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  1. Hi, 3017 friends!! I'm still missing everything... and so happy our lead actors received awards last night! https://www.soompi.com/article/1244843wpp/winners-2018-apan-star-awards I love YSJ's real laugh!! It's his super cute open-mouthed laughs like this one here hehe... Anyways, it's time to the check out everything tagged 2018 APAN Star Awards!
  2. Aww, I love this thought! Even though there isn't an episode this Monday, Chan is out there making ripples as he practices rowing with gold at the next olympics as his goal, SR is working hard through her classes and has taken on a part time job teaching violin basics to kids, Jennifer's restaurant was recognized in an established food journal, WJ got a new haircut lol... Happy Chuseok, everyone! Since it will be a full moon tonight, you can bet I'll be raising my hand up to make our iconic bunny moon gesture!! That way I can capture a wish (which might be of meeting my own Mr. Gong? Who knows, haha).
  3. I hope everyone is resting and enjoying chuseok with family!! And then after break hopefully we will have some interviews with our beloved cast? I'm still smiling like a crazy person at random parts of the day just thinking about everything and watching random clips...
  4. @thistle I find it really interesting that we feel at peace and fulfilled! Definitely a first for me as well. @dftio Oo! I hope you get to visit the overpass bridge!! That would be so fun. @anjuliet Ohhh, that's the song! Haha. I'm also thinking about what to watch next... have a few in mind, but not sure yet. Since 3017 is in my top 3 dramas of all time now, I plan to rewatch it from the beginning again too. But I think I want to wait a little longer, so I can let it fade a bit and fall in love with it all over again!! @meechuttso Thank you for the AHS article!!! His instagram post was so cute but he deleted it? Enjoyed listening to this on my drive home from work today! My commute is about half an hour so it serves a perfect soundtrack During the fun ones, I can picture a bunch of silly scenes in my head like WJ with the tiny umbrella over his head hehe. My favorite soft song is "Tangerine Strings." Brings out so many warm and fluttery and tender feelings with the strings and piano melody! " Second fave is "Seventeen Strings"... it's like a drive to the beach, sketching the next stage design, practicing for your next rowing competition, coming home to your family. So lovely! And I keep hearing the bells in "From" and think of the keychain/bike bell sound that connected them I started this show on the first day it aired and only regret that I didn't join you all here sooner!!! But I'll be here for a while yet now~
  5. I love all the these things and agree wholeheartedly! Of the forty plus korean dramas I've watched, this one is in my top three. YES! And with that hilarious dramatic background music that they use every time she struts down the street?! Comedic gold. @dftio and @anjuliet Thank you for your kind words. Glad you could relate to what I shared. Thank you too for all your lovely insights! @sunshine92 Thank you for linking to the classical playlist! So great that this show even brought us more music appreciation. Listening to it now as I’m writing. @Ni Wen OMG I was so giddy about the show ending I didn’t even realize that. You’re right. Some parts from the preview went missing! It’d be unconventional, but I wish that the DVD could include those deleted scenes… Probably result from live shoot plus change in episode count. That being said, I’m so impressed with how writer/PD/actors/editors rolled with the punches and put together such an amazing drama. Also, it sounds nutty, but I love the live shoot dramas so much more than the pre-produced? There’s something about the flaws and the rush that make it more natural. Pre-productions tend to be too glossy and pristine for me. (And I think you apologized for being an overly zealous fan? Haha, please no need to apologize!! I love all your thoughts and comments. I feel like I’m an over zealous fan too haha) @meechuttso Wow, I really appreciate you writing out that entire segment that I was referring to, in both English and Korean, and with a transcript of the scenes shown. The words are really powerful paired with the imagery from the start of the show to its finish—so much character growth!! Yes, let’s collect the treasure that is glittering all around us… And of course, ohhh YSJ’s voice… Count me in on the audiobook order!! @BlueNotes YSJ’s “I didn’t hear!!!” in the kiss BTS clip had me smiling in glee. Maybe director said “cut” very softly on purpose. I know I would have done that I’d like to echo and add to @bonuibonui ’s beautiful lessons learned in response to: As I am 27 this year and approaching 30, the themes around a person’s age and life stage in “30 but 17” are extremely applicable to me. I love what Heesoo shared when SR said, I wish/imagined that at 30 I’d be as capable and cool as you. The honest truth is that we are all learning to live our best, no matter the age. Sometimes I feel pressured to be at a certain point (dating/marriage, moving up in work), but I’d like to be like SR, WJ, and Chan who choose to focus on their own goals, in their own time. One of my love languages is gifts, and we had beautiful examples of gift giving in this show. First part was when SR bought gifts when she thought she was moving out (still lol-ing