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    i think u need to calm down , b4 anything , each person is entitled to their own opinion , if yeni doesnt feel or see the things that u do , it is not her fault , who said if this is a 2pm's thread then u can only love everything that 2pm do ???

    there r things called constructive critism , u take it or leave it , we dont owe to the boys to love every performance they do
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    fans doesnt always have to see everything that idols do as right , but fans r the ones sticking there even through the wrongs cuz they understand n r willing to give idols room to improve , it doesnt mean that if we dont like one of their perf then we become antis
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    n why the spotlight last year was on Jay ?? bcuz he ripped his shirt ?? well Taec ripped too ,i think it's time to face the truth here , Jay is the one that has the best stage presence in the group , whether u love him or not , it is a fact that u cant deny , if the others has the same thing that Jay has , i dont see any problem why cant the spotlight be on them , if they've got the skill , there r always chances to show it , problem is they have or not
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i dont want to argue so if u've got problems wif me , feel free to pm
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    @edit : n about Taec getting all the hate , u gotta know hate comes wif fame , n honestly i dont see anyone in the group besides taec getting the hate , so why ?? if there's no fire how can there be smoke , if Taec wasnt the one who tick fans off esp during this sensitive time , if he would just stay quite n lay low , would he get all that kind of hate ??






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    You're right. Hate comes with fame. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But what's more depressing is that all this HATE is evoked amongst HOTTEST themselves. For those who compared it to the Jae incident...that really got me thinking.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    In Jae's case, it was those ANTIs and NETIZENs who were trying to bring him down , who bashed on him.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    In this case, it's even SADDER because it's HOTTESTS themselves, FANS OF 2PM...who are bashing on another member of 2PM.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I really had to point out the fact that you actually claimed that Taec 'ticked fans off'? I REALLY doubt he did anything to PURPOSELY richard simmons fans off. It's just that everyone's not used to what he's doing...I agree. As a huge TAEC fan myself, I'm not used to Taec's performance with all the shirt stripped and all...I miss the dorky fashion terrorist Taec too. But I find it extremely funny how you're claiming that Jay is the only one with the 'best stage presence'. Technically, aren't you just putting down everyone ELSE in 2PM? I just find your comment extremely contradicting, and just really unfair to Taec.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As 2PM fans, shouldn't we learn to like and appreciative of each and everyone of the members? All 7 of them. Sure, maybe everyone will have their favourites, but don't start bashing on one member. Because as Wooyoung said, 2PM is not 7 members, they are ONE. Clearly, bashing on one means you're bashing on the whole of 2PM. And also, at this time of need, when 2PM is still missing Jae, shouldn't all HOTTEST unite and hope that 2PM will be a whole again? And not bash on other members of 2PM?

    To keep the peace on this forum, I suggest we make our stance but practise tolerance for those whose views do differ from your own. Just as some of you are feeling overly emotional about criticisms to 2PM's latest activities, outbursts, imaging and perceptions and want to move on from the 7 member 2PM and might also find the rants about bringing Jay back as old, please also respect that there's many of us that still feels deeply attached to 7=1 concept and could miscontrue the moving on by some fans to be an utmost betrayal as well.

    Its a forum. Its a discussion about 2PM. Good and bad, we should learn to be tolerant. Let's not curtail the opinions of others by calling them anti-fans, thats not cool at all. Hypocrisy can be based on many definitions, its just a matter of an opinion and the angle which you are seeing things from.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I totally agree. Everyone has their own stance...but I feel that many people are going overboard with their stance. With all the criticism directed towards Taec recently...and knowing that Taec is a computer lurker...we never know. Maybe he's reading all these comments right now. How would he feel? He's just doing his job as a performer. Yes, maybe a bit different from his image before, but does he deserve all this criticism? Has he done anything to offend Jae? No. So seriously, can't we all just get along and be supportive of 2PM at this time?






