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    Jesus, this place is so dead.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    What do you guys think of the new single? ;D































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I have to give it another listen...but until now I'm not too fond of it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    As for the tour...I'll only go if it's work, meaning I get press. I will see them at Wacken...and right now I have no real intention to go see one of the other concerts on the tour.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    when i was gonna buy the tickets for tonights show, it was sold out :( i think they'll be back again... hopefully i'll be able to see them !
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    but yeah i haven't been into their new stuff recently.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ANNA, this makes your 3rd Despa show?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i wonder where Amber is...































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Aww...I'm being missed! :wub:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I was inactive for a while, my life going through some huge changes.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I just recently got to listen to their last releases (MONSTERS) and even though their sound changed...there's still a few songs I like.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I was shocked to see them disband...but I still have the hope that they will be back one day.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Among other bands (namely X-Japan, Luna Sea, Dir en grey) Despa were the ones influencing my life the most. And I'm still thankful for that.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I only had a little time to listen to the previews, but I like them so far. It seems the guys definitely keep their promise to stay true to their style...musicwise, I mean.
































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm really lookingt forward to the album.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    OMG I missed the link where they switch positions ._.

    May I know what the video was? I mean is it from a live / concert or something?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    And oh btw, I LOVE D'ESPAIRS RAY ! <s>I long to kiss Tsukasa's jawline LMAO</s>































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    They usually switch parts at their anniversary lives. So yes, it was from one of their conerts.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I won't start fangirling about Karyu now...actually I'm too tired to do even that...university is draining me...I'll go to sleep now, have to get up real early tomorrow.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Well, at least Tsu could shine when playing the flute on the recent tour.
































































































































































































































































































































































































    But it's really funny seeing them switch places. *nods*

































































































































    I'm really new to this band, but I want to learn more about them.
































































































































































































































































































































































































    Well, then you're in the right place! Welcome to the thread!
































































































































































































































































































































































































    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
































































































































































































































































































































































































    @FINAL CALL: It is different from the old stuff...but I like the way the band is heading, soundwise. I do love the old and very heavy stuff...but that doesn't keep me from liking the new songs as well.
































































































































































































































































































































































































    Even though REDEEMER and the stuff that follows seems more...mainstream, commercialized (it's something I heard on another forum)...it still has something to it that makes it undeniably Despa's sound and music. At least I see it that way.

































































































    :wacko: kyahhh! I missed the d'espa thread!~ ^^ whoah. they are looking good!!~ i wonder when the full single comes out! I can't wait!!! :lol: I was wondering... does anyone know what Karyu's tattoo on his finger symbolizes? I just know that its a "female sign" :3 Arigatou!!!~
































































































































































































    The symbol on Karyu's finger is an old egyptian symbol called ANKH. It's the symbol of life in old egyptian skript, both the physical life in this world as well as the life in the otherworld.

    Oh!~ Amber, gomen for the late reply. I'm glad you're feeling better!!!~ don't work too hard! We don't want you to get sick! :(
































































































































































































    Ah, don't worry.
































































































































































































    Haha...I'm have these stressful phases on and off...that's the life of a journalist, you know. I'm used to it.

    Amber: Wow. You've seen them quite a few times. Nice!
































































































































































































    *nods* true. But not as often as I'd like...*g* I've seen Dir en grey 7 times over the years...so Despa still have some catching up to do ;)

    Speaking of the PV, it's out now on YT.

    After watching it, I can now say that I like what hear in FINAL CALL. I'm curious about the b-sides.































































































































































































































































































































































































    AH! It's out! *cheers*
































































































































































































































































































































































































    I like it. No...I love it! The song is quite catchy...already after the preview I found myself humming it...now I won't ever get it out of my head again :lol:
































































































































































































    I'm curious about the b-sides too. Well...we'll know in roughly two weeks, ne?
































































































































































































































    Amber: I'm a bit late, but I finally read your concert report. Very detailed :) It's great that you and your friends got on the guestlist. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. Ah! PARADOX 5. I wonder what it sounds like live. Hopefully the next D'espa show will be better. I'm curious, how many shows have you attended? Hope you don't mind.
































































































































































