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  1. I will misssssss them so muchhhh! A very unique medical drama compared to other plot as they describe about unique Illness. I love it!
  2. We get to enjoy two kisses in the last two episodes. Not too bad as I was expecting nothing but hugs. I always hope that they could have a normal date for 10 mins in the show. But at least I got my happy ending But
  3. Omg, the preview looks like they are officially together! They are proceeding way too fast!
  4. Thats where I earn my money actually by advertising! can someone translate the preview later on? Did Yuri pass away and suspect YH shut off the ventilator? The nurse and prosecutor should stop what they are doing. Just gonna send all the people who have terminal illness and more sucide cases. YH can’t do much to terminal illness. His competent but not god to cure everyone illness. He understands that. He just try his best in helping. I also suspect that the guy who got euthanasia is not done by YH but his mom.
  5. Oh no, the last part where yuri got error and just nice, YH was inside..... another blaming incident on him again. I don’t wish to see him back in prison.
  6. I think most the funniest scene is when SY thought he’s fooling her. I was ROFL..
  7. Thanks for telling me about the SBS air player. It works on my end. Sad to see that YH is struggling at the conference. I hope he didn’t faint and manage to get the presentation across. YH doesn’t seem to have much time left it’s gonna end in a melo way which is kinda sad.
  8. Is there a live streaming that we could watch now ? Anxious about the confession
  9. Oh no, I suspect his brain has some issues from the earlier MRI that he had for the regular checkup. I hope someone can cure him SY please be by his side.
  10. I’m hooked onto this drama and immerse into the relationship between CYH and KSY. I love their chemistry so far and with not much actions said, their eyes speaks their feelings in between. The only thing i hoped is there’s no Melo ending as I’m already on the ship. I’ll be quite sad if they aren’t together in the end.. CYH need someone who could understand him and support him.
  11. This is so far one of the best medical drama I have seen. They portrayed more unique illness and focusing on how to cure the patients and at the same time, making it simple on the medical terms. Very good drama. Thumbs up! The only thing that I’m curious is why the prosecutor hates him so much?
  12. I wonder if CM knows that the princess kill all of MW’s gang? Was he being forced to married so that princess will not harm MW? Was that the exchange and MW misunderstood his feelings and she killed him in the end ?
  13. Let’s get past the topic of DY’s Daughter. I guess the story focus on the couple and the office. I believe off screen, DY definitely will give her Daughter a call and further more, in this episode, we did saw that she marked her calendar to pay a gift for EH and her Daughter on her payday. She does remember but the writer thinks there’s no point to include a 15 seconds phone call. Ultimately I don’t think DY will tell her daughter about the pressure and stress she face at work. I do do believe that DY will introduce EH to her Daughter and they might have met each other already. I’m totally in for the writer to put more screen time with EH and DY. They known each other for more than twenty years and finally they got to reciprocate their feelings. This is hard to come by. im all ready for the rest of the episode with more sweet stuff. Only one thing I don’t understand about the director GO. Over qualified is a good thing rather than under qualified. Why make a big fuss out of it..........
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