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  1. Definitely I will have a kdrama slump after this... although its late here is my top 10 scene and definitely a long post because there are things that I wish it happened in the series 


    1. The kissing scene in the sea (Episode 11).- cinematography, dialogue, and the kissing part are well executed (To all PDnims of kdrama that's the kind of kiss that the viewers want!! not a popo or camera trick please learn it from Sehee! ) 


    2. The kissing scene in Jiho's room (episode 13)- This is the first time I felt that I'm intruder to a couple's privacy moment. and the kissing sound is feels like a music to my ear.


    3. Sehee's and Jiho's conversation when he thought its just a dream (episode 16)-  Superb acting from Minki and Somin I feel the longing of both side. Sehee's smile in that is a two thumbs up!


    4. How Sehee tightly holds Jiho's hand after saving her from Boknam (episode 9)- i find his veins on his hand sexy !showing how sehee's dont want to let go of jiho's hand and how unconscious he is that he is still holding jiho's hand when he went to his room.


    5.  From the photo album scene to Sehee's asking Jiho's scene (episode 5)-  After watching that scene, I evaluate how things sometimes I took for granted about my mom and the scene where sehee's asking Jiho's scene is like watching a disney movie ... so fluffy.


    6. Sehee's saying I love You (episode 16)- a simple scene and yet meaningful for me. You don't need to hyperbolize words just those simple words is needed to convey such emotion.  


    7. Suji's Proposal/  Wonseok using MAC OS & Windows to reject BOMI (episode 16)... Coz its  garu for pucca!! miss this cartoon.  How  wisely and nerdy use it and just like Bomi said find it romantic.


    8. Jiho's Tunnel Scene (episode 2)  This scene make me realized that this series is a gem and make me hook..


    9. From how Jiho is looking at  Sehee head over heels to Sehee's new hair (episode 10) - I  like how the camera focus on Jiho and how smitten she is.. how it reminds me of the same feeling seeing your crushed during your high school days.


    10. Avoiding Boknam's bike doing  Matrix scene. (episode 8).... Just like what the doctor and the nurse comment.. What kind of lunatic will do that ? ony Sehee.    


    If there will be Best PPL Scene: 

    The ginseng scene (episode 16)  i find it sweet how sehee put it in jiho's lips and after that how he also sip the same sachet.


    Scene show in preview that not show in the series that I'm curious about:

    The realtor scene during episode 16 preview when the realtor asked what to do on jiho's belongings.  what happen to that scene????


    Wish List or Hope it added in the scene:

    1. Showing Sehee's naked upper body  either a front  camera focus or back camera focus..(Hey don't blame me for 12 years of being a drama fan there is always this kind of scene lol) 


    2. Sexy/intimate/lovemaking scene: There are dramas that released this kind of scene and still applicable for a PG rating how come the PD don't make this kind of scene???  I want justice for this scene !!! As viewers don't blame us if we have wild imagination because were craving for it!!!.


    3. Sweet moment tidbits during 3 years. Rather than showing only that Sehee and Jiho's writing their contract I wish they added some scenes like Sehee and Jiho's sweet moment doing what the couple did on the train in episode 3, or this time instead of the cat its Jiho's turn doing what Jiho mention to their married classmates in episode 9 or another date moment where this time Sehee's not letting go if Jiho's hand. 


    Christmas wish or Wish for Drama Gods: Season 2 with the same cast!!!! coz definitely there will be still alot of topic to be discussed specially now that the 3 couples are married... 


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  2. 4 hours ago, kimnabong said:

    he probably looked it up on his smartphone: how to reduce snoring. lol.


    after reading these last two pages, i'm suddenly realizing that we may have kids in this thread. i can't stop laughing about the orange conversation above. ep15 better give us a fix. :glasses:

    as a soompi member wayway back. age 16 is the youngest age  joining the forum=] i remember everytine in doing a r19 combo i was always scolded by the elders of the thread... or inbox message coming from moderator if the post is  too way r19 i dont know if its still the same rule about r19 posting..:D. beside we just talking oranges... no oranges are harm during our conversation here.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, ahhhjummahhhjo said:

    Okay First Lifer fam. It is 1:09 AM here. I haven't edited this much, so sorry for the mistakes. I’ll edit more in a few hours. I just really wanted to get it done and out of my head. :) 




    To quote something I often hear in the dramas, "Please take care of me." LOL.


    Now, I was going to make it subscribers only but I realize that not everyone would want to go through the pain of creating an account. Anyway, here it is. Let me know if you have any problems with the link. 


    Oh, and yes, I have a different name on the site and I've written about an old ship of mine long ago. :) 


    I had a couple of other scenarios but I don’t know if I’ll be able to write it. We shall see. One involves snake soup, another pandora’s box. Hahahahha. 


    Thanks for the inspiration and the encouragement!

    congrats.. please... another one can i make a request hope it will have "oranges" background :D it reminds me to update my fanfic in that site... or make a fanfic about sehee and jiho :D

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  4. 3 hours ago, chibimidori said:

    Hahahaha.. though i love the pictures i have to low key shipping any actors due to too many ships wreak in my shipping business... hihihihi.. still.. i have to admit, i fall deeply for LMK recently... not only for his acting but also his smiles.. sooo beautiful...

    we can google lee min ki smiles.. and i bet anyone will fall deeper.. hahaha.. and he indeed a really good actor.. i can see various smiles by LMK.. jia you LMK.. fighting even after the end of this drama.. i'll look forward to your other drama.... fighting.. hihihiihi

    hahahaha although  im a kdrama fan for 12 years i only ship  4 kdrama couples... from oxygen couple, song song, swag couple, puppy couple so i guess somehow my intuituon is almost 50 percent correct coz, one got sunk because one couple got married, one already broke up,one is im currently waiting... hahahaa but im not shipping them at the moment hmmmm maybe if there will be lot of offcam pics or jeju pics:D

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  5. 58 minutes ago, camichi said:

     Me too, i want those books in english version. I am going to search in amazon. I madly want those 2 books. 

    let me know if you found an english version of it. 


    i'm in a turnmoil right now...  i don't know if i want to be monday and tuesday already to know the ending of this series or hoping its not.. because definitely after next week my monday will never be the same because its end already.. :cry:


    just curious if the bus kissing scene shot 16 times to capture the best angle....I wonder how many takes is the sea kissing scene and the bed kissing scene??? :blink:

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  6. 16 minutes ago, rembrandtz_5e20 said:

    You know, one of the best PPLs the writer has done in this show is for Korean poetry. A Chinese fan living in Korea says both 'Island' and 'Things that won't change even if you cry' ( The green book featured in Ep14) both went on the Top 20 best seller list in Korea after the show was aired. 


    They always joke in China that watching Kdramas make you brain-handicapped (aka stupid). But this show always make me want to go dig out my old poetry books! 

    no wonder when PD want to buy the book "island" for JSM it was sold out..  honestly if there will be an english version of those 2 books i definitely will search and buy for it, coz currently I'm looking  for the Room 19  in local bookstores here.


    40 minutes ago, sereneandin said:

    perhaps her owner will be included and the owner will bring her there? :tongue:


    but seriously uri woori/kitty/koyangi deserves an award of best cat actress of 2017 lol



    should we make a petition from international fans to the PD and writer to make season 2? :lol:

    honestly i'm also hoping for season 2 with many titles in my mind


    like "this is my firs time to....... "  :D 


    beside the trend right now are all having another season...   


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