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  1. I watched it raw and I'm a bit disappointed about KCE. I mean...eh??? He just died like that? it was so underwhelming and such a waste of the character and the build up in ep 15 :/ I was emotionally ready for revenge, more mind battles and fights but then it ended suddenly. and then so early? it was like 30-35min into episode, the rest was filled with many unnecessary scenes where the time could have used for some explanations. I have so many questions, I don't even know where to begin with...aigoo maybe I'm too harsh (I've been a bit out of touch with k-dramas...well) But big applause to the cast, especially they carried ep 16 overall also to the cinematographer, costume designer (or the hanbok lady) and the location director(?) for showing us such beautiful landscapes. It was aesthetically very pleasing! And also I probably belong to minority but I like that the ending was showing them in "their garden" not in the palace. Because my take is, young LY made a marriage promise to HS when they were outside in the forest. Then when they met again it was outside of the palace. And their love for each other developed in their house (outside the palace) so that scene with the cherry blossom was perfect for me. And LOL Some pics and videos from the wrap party A video of the cast arriving the at venue. NJH pulled a ninja and posted a pic of herself inside the place on her instagram. And Kyungsoo why are you so unconsciously funny ^^ Cast celebrating the end Father & sons spotted aka Lee family behind the scenes pics from our new governor
  2. What a sad episode. I cried for both women, one who lost the love/light of her life, one who lost her brother she longed for TT NJH's acting the scene where she finds MY was top-notch! It was so real. I'm also glad that we saw a bit of MY and CPss together (plus they are really a good looking couple lol). it was such a tragic-doomed love story. Also the friendship declaration from DJ to LY was so heartbreakingly sad. The only one who could made LY smile during his lonely days in palace, the only one LY could rely on...aigoo my heart I couldn't hold back my tears with the flashback and music. cr weibo On a lighter note I hope the cast can come together and watch/enjoy the last episode with the fans.
  3. He looks sooo in love in this scene And I really like his hanbok, my favourite one. One kind soul knows exactly what we need and made slow-mo gifs of all kisses Kiss 1 Kiss 2 Kiss 3 And this is so cute cr weibo NJH talked about the drama in her recent interview [...] Her current drama “100 Days My Prince” surpassed 10 percent in viewer ratings. The actress commented, “Our group chat went crazy celebrating. The atmosphere on set was so great that I hoped this atmosphere would be delivered to the viewers, and I think it worked.” ( https://www.soompi.com/article/1250917wpp/nam-ji-hyun-shares-100-days-prince-cast-reacted-high-ratings) Yes it did. You guys have great cast chemistry ^^
  4. I was not expecting another kiss TT and that close up of it gave me almost a heart attack. I'm still recovering from it but it was beautiful (who knew kyungsoo-yah who knew ) CPss and MY relationship is such a doomed-tragic love story. So much sadness in both their lives, and the only light, at least, for the CPss is MY. You could see that little smile she had on her way her home after meeting MY. I'm sure that he's the father. She denied it because she wants to protect him. Also the reason why she shot an arrow to him. That's my guess. Not really sure about his feelings. It could be either resposibility or gratitude, or mix of both but he has definitely feelings for her. Please writer-nim, give them a sort of happy ending Jeyoon-ah, I have done you wrong. You were working secretly. thank you. also taking care of eunuch yang, I was in tears when LY finally met him TT That riddle scene with the uncomfortable thing was a bonding moment for LY and him, right?! bromance here we come Shoutout to HS's friends! they are awesome I'm going to watch ep14 again to catch all details especially with LY's diary. But that's what I got from the first view. Lastly, I don't know what to expect from the preview. For sure we'll have the showdown between KCE and LY. But HS and LY's part is rather gloomy??? And DAEBAK to the ratings, new record 12.7% average, and peaked at 14.3%
  5. For me this episode felt a bit flat. This whole Ming princess story with her wanting see her sick lover was not really necessary. I'm also kinda is disappointed in JY...sigh...I was really hoping for him to become a political aide for LY, someone LY can rely on and trust when he becomes king. So these parts were for me cr weibo But YAY to Hyuk (? I hope I got his name right), he's becoming the DongJoo TT I shed tears of happiness and sadness when they did the teamwork of exposing the eunuch. Btw what happened to eunuch Yang? Will we ever get to see him again? (JY get yourself together, stop hitting on HS and work lol ) And I shed more tears when SH broke up with LY... omoo my heart and their reunion scene TT But I'll go with HS's emotional breakdown in front of dad as my favourite one. Not only was the acting of NJH stellar here but also this scene felt so heartbreakingly realistic. The way she hold WD's clothes and told dad that she tries to forget everything, that she knows all that and yet can't help it. This scene put my heart in pieces So I'm gonna indulge myself into the reunion scene and stare at Kyungsoo's face
  6. I was finally able to watch the latest episodes. I loved KMS's cameo, it was hilarious! LMK and he had a great chemistry. I was rolling on the ground when the bts were released this is so funny cr weibo I think LMK said "you really don't have a beard" to which KMS replied "hyung, neither do you" lol I also particuarly like that we got more of EunHo's character in the last ep. Because he's been too perfect for me so far haha...like an angel, like someone who has no flaws and is out of the world. But his inner conflict of pursing his life dream against his mother's wish and by thinking giving her money is his way of saying sorry, makes him 'earthy' again. I'm very curious what writer-nim has prepared for EunHo.