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's so sad to come into the 2PM thread...hoping to read news and see new cute pictures of 2PM and yet these discussions are all over the place, people bashing here and there.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Wow, Leadjaaaa look what you've done! Hahaha :P
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Now no one can deny that Jae isn't worth our attention, just look how the 2PM thread transformed into a heavily TEXT based thread! hahahaha
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Truthfully, I was hoping to come into the thread to look at some new pictures of our boys, but clearly all I can see is texts...
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I can see that there has been ALOT of discussion regarding Jae's return or withdrawal - some people will argue this, others argue that. It's never going to end. And it's IMPOSSIBLE to get all Hottests onto ONE side, everyone sees the situation differently.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Boycott or NOT, at the end of the day...everyone is just waiting for the settlement of Jae's situation. Is he withdrawing? Is he going to stay? I'm desperately waiting for the answer too. Honestly, for those who say we should support Jae in every single way...call me selfish, but I don't think I will be able to accept the fact that Jae will debut as a SOLO artist, or any other form...outside of 2PM. I wouldn't want to see Jae apart from 2PM. He's forever the leadja.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    That's why it's just DISRESPECTFUL for people to come into this thread and tell us to FORGET about JAE? Who are you to tell us what to do? If you're not here for the sole intention to wish the best for 2PM and Jae, then stop wasting your time in here.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    No one can EVER forget the fact that Jae is 2PM's leader.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    No hottest fan will tell you that we will just forget about Jae and his funny choppy Korean.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    If you don't agree with the boycott, then DON'T agree with it, no one is FORCING you to do anything.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    If you don't agree with fans supporting a 6-membered 2PM, then don't.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Either way, I'm sure as Hottests fans...all we really want is Jae to be happy. While we're all upset and worried about his status in regards to 2PM, I'm sure Jae himself is thinking through some tough decisions he has to make.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's just really sad to know that even if Jae DOES return, the amount of crap he had to endure during those 4 days were harsh. Practically the entire nation is pointing fingers at you for something you wrote online. Frigging years ago. No one will understand how Jae himself endured it, so stop hurting him even more. Also, after all this time, even upon his possible return, I'm sure that the interaction between him and the members will be more or less different. I can't help but think that even when Jae returns on TV, he will be more self-conscious of what he can do/say. :(
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss the crazy dorkable Leadja...
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I just cannot wait till the day 2PM is united again.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Please don't make us wait TOO long, it's been a while.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    We miss Jae's cute lil face :(
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ^Exactly what I was thinking...
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    That shirt has got to go, it looks like they randomly spray-painted it. =S
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I kept on starring at Hwanhee's knee :( Whenever he moved, I was so scared it would be painful for him! <3

































    Who are you to tell us how we should deal with our artists? Of course there's not much talking about the incident in the suju thread, Kangin commited a crime. How can you defend that?

    With the exception of some, I would say Hottests has been relatively calm. All that's been going on are the flash mobs which I for one think is very cute and professional. And besides, I'm pretty sure if any other group lost not only just a member, but their LEADER there would be craziness going on amongst the fans. But since a month has passed, everything really has settled down..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The 2PM thread has got to stop going on the 2nd page T_T It makes me soo sad
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Compare to what happened on 8th September, we calm down a lot. If Hottests don't have discipline, the silent protest in front of JYPE. Building might turn to something violent. You might notice that although KangIn is facing almost the same problem with the antis but we don't talk about that in this thread cause we respect the rules. Please don't compare a fanclub with the other fanclub. The two artists have two different problems and of course the way we act is different too. I know that it is wrong for leaving comments in the Massive Monkey clip but I hope you understand their feelings whenever they see Jay. With the power of Internet nowadays, it's hard to control the information, you know? :)

    I don't mean to bashing you, just wanna share my oppinion so that you can understand :) .
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    the BIG DIFFERENCE is that: we have heard nothing from JYPE. everything is confusing and misleading. so how do we react to that? we HOTTESTS are also lost. we have no idea of 2Pm's future, jay's and everything. HOTTESTS are fighting for Jay, 2PM because JYPE have not yet released official statement , whereas the suju guy's crisis deals with law. so are you gonna go against the law?

    and please, don't judge the hottests because you don't know the whole story. even us are torn.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i am very much thankful for having fellow fans (HOTTESTS), Khottests, Ihottests, the UNDERGROUND and The MOMS, who are in this fight. i still find all these projects sweet and civilized.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    and about this YT comments, *sigh* fans from other groups do it the same way and there's no prevention to it. it's not just the HOTTESTS but ALL































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I agree with ALL of you!































