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  1. Well even Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had to separate and Elizabeth reject Mr. Darcy to give them time for self reflection and growth - for Darcy as in HG's case to get off their high horse expecting their girl to fall for their looks and background without more effort just because they are a good catch while for Elizabeth and HN ... time to learn more about themselves ... learning to love themselves and knowing their self worth, particularly HN as she has been down trodden for awhile unable to find a regular job and now only starting to grow to be confident in herself ... also this process may not be complete until she also knows the truth .... that she is SJ ... Know thyself .... the most common theme in all love stories ... in simple words love is not a matter of finding the right person but being the right person ... when HG and HN reunite after completing their process of self knowledge they will be more complete and self assured persons which will make their bond strong. And they also have to know more about each other ... HG does not know HN's family nor HN, HG'S family ... all that well. Being together now does not make sense ... there is the lie to HG's parents and the secret of HN's true parentage; more importantly, HN clearly does not have feelings for HG yet. The revelation of HN's birth secret may now come to the forefront while HG and HN grow and learn more about themselves ... as it is only when HN accepts her own self be it HN or SJ ... and appreciate her own self worth and love herself can she truly be whole and able to love another person .... the most basic tenet of all classic love stories.
  2. Interesting that despite being written as not that smart ... HN is quite level headed and true to her honest self in her personal relationships ... it seems their lie to HG's parents must be cleared too for her to be comfortable if they are to have a relationship ... HG really has to do more than looking good (to which HN seems immune) and begging for her affections ..... it is quite improbable for HN to fall for HG just like that ... well at least HN did move from being personally indifferent and annoyed to being amusedly distracted by HG.... I think JH will fight for her relationship with JG ... she won't stand losing her man after losing her daughter ...
  3. I think that's where the writer failed in establishing the antagonist, JE's character ... it seems there is a disconnect between her rational and pleasant side at the beginning with her hatred for HN/SJ stemming from mere childhood jealousy which most people grow out of ... She liked HN as HN but did a complete 360 degrees when she found out HN is SJ ... I would like to think that the writer did research on such personality disorders and such mental illness exists and not merely used as a convenient plot device imbuing the antagonist with a mean streak out of nowhere to suit the story's requirements. The only natural conclusion for JE is to have this mental illness treated or end up in the looney bin. So yes built in redemption for JE is to say she only did what she did due to her mental illness which her mother should have noticed in the first place and help her seek psychiatric help. Her mother, SH's inferiority complex and hatred for her sister JH is more understandable as she is still treated badly by her mother always comparing her to her more smart and successful sister which has probably made her unable to progress and mature and lack confidence so she is reliant on others.... first her husband, and when his business failed, on her sister. She sincerely wanted her sister to be happy but rather than be prompted to get medical help for JE she was easily swayed by her daughter's threat of suicide which she should have considered as a probable sign of mental illness. Then again the writer has her character as "not smart". The conflicts set up by the writer does not seem to be organic to the personalities and situations involved so it comes off forced and manufactured. The main attraction is really the developing relationship between HN and HG but the convoluted plot between DG-JE /JG-JH set up by the writer which will seem to lead to the discovery that HN is SJ does not allow HN and HG's story to be center front. Hope the writer has better twists in his/her arsenal in regards to how HN falls for HG as HN is 100 % convinced she does not like HG at all now.
