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  1. Hahaha! Specky wanted a neat and quiet funeral... But we were served with a bazooka and machine guns. How on earth is this neat and quiet? Hahahaha And yes..they should have all died. The car wasn't even bulletproof. I noticed several funny moments like an assassin got shot on his bulletproof vest and bled out. Also Kim Woo Gi was shot from behind, but his wound was in front. Hahahahahahahaha! Logic out of the window with this one. But it was entertaining no doubt. Better than then the cheesetastic high 5 scene. @bebebisous33 my interpretation of the library scene was he was using reverse psychology on her. Which worked. But he's also aware that she can easily be silenced like what happened after the reveal. She was told to keep quiet by Min and pretend as if nothing happened and she did keep quiet. KTW just sat there knowing he'll take the blame and even said he did it. Unlike many...I don't see KTW liking or caring or being protective of Haeri. As of ep 8 KTW doesn't seem to care for her more than he should. He treats her just like a colleague and at times as an outsider. Thanks for the roman empire comparison, it was an interesting read
  2. @bebebisous33 is it the conversation at the prison? At first I thought he was doubting her abilities in ep 7...but when he said this in ep 8, I think he never questioned her abilities but had issues with her attitude. And thinking about it...you're right...KTW does follow orders well, he disputes but he still does it. Maybe that's his beef with Haeri, she keeps breaking rules. Luckily for Haeri, her rule breaking worked in her favour and no one got killed or gravely injured. Uuu...so you suspect that the plane crash is orchestrated for the better good? Killing a group of people to right a corrupted system and save lives of many others in the future. Very interesting and I like it, it's a very skewed way of thinking what is right and what is wrong ala Robin Hood haha. Who do you think is the evil/good mastermind?
  3. I missed the part where he said he wanted to test her if he could trust her. In which ep did it happen? Huhu KTW has shown that he was against NIS covering up the plane crash. He had an elaborate plan to allow Haeri to get the pendrive and he also had a recording of his conversation with Haeri and sent it to a politician(?) to spread it out. So in some sense, he was disobeying his superior's instructions to cover up the case. But at the same time I do think he wired himself to go by the book and right procedures after he lost his partner due to a small rule violation. (His loss in ep 8 is worse. He lost his whole team. May he be able to recover when reality sinks in later. Poor team lead Ki) I don't think his belief in trust is for agents to faithfully follow orders and never question superiors....since he questions his superiors too and he orchastrated the whole audio recording library scene. From the way I see it, he doesn't trust Hae Ri at all but he also never gave a chance for her to fit in. He disagreed with the idea of babysitting a flamboyant rookie agent who is a bad drunk and in general hard to control. And it reflects on how he treats her. The problem is...Hae Ri has shown she is untrustworthy agent so far. She is a blabbermouth and reveals secrets to a civilian. I kinda understand KTW's apprehension to both Hae Ri and Dal Gun. They are too enthusiastic in situations that are gravely dangerous and both (mostly Haeri) are breaking rules. KTW is already doubting NIS, he even wanted to quit. This Morocco case might break his loyalty to NIS. On the other hand....I secretly want KTW to go dark and be an agent with a painkiller addiction instead hahaha.
  4. Lolol. I'm just letting this show go bonkers now....the logic is beyone saving . After ep 8, I conclude that my level of excitement correlates with Ki Tae Woong's characterization. He was disrespectful in ep 7 and I found that ep a bore. But he redeemed himself in ep 8 and I enjoyed the over the top action. Hahaha! Anyways...I think Dalgun needs to control his anger. He is always angry and shouting. He has no respect to rules and regulations. It's getting tiring seeing him always being on edge.
  5. Hahaha! I laughed through out. It was just hilarious and so OTT. So to be a real special agent one needs to know how to do surgery? Brownie points for Ki Tae Woong for this exciting fireball! (Sorry to the environment) And I want these two to meet up! Rock Lily!!! @lollyminx the high 5 scene ruined the ost to me. I associate the ost to Hoon-Dalgun memories but now it is a super cheesy high 5 scene. Gahhhh
  6. Lol! The surgery scene was hilarious. It was so over the top and I'm no doctor but I think it could possibly be very medically inaccurate. Hahahaha! Dalgun: he's (KTW) gonna operate?! Haeri: he can do it. He's a real special agent. Me: pfttttt...ROFL!!!!
  7. I bring ratings! 7.2% 8.8% and 10.1%. Slight decrease. I'm currently half way through ep 8 and I think it is more exciting than ep 7.
  8. Yeah ep 7 was lackluster only the ending was exciting. I watche Ep 8 raw clips and it was quite an adrenaline rush. Over the top as usual but so much action happening. Also I think my KTW drug theory is wrong. Heh! All hail Lily and her team!! Finally the assassins are doing their job. Haha!
  9. Are they planning to make Ki Tae Woong a drug addict? And the painkillers were given by Kang...I'm very suspicious of Kang. I still think he's the real M.
  10. Ki Tae Woong and Dalgun will have the infamous kdrama wrist grab moment in ep 8 Hahahaha!
  11. Yeah. Dalgun bones are reinforced with steel. I'm afraid he might have accumulated internal injuries and drop dead all of a sudden. Hua3 Yeah. I wish KTW wasn't made to be disrespectful and treat his unexperienced juniors like that. With that said, I still think Haeri is unprofessional. But Haeri's and Dalgun's partnership drive the drama. So I can't say anything much about it. Just please don't make KTW totally unlikeable. *sigh*
  12. I bring ratings~ not sure if increased or not. But yay for maintaining the avg numbers. Ratings for ep 7: 7.5%, 9.5%, 11.4% Dang it Ki Tae Woong!!! I'm still peeved. *waves fist at writernims for making him unlikable* urgh!
  13. I think Kang is shadow. I don't trust him. I agree. He showed so little respect to a point I regreted asking for more screentime. I want more screentime for KTW, not more time for him to be disrespectful. I really want to like him, since I like SSR (it's a package lol!!). But it's hard to like the character after the level of mistrust he shown to colleagues of lesser experience. To me it didn't look like he cared for her safety all that much, he was annoyed getting a basicly rogue and rookie agent under his wings and it translates to how he treats the person that might possibly jeorpadize his mission. Seriously Haeri had a point with the bottle guy. A good point at that. Tsk3 Which makes me go: why writernim why?! His character description was cool and righteous whatevs. Sob3. Also me: Writernims like to make it difficult for me to like SSR's drama characters, his recent characters have issues from psycho with a shotgun, to cray2 flipflop emperor, I adore fashion designer Yido though, he's the best..I'm gonna watch Perfume clips to cleanse KTW's image haha! I'm sad. I'm burnt out after disliking Harip (Jung Kyung Ho) in When the Devil Calls Your Name and was hoping I can like KTW and root for him to defeat all corruption. But nope. He's bad too. Not Harip level bad yet, but still....writernim made KTW unlikable in an instant and even I can't deny that. I just want to like his character, the pairings is of less importance to me, this was always a Haeri Dalgun drama......just make KTW likable. Gahhhhhh *huge sigh* And the preview for ep 8 is not making it any better, he wrecked some equipment....not cool. *more sighs*
  14. Hahaha! She has 9 more episodes to show more brainwork and be believed by someone other than Dalgun. She showed hope for more brainpower in ep 7. Also.....Haeri has good hair but if she can tie it up and look more professional, maybe that's a good start. Kekekeke. Wooooo!!! Ep 8 preview. Explosions and guns!!!
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