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm a usual silent lurker in this thread, but I felt like I had to comment...































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It seems like people are starting to compare Suju's member with our Jaebum...It's a totally different story!































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Each and everyone of the Hottest have the right to express the way they feel towards Jaebum's leave - Obviously, at the end of the day...we all just want him BACK.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's been more than a month since he has left, and yet we're still clueless about his future and 2PM's.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    This article, that article - Some say he wants to come back, then some says he doesn't. Some say JYP is going to talk with him and bring him back, some say otherwise.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As 2PMs fans, ALL we're longing for is to see 2PM on stage all together again. 7 members.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I cannot explain how heartbroken I was when I watched 2PM perform without Jae, it was like a puzzle, missing it's last piece.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I have been so touched by all the hard work Hottests have devoted into, from flash mobs, to slideshows, to composing a song.














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Everyone's merely striving for what they really want, and it's to have Jae back.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Clearly, when it comes to 2PM...we can't just sit here and wait. We have to do something about it if we don't want time to stop at 1:59PM.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm not that surprised cause whenever I see Taemin on shows and such, he does seem like someone who would get bullied cause he seems vulnerable and he's not really the type that would shout back or anything. :(
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Poor Taemin, he's so innocent :( Those bullies should back off and what has he ever done to them?! Just because he's a celebrity now...I bet they're all jealous!
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Wow, it's SO OBVIOUS he did something to his nose!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ahhhhhh, whyyyyyy?!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    He looked PERFECTLY fine before!
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ^YES YES YES!!!!!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I always thought GHS looked mixed!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I don't know why but I totally cracked up at the Lee Min Ho looks mixed post HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i will so watch this for ROBI!! <3

































    Hwanhee does indeed have one older brother. I can't remember what he does but I think I have a photo of them together. I'll post it up when I find it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    AH!!!!!!!! REALLY??!!!!!!!!!!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    :blush: Somehow I think his house "shrunk".








































































































































































































    His new crib appears smaller as compared to when he was doing Happy Shares.
















































































































































































































    (but... I don't mind hanging out at his home anytime! :sweatingbullets: )































































































































































































































































































































































































































    OMG! Same thoughts HERE!!































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Before I watched this episode, I was already thinking...'Hmm I wonder if Hwanhee moved houses!'































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The kitchen seems relatively the same, but the rest DOES seem like it has changed.































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I think he did move, because in Happy Shares, his room seemed bigger and his bed was positioned differently.































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I remember his bed was really nice with all the blankets and drawers on the side, but now it seems empty! Hahahahah :P































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The picture hanging behind sofa in Happy Shares was much bigger than the one he has now.































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But ahhh well, I REEEEEEALLY wouldn't mind hanging at his house too! :)































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As long as theres Hwanhee, anything is good :)

    I was wondering whether anyone knows much about Hwany and his family. :unsure:

    Example, does he has a sibling or only child? I wanted to get to know him a little better... :P































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I remember reading somewhere that he does have an older brother. I really want to see a pic of him!! Lol








































































































































































































































    I guess in Korea it is a big deal?
















































































































































































































    But seriously, if you hadn't pointed it out...I wouldn't have WHOA thats so bad or anything...
























































    MOCOMICHI <333333333333333333








































    but dang, my feelings for him has sort of diverted to yamapi AHAHAH!




















    but still, moco is so GOOD LOOKING.





  13. hell no..., i have the cable here in ma house and was watching the show just now, but only the ending......, oh no...., should go back watch the channel again and hope they have the encore :(

    Hmm, look out for reruns of the show - Chae Yeon only appeared for a few minutes individually on stage with Jackie Chan (refer to the link bulgogi88 posted) and in the end, she was on TV for quite a few times! Keep your eyes out for Jackie Chan cause she was standing RIGHT behind him, on his RIGHT - she was standing next to Jaycee, Jackie's son!

    Apparently 20+ fans went to the airport to pick her up!




























    ^I'm pretty sure he has not done any surgery RECENTLY. The only time he admitted to surgery was approximately last year, approximately May/June, in yashimmanman. He admitted to double eyelids & nose surgery.




















    Anyways, chabori , those caps made me squeal like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!! HIS EXPRESSIONS ARE PRICELESS. SO FREAKING ADORABLE <3!