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  1. http://www.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=87361 Koo explained her art: Shapes of squares, circles, triangles, and outlines describe "her frame"--they represent her sense of order and balance. Inside the frame are freedom. If her "frame" restrains and blocks overflow and chaos, what is inside are her thoughts and habits. Fighting Sunnies and to Koo!!!
  2. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140863&page=1 Above person went to see Koo at the exhibition interview day 2년전에 싸인회때 본 이후로계속 시간이 안돼서 못보다가 드디어 쿠 영접하러 뛰어갔다ㅠㅠ아...오랜만에봤는데정말 심장 멎는줄난 쿠보면 너무떨려서 말이안나와...자리 거의 꽉채웠고 그외에도 사람들 많이 서있었어쿠도 이렇게 많이 올줄 몰랐대ㅎㅎ정말 하늘에서 내려온 천사같았다ㅠㅠ언니..사랑해요얼굴보고는 도저히 떨려서 말할수가 없어서 이렇게라도 남긴닷 summary: it has been 2 years since she saw Koo. She really thought her heart stopped when she saw Koo again. Whenever she sees Koo in person, she just cannot speak and she gets so nervous. Space was full w people and even Koo mentioned that she did not realize so many people will come. She says Koo is like an angel and says I love you Koo. She also added that Koo answered questions sincerely and well. There was no time set aside that day for signing...but Koo mentioned that there will be a signing time in July. Sending best wishes for Koo's exhibition!!!!
  3. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140860&page=1 I hope the above link shows everything that DC KOO presented to Koo. DC-Koo gallery got together really quickly and with the wonderful and brilliant help of "Evergreen", delivered the flower along w cookies and teas for Koo's opening interview day. Very beautiful and elegant. Due to time constraint, PayPal account could not be opened therefore the international fans could not participate. However, I am so thankful to Korean dc-Koo gal for working together so quickly and so well. Evergreen wrote: 화분은 화욜에 꽃집 방문해서 플로리스트분과 의논 끝에흰색 호접란(아마빌리스)으로 결정했어.단아하고 깨끗한 느낌이 쿠 이미지와도 잘어울리고전시장 분위기와도 잘 맞을거 같더라구.참고로 호접란의 꽃말은"행복이 날아오다"로 사랑하는 사람에게 줄때는 "당신을 사랑합니다"라는 뜻이기도 하대. 선물은 유기농 쿠키와 허브티로 준비해서 어제(목욜) 내가 갤러리에 직접 전달했어.화분과 선물 모두 오늘(금욜) 쿠에게 전해주신다고 하셨어. 현생중이라 자세한 내용은 정산글 세울때 다시할게.횽들 덕분에 전시회 서폿 무사히 마칠수 있었어.모두 모두 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ summary: Evergreen visited the florist and chose the flower after talking w the florist. The flower name is ?Amavilis? (sorry not time to look it up) The meaning behind the flower is "Happiness flies in and I love you". The color of the flower also gave a clean and elegant image and Evergreen felt that it fitted who Koo is and the feeling of the exhibition. She also bought organic cookies and herb teas and she herself delivered them to the gallery. She is also very thankful to dc members for making the event possible.
  4. Thank you @loveukoo for finding YT version. There are few articles on it as well. Let me summarize it. Koo says that her current art exhibition's title and motivation come from the death of her very first pet. For several weeks, not only her but her whole family mourned the loss. She became very sick and devastated that she even sought the help of the hospital. That is when she started to draw. (It seems Koo heals herself through her art whatever the medium.) She usually works late into the night or early dawn and often listened to the BBS radio station which focuses on teachings and ways of Buddhism. That became a piece of news and that is the news on the above YT. Koo says that she found peace and balance and release of sad obsession over her loss by listening to Buddhist monks while drawing. Teaching helped her to focus on tasks at hand and she regained the strength to better take care of her other pets. She wants to use the profit from the exhibition towards helping pets and animals. Very recently, just before the start of the exhibition, Koo's husband lost his maternal grandfather. I have a feeling that is why she postponed her own interview time for the exhibition. Sincere good wishes and hopes for Koo and her entire family. And, all the best for each and every Sunnies!!!!
  5. Sunnies!!! Thank you all for all your posts!!! Good to know she signed with HB Ent. And that they will represent her not only as an actress but also in all her activities. I hope that she gets paid for all her music that is played in many different variety shows. I heard that the Y-tube production for Koo was done by HB Ent as well. Sounds Great!!! Thanks all and good night!! So good to see our Koo thread so lively!!!
  6. I will try to translate. But, it is already Sunday and I have a lot to do. ONe of the bloggers looks like the Tenasia article that I translated already (the middle one). I think I have to wait until next week...work is piling up. Sorry. I also feel a bit uncomfortable as to how much to reveal about her book--whether that is allowed to do. Is that good for KOo? ONe of the bloggers revealed the pages of the book...????!!! I do want Koo to make a living w her works!!!!
