서도 활동 중이다. 이에 "고통스럽게 뭔 일이 지나가면 떠오른다. 사랑하는 사람과 이별하거나, 다시 또 그 이별이 올까 봐 불안하고 그런 것들이 정서적으로 영감을 받았다. 그리고 20대 때는 새로운 사랑, 힘, 에너지가 많았다면 지금은 떠나간 것에 대한 해소가 있다"라며 "하고 나면 치유가 되는 것 같다. 그리고 배우가 프리랜서라 일을 안 할 때 강박증이 생기곤 하는데 그림을 그리면 강박증적인 그림도 나온다. 이렇게 승화시키는 것 같다"고 밝혔다. "When something painful passes, it comes to me. When parting with someone I love, when I dread another break-up, inspiration comes to me. If I had a lot of energy, new loves and strength in my 20's, now I have more solutions for things that have passed (??). Afterwards, I feel healed. As an actress/freelancer, I at times have obsessions and even my paintings show such signs. I think I overcome them. (my translation is a bit unclear...I think Koo is saying that she finds her art and writing very healing even though the work of creating and making are just as painful.) 구혜선은 "지금 가장하고 싶은 일은 배우 일이다. 그리고 매일매일 늙으니까 한 살이라도 어릴 때 하고 싶다"고 강조했다. 이어 "금잔디, 캔디 같은 이미지가 각인돼 있는 것 같다. 전문직 하면 연기력 논란이 나오기도 했다. 하하. 제가 잘 못 하는 것도 있지만 대중분들이 잘 못 받아들이시는 것 같다. 그래서 반반인 생각이다. 저도 잘 소화하고, 대중들도 잘 받아들일 수 있는 것으로"라고 말했다. One work that I really want to do now is to act. Since I am getting older daily, I would like to act while I am still a little young. I think I am stuck as Jandi. If I play professionals, people criticize my acting. haha. I am sure I am doing something wrong, but I think people also find it hard to accept me. So, I am looking for middle ground. Some role that I can integrate well and the audience can also be accepting of me. 그러면서 "살을 빼야 한다고 하더라. 원래 잘 뺐는데 이제 왜 안 빠지는 걸까. 남편이 치킨을 좋아하는데 제가 남기는 꼴을 못 본다. 남으면 다 주워 먹어서 안재현씨 때문에 살쪘다. 어제부터 운동을 시작했는데 사실 드라마 '꽃보다 남자' 이후로 13kg이나 쪘다"라며 털털한 면모를 보였다. So I need to lose weight. I used to lose weight very easily. But, now it is hard. I wonder why? My husband loves chicken, but I cannot stand it when he does not finish it. I end up eating all the left-overs and gain weight. I gain weigh becasue of AJH-ssi. I started exercising since yesterday, but, since BOF, I gained 13 kg. 끝으로 구혜선은 "저는 조금 사실 걱정했던 게 책이 너무 예쁘지 않나. 제목도 말랑말랑해서. 그런데 책 내용은 말랑말랑한 게 아니고 굉장히 상처 받아서 이상한 행동을 반복하는 여자를 알아 가는 남자와 연민을 느끼면서 사랑을 알아가는 지점인데 사실 이해할 수 없는 여자인데 그냥 느끼는 대로 보셨으면 좋겠다. 되게 달콤하고 그런 건 아니다"라고 솔직하게 밝혔다. I did worry a bit that the book looks too pretty and the title is also too soft. But the content of the book is not soft. It is about a woman who repeatedly acts strangely due to so much hurt and about the man who feel sympathy and learn about love through her. She is hard to understand but I hope people just take it as they see fit. It is not a sweet story by any means." The book was released on May 27, 2019. '눈물은 하트 모양'은 지난 5월27일 발표.
  7. Thank you for finding the article. Wow, Koo looks so lovely!! I skimmed through the article. I will try my best to find a time to translate well...I want to give respect to Koo's statements. Koo is so funny..she blames her husband for gaining 13 kg!!! hahaha. AJH loves chicken and orders it often. But he never finishes the whole thing. Koo cannot stand throwing away good food. So, she eats the left overs!!! This was in the article. hahah. they are cute. Koo also says that she and her husband talk about everything. They talk about their past relationship also. They tease, joke and still share. They do not believe in hiding anything from each other. (I like that!!!) I will try to find the time this weekend. I heard in DC-Koo gal that Koo is coming out w another book in August. I was like Hallelujah!!!! Yes, I found one sentence in the article. Another book is coming out in August!!! I have to get ready to buy it!! Truly amazing KOO!!! Love it love it!!! Koo really want to act,,,she says she is aging daily and want to act before she gets too old. She is so hilarious!!! I hope and pray soemthing good comes up!!!
  8. thank you loveukoo!! I found the full article above. But I will try to translate later (??) But, it is very positive. The way Koo displayed her arts and the art themselves all moved the reporter to feel what Koo may have been experiencing through her loss. Reporter saw the pix of the "girl" with the antenna as Koo suffering. I kind of felt like Koo drew that pic to represent her pet...I think many animal lovers often see their pets like their children...know what I mean? ----and I agree with the reporter...maybe Koo drew only half of the body to signify the suffering that went on...for both parties. Koo seems to have great understanding of her pets. Like the antenna on that pix...there is a special communication that go on between Koo and her kids. I remember cracking up when Koo was putting on make-up and AhnJu was keep on meowing. Koo was constantly having conversation with AhnJoo without moving from her bed...she seems to know what Ahnju is asking and complaining...Koo tells AhnJu that his bathroom is in that room and that he just has to look a little further..a little more...then amazingly AhnJu stopped meowing, as if to tell us that Ahnju indeed found that bathroom he is looking for. hahaha. When Goonbom kept on barking at Koo, she firmly told him that he just has to wait and quietly so that the "queen" can finish her task. Then, Goonbom stopped barking and sat down quietly for Mom the Queen to finish. hahahaha. It is a wonderful news that Koo's art and booklets are sold out!! And it is just the beginning of July!! Exhibition ends July 28th!! Thanks SOOOOO much loveukoo!! Fighting to ALL Sunnies. Stay cool. It is getting so hot!! Turn on the fan like Koo and stay cool!!!