just thinking about the scenario). Her house slippers for Jennifer, gloves for Chan, and earphones for WJ showed how much she had come to know each of them and cared for them. Then as @r047@mentioned were the second set of parting gifts, this time for Jennifer (tea, beautiful sparkly heels, tearful hugs, and an offer to drive). This reminded me to think of how I can continue to give creative and meaningful gifts to those around me. It’s not about how lavish they are or any singular, but the heart that these things can convey. I work as a school counselor at a high school, and I adore the spotlight on unique, but real careers these characters had/were pursuing in 3017. From HT as a neurologist, to a florist aunt, businessman uncle, actively recruited rowing champ, high school students, professor/conductor, set designer, performance musician, overseas traveling surgeon, hospice care nurse, hard laborer, psychologist, and musical therapist… This sounds nerdy, but I love the realistic representation across career fields! The concepts/analogies of “intermission” and “crescendo”. SR really believes in a growth mindset and that’s part of what makes her such a healing character. Instead of viewing pain or a setback as the end or a stop, she sees it as a time to get ready for the next set of music! Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/1207851-there-is-no-music-in-a-rest-but-there-is. As for crescendo, I’ll never forget how all my music/band teachers have stressed that a crescendo is meant to be gradual swell in both emphasis and volume! It’s not a change in tempo, it is not a staccato or an accent, it is a built over the small moments. This fits the story (and growing in life) so well The nicknames! If you know me, I have a thing for nicknames and terms of endearment. Another show that did this really well for me was Strong Woman Do Bongsoon. Instead of the usual "oppa/noona", which I admit is fun too, it made all the characters seem more real because they had nicknames for each other. And even for their pets... haha. I could go on and on forever wuah!!! One more thing. I loved WJ’s stuttering. And how he comes up with the worst excuses when SR teases him (the noodles aren’t spicy, I was just thirsty! i wasn’t crying a river, the wind was really strong!) HA! Oh. And his warnings (Just say no if someone asks you to eat ramen. if some guy says do you want a beer? don’t!). I LOVE HIM. edit: @bairama !!!! So much love!! "It's okay to take it slowly and really live your moments" "I'll wait until you tell me you're ready" "I want to be the person you find most comfortable"!!
  6. @shiroazn Thank you for making and sharing your lovely fmv! How'd you find such a perfect song for them? I love it! Before 3017, I didn't understand what a "healing drama" was... Now I'm so glad and grateful I know! And it was so unexpected too. Now an hour after finishing the series, I'm surprised that I feel really good. I think it ended in such a beautiful, heartfelt way and we weren't left wanting... so I'm just full of fond memories!! I'm gonna give it some time and then rewatch the whole thing
  7. Just finished watching the finale and my heart is so full and satisfied and warm ahhhh... Thank you for this link. The cast had beautiful things to say about the show too and it was so nice to read I will remember for a long, long time too. Those previews really were bait to make us go crazy and then give us the gift of this beautiful ending! Favorite moments bulletpointed, otherwise I would ramble for too long: * Uncle's sacrifice and love for his family--we all couldn't guess that protecting her house would be the reason he filed divorce and that his dedication/hard work would be what took his life. * The dramatic switch into Autumn Fashion in this ep... haha. Perfect summer drama taking us into fall, and new seasons of life * WJ supporting SR and the two of them talking everything out together * SR putting out her right hand first and then going oops, wait it's the left hand. I was howling. * How SR and WJ sat in her room kya when discussing! So close and cozy and cute. * SR counting the number of people left in the house, KYAAA * Chan and Seori mirroring their conundrum and realizing they were both in the room. * Chan telling the pro team recruiter that the boat is what needs to speed up. His choice to go at the pace that was he was most comfortable with * All their idiosyncrasies (cham cham, jeom jeom jeom, doo doong, jennifer's "from... jennifer" and "no no no") and repeated/borrowed lines (i'm falling for you again) * Dinner scene and the shots of the shoes of everyone in the house gathering! * Chick Junior grew up and crows and lives in Jeju. They didn't leave him out AHAHAHa. * Jennifer and her NAME for her menu of the day * The design team dabbing in celebration * WJ's reflection on life, getting up instead of staring at the closed door, how opening one small window he didn't know could open became more open doors. Wish I could quote the WHOLE thing. Beautiful. * The closing scene--their marriage is obvious (sharing their bed, the rings) but understated, in a way that brings their relationship and love and commitment to the forefront. Their smiles and cute kisses and their waves goodbye... You can all expect me to still be here for a while as I linger on these lovely feelings and lessons learned!!!!! edit: @meechuttso WUAH their beach pictures.... so cute my cheeks will hurt from smiling!
