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  1. There's no memories to be suppressed or remembered cos S2 QXT came from the time prior to S1 events happening which is before the whole bed issue that "transported" her to past Dongyue. S2 QXT came from the past timeline of the modern world where she had no knowledge of Dongyue yet.
  2. If it's up to me, the way I'll resolve it will be through the orb comes in. S1 MLC's spirit/soul is weak and so old sage believes that through the orb they can summon S1 XT's spirit/soul cos it's the one bonded to S1 MLC. Once it's able to summon S1 XT's spirit it then merges with S2 XT and so she "remembers" everything again. Then, they will try to "heal" S1 MLC again through the bond so he won't vanish/disappear BUT it won't be enough since the damage was too great. Unfortunately, something bad happens to S2 MLC and his spirit/soul is weakened so, old sage will suggest to merge S1 MLC's spirit/soul to S2 MLC since S1 MLC's spirit/soul is strong but he has a weak body that they're unable to heal despite the bond he has with the merged XQT. S2 MLC and S1 MLC will agree since they won't let the merged QXT die once S1 MLC's body dies along with his spirit/soul. I think the writer would want to keep the story feel " the same" but somehow different? Hence, the reason she introduced the two MLCs in S2 cos they were 2 QXT sharing one body in S1 and she made it a bit difficult this time cos this season we're dealing with actually two physical bodies of the same person (MLC). I doubt they will make MLC have "amnesia" in S3 cos that would ruin it but I'm pretty sure they will find a way for them both to "forget" and another individual this time to help them both remember who they are.
  3. For season 3 I hope Liu Shang will be their son and will be their match maker. Cos I bet something horrible happens in the beginning of S3 and we're back to maybe MLC not remembering QXT or worse both of them won't remember each other cos they were thrown back prior to S1 events again and it's up to their son who remembers what happened and so he will reunite his parents or he'll cease to exist. Maybe, it's too cliche but I trust they will find ways to twist the story. That's how I envision S3 in my head. Damn, why is Monday so far away!
  4. Cos they know we love all those kisses, YoYo's official youtube channel posted another compilation of their kisses!
  5. It's not really dislike that I'm feeling for S1 MLC, more like disappointment and frustration cos S2 QXT already said to him she's not his Tan'er but he still kept pushing her to "remember" things that she didn't even experience. I know most people here love S1 MLC but if you think of it what he's doing to S2 QXT is sexual harassment. S1 MLC is smart from the start he already deducted he was in the Dongyue prior to the events that happened on S1 yet he kept pushing himself to S2 QXT just cos QXT was his wife in S1. What I don't understand is S1 MLC should just leave S2 QXT alone since she's fated to be with him even if it's the other him (S2 MLC). I'm just glad S2 MLC has more sense in him than take advantage of the fact that S2 QXT is his servant. I mean he could steal kisses just like S1 MLC cos he'll get away with it and S2 QXT being his servant can't do anything about it if he decides to do that but he doesn't. He just keeps telling her that he wants S2 QXT to only have eyes for him. If not for S1 MLC meddling, I'm pretty certain S2 QXT would've been in love with S2 MLC by this time just like the way it should've been in S1 but hey I'm not the writer, I like S1 MLC but I think the writer instead of him meddling between S2 MLC & S2 QXT should've acted as matchmaker even if it's hard for him and if it makes him jealous. It would've been way hilarious if S1 MLC acts as matchmaker but S2 QXT was having some confused feelings for him and S1 MLC be like, No, you should be falling for him and then she'll get more confused when she finds out that the two MLCs are one and the same person. That's how I was playing it in my head before when they first introduced that there's 2 MLCs in EP3 I think. Oh well, as long as they merge the 2 MLCs, I won't have issues with them and S2 QXT. Maybe, there will come a situation where S2 MLC's spirit will be weakened by an attack from S2 QXT's father and so the old sage will suggest they need to merge cos S2 needs S1's spirit while S1 needs S2's body. It makes sense somehow if that's how this will turn out.
  6. Oh yeah! So, it's a temporary thing which makes me think now that maybe it was really S2 MLC who actually rescued S2 QXT cos I doubt S1 MLC would endanger S2 QXT if he's not feeling 100% cos that could get them both killed. And that rescue kiss could be the first kiss between S2 MLC and S2 QXT. Hmmm...