  4. Odd that sympathies are for HG and against HN here ... in other comment sections there is one poster strongly against HG for HN ... her comment : "Stalking, intimidation, forced kiss, and emotional blackmail... HG is an example of how NOT to pursue a woman. Plus she depends on him so it's basically a #metoo situation." Not far off from the truth but too strong for a light rom com situation where the adage usually is ..."all is fair in love and war" hence the extreme situations. HN may exactly feel the way that poster wrote .... she was never infatuated with HG ... in fact the opposite. ... so her falling for HG suddenly is what would be odd ... this guy got her fired from her job without giving her a chance to explain .... just because she's being chased by someone out of her league doesn't mean she has to reciprocate when her past experience with him has mostly never been pleasant and HN has more character than to fall for good looks only ... at the very least she is now aware of his feelings but something more has to happen to sway her feelings the other way ... As far as their professional relationship goes I would say she is HG's client just as SJ Boutique is JE's client .. just because HN apparel is a start up company does not make them less of a client than SJ Boutique and they have established a strong record of sales for their products ... HG needs strong suppliers/ clients just as HN Apparel needs supportive MDs to guide them in selling via TV. HN's "rude" responses are to unwanted advances which are outside their professional relationship. After completing their blouse project maybe HN expects it is for HN to submit new products for approval so HG contacting her is probably too soon for her in light of his confession. And the treatment in the drama of this "courtship" has been light hearted and comedic so it is interesting it is getting such strong serious reactions. It is understandable that many want HG and HN get together sooner than later as it is their chemistry that makes this watchable but the writer has to work within the frame of the plot they laid out. Sadly they have the balance somewhat wrong as the other characters are so repulsive that viewers only want to watch HG HN scenes.
  5. It is up to the writer's skill and ingenuity to come up with clever twists that does not resort to violence and obvious cliches ..... hope the writer passes this test ....
  6. My Korean is limited but it seems they are talking about one sided or unrequited love rather than first love during their dinner ? As to what is love .... well how much time do we have .... suffice it to say that at this stage there is no love for HG on HN's side ... "at this stage" being the operative word .... and getting there is what makes the story interesting ... usually dramas fizzle off once the main leads get together as the story shifts focus on other characters and the main couple becomes side attractions ... While Couples may usually start with physical attraction, HG and HN started off on the wrong foot with their initial encounters and although HN acknowledges HG's good looks she says he knows he looks good and therefore full of himself .... coupled with the mom's high demands and HG's keeping her at arms length in denial of his feelings and hiding them it is no wonder HN is not in the least romantically interested in HG ... the writer set this up so well that I hope she/he also has interesting and logical twists on how we get to HN eventually falling in love with HG ... as the palpable chemistry between the main leads is making everyone want them to be together soon ... but as the saying goes the thrill is in the hunting (courtship) ... so it's best to sit back and let the story unfold between HN and HG ... however impatient we are to see them together ...
  7. In HN's case though, her past experience of failure and rejection and being unable to get a full time job has given her an inferiority complex where she will not consciously set herself up for failure by having unreasonable expectations so she would have "colleague zoned" HG knowing there is no chance of a romantic relationship between them ... she limited her romantic aspirations to those already close to her who she is comfortable with and accepting of her background ... HG has not really shown his feelings to HN except for the the "stress" symptoms which she associates with his injury. HG's efforts to help her are appreciated but she also thinks he is also doing so due to his stubborn streak not to give up on what he has started and to save his own position too as JE keeps stressing that HG is in trouble at work for helping her ... there is no indication to HN that HG is doing what he is doing purely because of her ... to her, his appreciation of her is no more than of a work partner which is consistent with what HG has said of her and HG's treatment of her so far ... I don't think HN would make any effort in developing a more intimate relationship with HG as she has 0 romantic expectations with HG. She would therefore not interpret any of HG's actions as romantic interest in her.
  8. Far from being dense or clueless HN is just being realistic ... in her mind she is not qualified to be HG's gf nor is she interested to be his gf after knowing the high expectations of HG's mother of HG's prospective partner ... and HG told her after their fake date he was not interested in dating or getting married at all ... She will therefore not read anything in HG's actions as being interested in her unless HG directly expresses his feelings to her .... so it does not seem fair to blame HN to not have any interest in HG at this stage.
  9. I think HG is good at this because he did tell HN he does not intend to marry (can't remember if he also said not date) after their fake date as HN said she pities the girl who marries him because of his mother's high expectations. So any development on HG HN relationship may have to start from HN's side which may take some more time given HN's infatuation with DG ....
  10. This post by meoooooowwww provides a link to the Instagram account of the actor playing HG or his fan where clips of all HG and HN moments in each episode are posted almost at the same time or right after airing of the current episode... I think at least for the latest episodes as I didn't check all the earlier posts
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