  8. @ktcjdrama Oh! It's from the pre-broadcast V-live/other interviews. YSJ likes cologne/perfumes and he selects a particular scent for each character he plays. He said that he did pick one for the character GWJ (it's an Italian brand called Santa Maria Novella, but I am no expert in perfumes and he didn't say which fragrance). Anyways, I was only reminded because of that hilarious scene where he's like a fresh teen trying to preen before seeing SR. And he spritzes on a ton haha. It would be fun to know what kind of scent he picked! Edit: Whoops! I guess my browser didn't refresh so I missed a bunch in between. @anjuliet and @dftio I guess I'm not alone in the craziness to the point we wanna smell someone hahaha!!! Yes, hugging him will be the best way That's right! They are meant to finish their intermission TOGETHER! Lol running into people who are also into the show!
  9. I adore this idea!!! WJ waking up SR that way would be a perfect touch. Anyone else have cute ideas or what they would add in their own epilogues? Even if we don't get to see them, I'd love to imagine them Hehe like I want more continuation of "flip the note." I don't think the reason is very clear, unfortunately. From what I gathered, different episode counts were published on different websites, causing a lot of confusion. Then for two weeks we had one episode only due to a sporting event being broadcasted. I think that happened about halfway through? It's too bad this detracted/distracted a lot of viewers from the show. I decided to leave it as a mystery and love whatever we get! Random thought: I really want to know what YSJ chose as Mr. Gong's scent? Really cool method acting thing to do, to wear a different signature scent for each of your characters. I wish I could get a hug and find out hahahaha...
  10. Whew, what an episode yet again! I screamed, laughed, and cried so much all in the span of one hour. This show is definitely on the top of my list in terms of how it pulled me in and how invested I am in its characters. @Lj It was an absolute rollercoaster ride of an episode for me too. and ugh, them walking home was too cute!!!! (flashback to park bogum in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds when he discovered her name, anyone?) Random fave moments: Chan’s confession with a twist and then folding his feelings and leaving those gloves *cries* (plus perfect OST for him) Jennifer’s confrontation with the truck driver!! had me crying buckets Quiet moment with Woojin consoling Jennifer with the same words of wisdom she shared with him in the beginning Matching keychain gift! Never thought that Seori could’ve been holding another keychain that she had made just for him. Majorly cute. @dftio the “hey, it’s my girlfriend” had me kyaaa~ing to a whole other level. And I feel like now he’s just drinking from her water bottles on purpose. Like he won’t even get one of his own if she has one haha. Um, the kiss? how can i not include it. It was so tearful and heartfelt and perfect. Okay, this is a moment from last week that i suddenly remembered, but the short flashback to how WJ was hiding his pain, even throwing up, and then how when he was going down stairs for the hot chocolate you could tell with eyes that he was hiding something? amazing acting omg. Chan got his hot choco this week!! Hahaahaha, yes, @Ni Wen let’s all come out of hiding and have a party before it’s all over!! I wonder if the uncle died or if he is imprisoned? I think all of us are having a hard time trying to think of a scenario that would justify his absence. @r047 “WHATTTT” is the only reaction i can have to that preview. If this whole episode was like a fun rollercoaster, the preview was like the whiplash I didn’t want to have!!! I almost wish i didn’t see the preview T___T I hope with everyone that it was somehow misleading… I'm going to do the same! It is hall-of-fame worthy; I hope it makes it through. Keeping an open mind and will appreciate what we get. Can we all sneak into (or storm into) the writing/editing room together? Seori is only allowed to go to Germany to play ONE duet performance with Taerin. And preferably on a honeymoon WITH her husband WJ. Not on her own and not suddenly and no sad letters allowed!!! The only letters allowed are ones with a “turn this note over” that turn out to be a proposal or something. *grumps* Please, i love this show so much, i'm trusting the ending will match the rest of its themes and pacing, and be just as enjoyable.