  7. Me too. I'll try to get that photobook/essay. It looks so dreamy & beautiful And magistrate is wearing the governor's robe?! he followed WD's advice? uri wondeuki-ah cr weibo
  8. After ep 12 I'd say LY bring KCE down then ditch the CP position and live with HS an ordinary life. Let SW be crown prince instead LY had me confused in beginning because I wasn't sure whether he has fully regained his memory but after he mentioned eunuch Yang, I'm conviced he's fooling KCE (or at least I hope so...you never know in this drama lol) And how badass was he when he said 'i might have lost my memory but I haven't lost my knowledge' jjiang love it All those HS imagining scenes were done so beautifully not only acting-wise (Kyungsoo's eyes were amazing) but also cinematography wise. cr weibo I still believe that MY is the baby's father. crown princess was slightly panicking when her brother told her that their father wants MY alive because he wants clear some things up. I dont't think KCE believed his daughter when she told him she had killed the sperm donor. And MY lived in their house for ten years (?) I'm sure given how smart he is he's smelling something.
  9. Writing this while listening to Chen's song TT ... beautiful and the cover is pretty as well cr melon For me ep 11 had right balance of comedy and emo scenes. Couldn't stop lol-ing when they were selling the cabinet and argue which clothes WD should take with. And I was on the verge of tears when they giving gifts, sweets to their friends and passively saying goodbyes. I wanted to hug WD when he encouraged magistrate that he should take the exam. That was so honest and nice of him And this scene is sooo sweet, it was simply holding hands but she was leading him like she did when they were kids cr weibo I felt sad for the crown princess. The only person she probably ever loved or cared for left her. She must have felt as the loneliest person in the world when she broke down. And shoutout to MY's assistant/aide for saving and sticking with him...this brotherhood TT Does KCE have superpowers? How could he recover so fast haha... he was shot by an arrow in the chest. The same happened to MY and he still recovering (not really well).
  10. The dance was short but sweet actually it was 85% lol-ing and 15% dancing hahaha...but it made me giggle and I'm glad they had fun and spend good time together. I was hoping for kokobop but I guess the chorus is a bit too difficult. Growl is more known to the general public. Too bad MY couldn't be there EDIT: MY was there hahaha Omg this cast is so cuuuuute! And he wrote "we are one" awwwwwwwww i'm melting... Not sure if this has been shared but just in case anyone plans a trip to Korea and is in love with those beautiful hanbok the cast is wearing. They are from ulsanhameunjeong hanbok / 함은정한복 Here are some bts photos she posted on her instagram Japanese fans already made a manga version hahaha
  11. Beautiful stills: Also the cast were spotted at SM building yesterday. They ate together, probably celebrating and practising Kokobop
  12. love your post and I couldn't agree more TT That what MY told WD was not what I expected but it made an equal impact on WD. It actually made me sad. I was missing the scene where WD and HS were at the market with him posing cool (based on the preview from previous week)... Guess that will come next week...? And We're going Kokobop in hanbok!!! I can't wait NJH used hashtag "group chat went wild" LOL Here's the translation
  13. LOL waddle waddle I finished the episode with subs. Just wanna say how well Kim JaeYoung(?) is playing MY given how minor his role is and how less screen time he has. But he shines in every second he appears ㅠㅠ I want to have a satisfying ending for MY
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