    Oh yeah. I remember seeing the covers for FINAL CALL @ ZERO's blog. Check it out if you haven't seen them yet.































































































































































































































































































































































































    If I count in Tuska Festival two years ago, this was my 5th D'espairsray-show. Two in 2006 (Hamburg, Copenhagen), two in 2007 (Tuska, Stockholm) and now in Hamburg again this year.
































































































































































































    Somehow always something happens when I'm at one of their concerts...but oh well.
































































































































































































    Ah...yes, the covers are out. Now I'm waiting for the PV ^_^

































































    OHP has been updated.
































































































































































































    Preview FINAL CALL
































































































































































































































































































































































































    Not sure what to say about the song.
































































































































































































    I'm probably going to end up liking it :P































































































































































































































































































































































































    The new pictures are photoshopped like hell...but I like them. Hizu's hair looks almost like Aoi's...and is that silver I spot in Karyu's hair?
































































































































































































    About the song...I like what I heard so far. The preview is typically short...28 seconds, roughly. Can't wait to see the PV.

































































    man i've been MIA from soompi and this thread for a while!!

    Amber, nice report. I would loved to have heard BORN!!!
































































































































































































    And sorry to hear that your interview got cancelled and that you were unwell during the show.
































































































































































































    But at least you got to see them again! I think I can't survive in the pit anymore either. The last concert I went to it I only stayed for half the show and moved to the back for the rest.
































































































































































































    Now I need to go dig out my old Despa memorabilia and reminisce about their shows hahaha.































































































































































































































































































































































































    Welcome back! *tackleglomphug*
































































































































































































    You know...sometimes I think I'm getting too old for that kind of stuff. Being in the pit at concerts, I mean. But then again...it can be real fun. I was standing first row at a gig of Girugämesh in may and it was great. I stayed at my spot till the end. But yeah...first row then again is different from really being somewhere in the middle of the pit.

































































    haha thanks =)

    yep im from the UK
































































































































































































    wow...you sound like you really like gigs! hopefully they will tour! i was meant to see them with some friends but my parents in the end didnt let me *sigh*
































































































































































































    awww...karyu is awesome too (isnt he really tall as well O.O) i guess the whole band is awesome in general XD
































































































































































































    my friend said that ZERO's really sexy in real life *faints*
































































































































































































    im sure ZERO liked the present 8D i mean...who doesnt like presents?!































































































































































































































































































































































































    I see. *nods* From where in the UK?
































































































































































































    *laughs* Being at gigs is part of my job as music-journalist. But yeah...it's a lot of fun too. ^_^ Oh...well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will come back soon. I mean...Karyu took 3 effing years to fulfil the promise he gave me on my birthday. Which was that they'd come to play in Germany again. He gave me that promise back in 2006, btw.
































































































































































































    Karyu is INCREDIBLY tall. No wonder ZERO calls him "Mr. Tokyo Tower"...Karyu is even taller than me! And I'm not exactly small (1.83m)...
































































































































































































    And yes...all four of them are made of teh awesome...they are always so sweet when interacting with fans and all...*sighs dreamily*
































































































































































































    Ohhhhhyes...I must admit ZERO is THE SEX in person! With the way he looks and his trademark smirk...I remember one gig I went to, where he made us girls jump up and down...he stared at our boobs the entire time and his grin got even wider when we jumped for him...*lol*
































































































































































































    *nods* I mean...I really took my time to choose something he'd really like...and I know he's an incredible coffee-addict. So I gave him a special brand coffee from a small private coffee-roastery in my hometown. I guess he's gonna try it when he's back home...so...I'll just have to wait. Maybe he'll blog about it someday. *g*

































































    And you also met Zero !

































































































































































































    yay !
































































































































































































    what a luck ! XDD
































































































































































































    and how's you despa's art project ?
































































































































































































































































































































































































    you didnt continue making it ?
































































































































































































    aww~ that's too bad































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Yeah, I met him. He was really sweet...I wanted to hug him, really.
































































































































































