  11. @sunshine92 It's okay! I'm sure we all don't mind seeing those pics more And yes, a trim please! So we can see more of his handsome face! But I also love how his fair is so fluffy and makes Mr. Gong seem extra soft... @mimomomu, welcome! @Ni Wen Sigh, I know right? This drama helped me look forward to Mondays. Going to miss it lots. @wanderingreader11 Hello I was a silent lurker for a bit too. Same! I really liked SHS in OMG' even though her role was more minor, she was lovely. And I've totally fallen for YSJ now/am a new fan. So glad I didn't miss this gem of a drama. Sorry I don't know all the classical pieces referenced. Don't know if anyone else was keeping track? My dad is a huge classical music fan so during the parts where Seori was practicing on her own for the festival, he overheard as I was watching and he was like, "uh, isn't this piece supposed to be for two violinists?" If I made him watch everything he could tell us, lol. I'm going to have to stay away from spoilers all day, and will probably look like an idiot at work 'cause I'm going to smile really big and get overly excited every time I think about 3017.
  12. Can’t wait for the final episodes, but so not ready to say goodbye to 3017!! I’m delurking finally to spill a bit of my heart Thank you ALL for the cute gifs, thoughtful insights, amazingly accurate fan theories and such. Really added tons of fun to these past few months as we journeyed with this show! @meechuttso Wuah, I want the memorabilia!! Okay, maybe not the toilet plunger. @r047 Totally agree with your list of things that would make for a satisfying ending. I’m very curious how they will handle their house, since that space and the concept of home or a found family is a huge theme. I think it’d be really cute to have them say the room upstairs is now both Woojin and Seori’s room after all. No more argument or confusion on whose it is. It’s THEIRS! (P.S. that’s right, give us some back hugs! and more closeness and the smooshing of their cheeks together hehe.) Yes, they’ve hinted at marriage throughout, and it would it would be natural with the progression of their relationship. I’d also prefer not to end on wedding scene/be okay with proposal only. (If there is a wedding, it’ll be nice to see the whole ensemble/cast come together.) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of them flying off to Germany to fulfill part of her dreams. This is a stretch, but if we time jumped or continued in fanfic land, Jennifer would be like Seori’s mom and greatest support through her first pregnancy/child. It would be filled with lots of laughter and tears and life lessons ;___;. Woojin and Seori would have 2 kids and then later on accidentally a third one, whoops, hAHAHAaha. I think Chan will take the professional rowing route, for himself personally and possibly for having something else to focus on. Ugh, he is such a ray of sunshine, mature but immature, being all suave with “I’m busy with plans… plans with you” but then getting totally lost on his bike. His character captures a nineteen-year-old so well! Also, sounds like a lot of us are rooting for Rian. There will be happiness for this pup too, i’m sure of it. One of the snippets in the preview is of the bus driver coming to the house. I was shocked at Jennifer’s reaction, raising her voice and shaking the man, blaming him for the loss of her husband. But I’m also really glad. Jennifer has been holding back the tears, acting robotic to numb her pain. I think this explosion of emotion is the release she needs, and she will be expressing this where Seori and Woojin, her new family, will see. They will be part of her healing experience too. Though I had many internal screaming/crying times throughout this drama, it was actually Jennifer’s scenes that made me physically tear up last week. At first I found her stilted speech and random quotes off-putting, like it was unnecessary and not that funny. But then, all of it had to do with her story and the way she coped with her loss. It became endearing and bittersweet. Also, someone please put together a collection of all her quotes?? She’s got serious sage advice!! Like choosing whether time that has passed by is a regret or a time remembered with fondness, saying that one thing that matters to those that matter to you instead of letting things sit too long, the sadness that come and the necessity of the the words “if only”, how people choose to sleep when they cannot handle something, etc. Love her. I’m not as perceptive as others when it comes to possible plots, so I’m quite lost as to the last mystery we have—Seori’s aunt and uncle. Um, we are really waiting to the last hour on revealing what happened here?? I can’t think of anything that makes sense. I agree with @anjuliet. It sounds like Hyungtae knows more about it? Will aunt come around and have a short healing arc too like Taerin? I personally love the beach so I’m really excited that we’ll have part 2 of beach!!! A scene that ties us back to beginning. I’d like if Woojin and Seori have a reversal with the “hanbeonman deo” scene there. But they’ll probably blow me away with something even better!! Edit: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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