  7. Sorry @loveukoo I don't think there is an English version of Koo's book. I do enjoy her writing very much. I read Tango, Peach Tree, Scenario Book w 2 stories(Marie's Story and Mystery Pink) and Tear Is Heart-Shaped. I am no expert, but her stories feel like her paintings--abstract and simple on the surface. But, there are depth and symbolism that make you think about them. The symbolism of death appears a lot in her books as well as very unlikely or hard to imagine personalities. But, I end up liking them all. I know I don't help us the international fans by saying this, but I really hope she writes more and more novels. Like most people, I love books that I can get totally absorbed. Such books are rare and great for my mental health! Author Koo is one of those authors!!! Koo HyeSun Fighting!!!!
  8. Hey Sunnies!! I just got the book by author Koo! Thank God it is Friday night!! I read it till the end-- could not put it down. I always love her writing style...easy, flowing and just so good. But the content is like her paintings and movies. It's hard not to think about it over and over. The more I think about it, wow! If anybody else is able to read it, love to hear what you think!!! It feels light and so cute and then it hits you. like a block of ice!! The main character is something else. She returns all the hurts right back!!.. Woah! Something cold and icy just cuts right through you!! I hope Author Koo writes more novels!! I cannot wait!!! I wish a lot of success with the gallery opening. DC-Koo gal is going to present her a basket of flowers for the day when Koo has an interview at the gallery on June 5th. DC-Koo had no time, so they could not open Paypal for international fans but I am very grateful to Dc-Koo fans for the gift for Koo. The gallery told DC-Koo fans that flower basket or small size plant pot is best for the gallery space. Fighting Koo!!!!
  9. found an article in Nate news portal: http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/1732319 연기뿐만 아니라 영화 연출, 회화 등 여러 분야에서 활발한 창작 활동을 펼치는 배우 구혜선이 신작 소설 ‘눈물은 하트 모양’을 29일 출간했다. On May 29th, GHS has published her new novel, Tear is Heart-Shaped. KHS has been consistently working on her creative projects through acting, directing, drawing/painting, composing and writing. 이 작품은 좀처럼 예상하기 힘든 성격의 여자 소주와 거부할 수 없는 매력에 끌려들어 가는 남자 상식의 사랑을 발랄한 문체로 담아냈다. This is a story of a man named Sangshik who could not help but fall for the charm of a strange and peculiar Soju. 경장편에 해당하며 로맨틱코미디 장르를 표방하는 만큼 문장 곳곳에 유머러스한 대화와 재치있는 전개가 웃음을 불러일으킨다. 농담 같던 인물들의 대화가 어느 순간 허를 찌르며 인간 본연의 내면과 마주하게 만들기도 한다. The story can be classified into the romantic comedy genre; humorous and witty dialogues pop up here and there evoking laughter and lightness. At the same time, seemingly harmless jokes suddenly turn piercingly real into the inner human nature. 이 작품에는 구혜선의 실제 연애담도 들어있다. 읽다 보면 독자는 서툴고 모자란 첫사랑을 상기하게 될 것이다. This book contains some of KHS's real dating experience. Readers will also reminisce the awkward and immature first love. 구혜선은 작가의 말에서 “지나보면 아무것도 아닌 그때의 사랑. 그때만큼은 심각했고 비굴했고 유치했고 그래서 더 ‘웃픈'(웃기면서도 슬픈) 이십 대의 연애. 이 소설을 읽는 모든 이가 내 어릴 적 미친 연애와 함께 즐겁길 바란다. 행복하길 바란다”고 썼다. KHS left this author's remark inside the book: "With time, it no longer feels like a big deal. Yet, in my 20's, it felt serious, painful and childish. That is why it seems funnier and sadder at the same time. I hope the readers just enjoy themselves while reading the story. I wish for your happiness." 김지원 기자 bella@tenasia.co.kr (Reporter Kim Jiwon of Tenasia.) <ⓒ “텐아시아” 무단전재 재배포금지>
  10. @izaku, thank you. it seems to be a some kind of contest...if you write your own memorable dating story, you get a free copy of Koo's new novel. It is sponsored by a wedding planning company. Second blog is sort of a book review. She thinks Soju is too strange and could not identify with her. She thinks Soju is too hard to have around. It is a very short book and made her wonder more about KHS herself.
  11. Sorry Sunnies,, I saw an epreview of Koo's new novel and tried to, at least, translate some of it,,, but could not continue. It was in yes24 sorry, I could not continue...
  12. from epreview at yes24 whenever I see him, my heart beats i knew he is my love whenever I see him, I am all twinkle, twinkle i knew it at first sight as warm as ?spring star is it possible for love to come? whenever I see him, my heart jumps will you stay by my side for sure Can love come whenever i see you I am twinkle, twinkle today, tomorrow and again and again my thoughts are only of you. for real. don't lose interest. for real don't get irritated. for real don't leave me. for real. embrace my eyes for you. 1. SoJu was really a strange female. I met her for the first time when a friend invited a few to a pub in winter.
  13. Sunnies, I just ordered through G market. their website is not very user-friendly, but finally, I was able to order. http://gsearch.gmarket.co.kr/Listview/Search?keyword=눈물은 하트모양 you may have to register. see if it works for you.
  14. I saw m.yes24.com posted at dc-koo. few fans posted that they ordered it through it. I am posting the title of the book and Koo's name in Korean for you all 눈물은 하트모양 구혜선 I tried to buy via yes24, somehow could not do it.
  15. I am not sure yet how to buy her book. I am looking into Gmarket but i dont think they have it yet. English version would be great for me too.
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