  9. there are no news at dc-Koo about how her art exhibition is going. is that really true @loveukoo? I love that!! and thank you for the news!!!! Koo said she is using the profit towards helping animals. what a gal we have and love!!! sorry Sunnies that I have not been able to translate more...life is just getting too busy these days. all Fighting and stay healthy always!!! love all the posts and thanks!!!
  10. http://www.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=87361 Koo explained her art: Shapes of squares, circles, triangles, and outlines describe "her frame"--they represent her sense of order and balance. Inside the frame are freedom. If her "frame" restrains and blocks overflow and chaos, what is inside are her thoughts and habits. Fighting Sunnies and to Koo!!!
  11. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140863&page=1 Above person went to see Koo at the exhibition interview day 2년전에 싸인회때 본 이후로계속 시간이 안돼서 못보다가 드디어 쿠 영접하러 뛰어갔다ㅠㅠ아...오랜만에봤는데정말 심장 멎는줄난 쿠보면 너무떨려서 말이안나와...자리 거의 꽉채웠고 그외에도 사람들 많이 서있었어쿠도 이렇게 많이 올줄 몰랐대ㅎㅎ정말 하늘에서 내려온 천사같았다ㅠㅠ언니..사랑해요얼굴보고는 도저히 떨려서 말할수가 없어서 이렇게라도 남긴닷 summary: it has been 2 years since she saw Koo. She really thought her heart stopped when she saw Koo again. Whenever she sees Koo in person, she just cannot speak and she gets so nervous. Space was full w people and even Koo mentioned that she did not realize so many people will come. She says Koo is like an angel and says I love you Koo. She also added that Koo answered questions sincerely and well. There was no time set aside that day for signing...but Koo mentioned that there will be a signing time in July. Sending best wishes for Koo's exhibition!!!!
  12. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140860&page=1 I hope the above link shows everything that DC KOO presented to Koo. DC-Koo gallery got together really quickly and with the wonderful and brilliant help of "Evergreen", delivered the flower along w cookies and teas for Koo's opening interview day. Very beautiful and elegant. Due to time constraint, PayPal account could not be opened therefore the international fans could not participate. However, I am so thankful to Korean dc-Koo gal for working together so quickly and so well. Evergreen wrote: 화분은 화욜에 꽃집 방문해서 플로리스트분과 의논 끝에흰색 호접란(아마빌리스)으로 결정했어.단아하고 깨끗한 느낌이 쿠 이미지와도 잘어울리고전시장 분위기와도 잘 맞을거 같더라구.참고로 호접란의 꽃말은"행복이 날아오다"로 사랑하는 사람에게 줄때는 "당신을 사랑합니다"라는 뜻이기도 하대. 선물은 유기농 쿠키와 허브티로 준비해서 어제(목욜) 내가 갤러리에 직접 전달했어.화분과 선물 모두 오늘(금욜) 쿠에게 전해주신다고 하셨어. 현생중이라 자세한 내용은 정산글 세울때 다시할게.횽들 덕분에 전시회 서폿 무사히 마칠수 있었어.모두 모두 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ summary: Evergreen visited the florist and chose the flower after talking w the florist. The flower name is ?Amavilis? (sorry not time to look it up) The meaning behind the flower is "Happiness flies in and I love you". The color of the flower also gave a clean and elegant image and Evergreen felt that it fitted who Koo is and the feeling of the exhibition. She also bought organic cookies and herb teas and she herself delivered them to the gallery. She is also very thankful to dc members for making the event possible.
  13. Thank you @loveukoo for finding YT version. There are few articles on it as well. Let me summarize it. Koo says that her current art exhibition's title and motivation come from the death of her very first pet. For several weeks, not only her but her whole family mourned the loss. She became very sick and devastated that she even sought the help of the hospital. That is when she started to draw. (It seems Koo heals herself through her art whatever the medium.) She usually works late into the night or early dawn and often listened to the BBS radio station which focuses on teachings and ways of Buddhism. That became a piece of news and that is the news on the above YT. Koo says that she found peace and balance and release of sad obsession over her loss by listening to Buddhist monks while drawing. Teaching helped her to focus on tasks at hand and she regained the strength to better take care of her other pets. She wants to use the profit from the exhibition towards helping pets and animals. Very recently, just before the start of the exhibition, Koo's husband lost his maternal grandfather. I have a feeling that is why she postponed her own interview time for the exhibition. Sincere good wishes and hopes for Koo and her entire family. And, all the best for each and every Sunnies!!!!
  14. Sunnies!!! Thank you all for all your posts!!! Good to know she signed with HB Ent. And that they will represent her not only as an actress but also in all her activities. I hope that she gets paid for all her music that is played in many different variety shows. I heard that the Y-tube production for Koo was done by HB Ent as well. Sounds Great!!! Thanks all and good night!! So good to see our Koo thread so lively!!!
  15. I will try to translate. But, it is already Sunday and I have a lot to do. ONe of the bloggers looks like the Tenasia article that I translated already (the middle one). I think I have to wait until next week...work is piling up. Sorry. I also feel a bit uncomfortable as to how much to reveal about her book--whether that is allowed to do. Is that good for KOo? ONe of the bloggers revealed the pages of the book...????!!! I do want Koo to make a living w her works!!!!
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