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  1. Ok, so it's official...he's the bad vamp. Uhhhhh... I wonder why.coz it took him so long to get a human role as Kim joon. Nevertheless, I hope he ' s gonna own his role and seduce tons.of.fans ..I have faith in

    LS H , for sure he will have more screen presence than Changmin;)

  2. @uhnny oh yeah, I soooo soohyuk deprived, I need to see.him in something soon!!

    I am sure he' s gonna be super beautiful with flowing white hair

    I mean, he even managed to look hot in that animal sweat shirt he wore at the twenty premiere;)

  3. Ok, so LSH posted a pic of what appears to be his Vampire character...so I guess he confirmed that he is going to appear on The Scholar Who Walks in the Night?
    Plus points:1. It is on a major network.2. He gets to work with Lee Junki....OMG the hotness of that visual combination:) As Hoobae though, I think he will be ecstatic working with LJK:)3.  He can do his ultimate vampire role and prove that his acting has gotten better since Vampire Idol.4. Can't be denied, but LSH is vampiric:) Like, suck me now...pleazzeee.  OK, he has graduated from hammer oppa^^5.  He can potentially seduce more fans by being his ethereal smexy self
    Minus points1. He said himself he wanted to be viewed as "human". But his last SBS interview sort of hinted that he is ok --coz he needs exposure.2. The gains of play "human" Kim Joon might be washed away and he is stuck again with stereotypical non-human roles:(3. Changmin4. He doesn't appear to be even second lead here:(5. The drama might bomb big time 

    Anyway, I am LSH-deprived and NEED to see him soon:)

  4. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTMxNDc0OTgw.html
    Part of the Model-Actor Trend of SBS' One Night TV
    He smiles a lot here:)

    Addressing Chinese fans for his Shanghai FM
    Komago, 2015  Japan 
    Too sad that his Thailand fan meeting got cancelled:(

  5. Soohyuk has been so busy lately^^

    Quick report on his Japan trip.

    He sang. That was stressful for him coz he doesn't even sing in front of friends.

    He gave candy to fans who were on the train with him.

    The impression of those who saw.him

    ..beautiful, cool, stylish, tall,gentle

    smile, a bit shy, kind, deep voice, pure male.

    Even those who.didnt know him thought that he will break out soon.they appear to know him in relation to gd and shark.

    One interesting thing is that they address him as Soohyuk sama. I guess it is his aura;)

  6. He has been updating a lot on IG.  love the one where he's recording a song for his FMs. Looking forward to hearing him sing.

    Proof that VL really made an impact with a whole lot of people, here's his international sched.

    March 22 : Hongkong "Rising Star of Asia Award"

    April  5: Japan "Korea Japan Friendship Event"

    April 18: Thailand Fan Meeting

    May 9: Shanghai Fan Meeting

  7. It has been crazy at work, but this video made my day:) He also posted on IG. Hot Blind Reason campaign pics too.
    His Japanese is not bad at all^^  will translate later in more detail from the japanese subs. But basically, he's saying he's honored to be the rep this year and saying hi to all Japanese fans. I literally shrieked in joy at the end of this video^^ Thanks for the feel-good-feels Soo hyukkie or is it Soo hyuk-ah or Chagi^^

    PS: Just looking at him makes me wanna workout^^

  8. OMG! LSH posted 3 pics since yesterday, two of which are pictures of his gorgeous self:) eeeekkkk, no time to update here until  the weekend. But I am just flailing' and so happy to be alive to witness his IGs:) Life is LSH, Love is LSH^^

  9. He posted in ENGLISH :)  IDK, was he sad that it was his last day in Hawaii? Or was he feeling trendy in monochrome???  
    The greatest thing about his recent flurry of activity on instagram is that it feels that he is responding to his growing legion of fans^^




  10. Also Chinese fans took pics of him in Hawaii. 

    On another page on soompi...IDK, I think it is ok to post here, right? 

    will be featured in the March edition of Elle magazine through a pictorial and interview. He talks about his aspirations for his acting career and how his body is different from his modeling days.

    While he began his career as a model. Lee Soo Hyuk is now acting in television and films. His body has changed significantly from his modeling days, as he has gained weight and has put on some muscle. Regarding this change, he shares, “Gaining weight can make me look more ordinary, and I think that will give me more opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

    Lee Soo Hyuk is enjoying a growing presence as an actor and recently wrapped up his role as carpenter Kim Joon in tvN’s “Valid Love.” In “Valid Love,” he played a character who is in love with a married woman. It could have been a character who was easy to hate, but he was able to portray the character sympathetically.

    He describes the hard-work he put into the character of Kim Joon. “Out of all my previous works, I had the most scenes in this project. As he was a character with deep emotions, I had to be focused so it was difficult at times.”

    He says that he’s known what direction he wants to go in life but was never ambitious about the rate at which he was going. However, he is now becoming more ambitious. “I’ve developed a greed and even impatience now. As I experience good results, I have confidence in and enjoy my work. I want to keep doing it.”

  11. 2.23.2015 He uploaded this on his IG, which is from March ELLE 2015

    Then on 2.24. 2015, Korean news portals came out with News about him, the picture below was used on one of the articles. I used google translate. I think most were waxing poetic about LSH being Kim Joon. The other one was announcing that he is the special guest for this year's Japan-Korea Friendship Festival which will be held in Shibuya Hall, Tokyo on April 5. This news made me squee^^...this is HUGE, other actors that were previously invited to this event were Kim Nam Gil, Jung Ilwoo, and Ji Chang Wook.  I totally love this news because this means that LSH will now appear in Japanese Korean Hallyu fanmags which I can read:)

    Then these came out...the first pics of LSH and KYK in Hawaii:) Prays for the abs shots to come out soon!!!!B-mRWVTUcAANZHh_zpso6iwju6f.jpg

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