  7. I wonder now, how the two MLCs will merge given that S1 MLC has just been "healed" by S2 MLC. Darn, we need them to release a new MV so we can have spoilers for the later episodes.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks the two guys switched clothes? The one in blue is S1 MLC cos of the way he smiles and he's more "naughty" while the other in gray is S2 MLC cos he's always so serious. Love the nuanced acting to differentiate between the two same characters.
  9. OMG! It's 1.9 Billion views now. I predict by tomorrow show will hopefully get 2 Billion views!
  10. It's heartbreaking but I believe it's a good sign the plot is moving in the right direction...that S1 MLC realizes he doesn't belong to that timeline and because of that he will soon cease to exist (vanish) ... At hindsight, S1 MLC is kind of like the S1 MYH in this scenario who broke shy Tan'er's heart in S1 and so this pushes the development between S2 MLC & S2 QXT just like when brokenhearted shy Tan'er took a back seat and let S1QXT to freely fall in love with S1 MLC...
  11. Yes, I'm with S1/S2 MLC merging as long as S1/S2 QXT also merges. I think the orb will come into play when they get it and it will help them find S1 QXT spirit and merge her with S2 QXT's body and when this process has been completed the physical body of S1 MLC will cease to exist since S1 MLC's spirit will merge with S2 MLC. I think that in this timeline/reality, S1 QXT's spirit is trapped but it is trapped in this reality's Dongyue. Once S2 QXT possess the orb, S1 QXT's spirit will merge with S2 QXT's body just like S1 MLC's spirit will merge withe S2 MLC's body cos after all they are connected by life-death bond and that connection I believe is not just the physical but both body and soul.
  12. Yes! Cos for the drama to truly embody eternal love, the original versions of the OTP must be together. It's like they will find each other in whatever dimension or timeline and they will see how their other versions fall in love with one another again (S2 MLC with S2 XT). Honestly, if not for S1 MLC, S2 XT would've already been half in love with S2 MLC by now. I'm really really crossing my fingers that S1 MLC realize that this version of XT isn't his that his own XT is waiting for him somewhere and he needs the orb so they can find/summon her. Cos that's the only purpose of the orb I can see for this season. And if they do then they can merge S1/S2 MLC and S1/S2 XT into one however magically possible that will be. Then both get sucked into whatever dimension again (for S3) but this time it will be different, XT will be a princess and MLC will be his servant and they bicker and fall in love all over again! That's my head canon.
  13. OMG! I wonder now, how they will end this? Or if they had the foresight and maybe filmed 2 sets of finale like one if it's going to be the end and another one if they're actually going to pull off a trilogy....which brings me back now to hoping that at the latter half S1 MLC realizes that past S2 XT is not his S1 XT so he will give way to S2 MLC to woo S2 XT. Then the two MLCs work together to get the orb so it can help magically bring back S1 XT cos after all S1 MLC and S1 XT have a life-death bond and I assume this extends to their souls. So maybe the orb can summon S1 XT and maybe it will end there... and S3 will continue from there?
  14. I don't think she will remember unless by some magical means cos this isn't S1 QXT. She doesn't have S1 QXT's memories so she will not remember anything. I'm probably the few ones who is rooting for past MLC and past QXT to end up together. Future MLC has a life-death bond with future QXT so if future MLC isn't dead yet that means future QXT is still alive somewhere probably in a different timeline in a different dimension which I think is where the soul orb comes into play. Maybe it can summon future QXT and the two MLCs can work together to obtain it so that past QXT can freely/naturally fall in love with past MLC and future MLC can get to future QXT where ever she maybe. Note that the life-death bond future MLC has isn't with this version of QXT but future QXT. I hope they don't forget that. The magical life-death bond done was between S1 QXT and S1 MLC.
  15. Maybe what the voice over meant here was the foreign princess recognized MLC was a prince and Liu Shang was in a disguise but she doesn't know Liu Shang's original identity? It's not like everyone knows that MLC is a prince unless probably if that person is from Dongyue but a foreign princess recognizing MLC as a prince means she knows how to appraise a person thereby also recognizing that Liu Shang is in a disguise but wouldn't know who exactly was Liu Shang's original identity.
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