    The art-project is still on hiatus...but I WILL finish it...someday. *rofl* Nah...I just need to get rid of my artists-block. I've been too busy with other things to actually sit down and draw.

































































    but yea

































































































































































































    i've read ur live report on LJ, that was kinda disappointing neee~
































































































































































































































































































































































































    *hugs again*
































































































































































































































































































































































































    neesan, i thought you will watch despa's gigs on other country in EU~ jz like what you've planed some months ago
































































































































































































































































































































































































    so you only went to the gig in Hamburg?































































































































































































































































































































































































    Yeah, that WAS originally planned...but due to some unexpected stuff I didn't have as much money as I originally thought, which is why Hamburg was the only concert I was able to attend.
































































































































































































    *hugs back*
































































































































































































    But I saw them. you know. As for the interview thing...my time will come XD

































































    Amberkid~~ oh no. Do you feel better? that must have been so horrible. <_< those crazy fan girls crushing people... i hope you're okay! I'm sorry the interview got cancelled. Thats so random! at least they let you on guestlist! if they didn't, i would have been mad! you'll get to interview them again soon so just feel better!!!

    Thanks for the report!!!~ it seems like it was such a good show!































































































































































































































































































































































































    Just call me Amber...everybody does. ^_^
































































































































































































    Ah...I feel much better...only my neck still hurts. I can't really turn my head to the left...but that will eventually pass too.
































































































































































































    You know...I'm already used to those crazy fangirls. This was nothing compared to the stuff that happened to me three years ago...I wrote about it early on in this thread...something around page 12.
































































































































































































    Hah...that guestlist thing was most random! It was only by that guys's kindness that we got in. He didn't have any proof...just our word. I could have shown him Xavier's email, now that I think about it. Oh anyway...yeah, the show was really awesome. Especially Tsukasa playing the flute...I wish I knew what piece he was playing...it sounded somehow familiar.
































































































































































































    Yeah...as I said, I won't give up applying for interviews. It's my job after all, ne? ;)

































































    Good report!!*.*

    You're so lucky to have seen them so many times!!
































































































































































































    It was always in Europe, or did you come to see them in Japan too?^^
































































































































































































    Yeah I noticed that Zero is really cute too!^^































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ah...you know...most of it was work too...and all the travelling has cost me quite a lot of money. But I do it gladly for the guys...I just love them and their music. And IMO you can't see them too often, because every show is different, even on the same tour.
































































































































































































    No...I haven't been to Japan yet. I wanted to go this year to see the 10th anniversary show in Tokyo...but I can't afford it. I hate it to be a poor university student...T_T
































































































































































































    Oh he is such a cutie. Even when he's hungover (like he probably has been on Tuesday when we met).

































































    d'ray has they own thread on soompi 8D

    i quite like this band
































































































































































































    i missed their gigs this year (and they had like, three in the uk i think DX) hope they'll tour again...
































































































































































































    AmberKid: really good report!! im sorry you didnt feel well >_< but at least you recovered right =)
































































































































































































    i can believe you got to talk to ZERO (*jealous* he's my favorite ^^")































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hey, welcome to the thread! You're from the UK?
































































































































































































    Yeah, I have recovered...will be at another concert today...a local band. Anyway...yeah, I hope Despa won't keep us waiting that long again.
































































































































































































    Haha...my fav is and always will be Karyu *hearts* but ZERO is really really sweet! I hope he'll like what I gave him as a present.

































































    PV preview for BORDER.
































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ooooooohhhhhhhh...me likes so far!
































































































































































































    Can't wait to hear the full song and see the full PV.
































































































































































































    Girugämesh ROCK!

































































    ^ Aw, the interview got canceled? That's a shame.
































































































































































































    Yeah...oh well. I won't give up...I'll get another chance one day.

    Looking forward to reading your concert report :)
































































































































































































    I copied this review from my LJ, as it's friendslocked and not all of you here are on my flist.
































































































































































































    So...with the live two days ago I finally manage to type up my review of that day.
































































































































































































    There had been quite a lot of confusion beforehand. I had applied for press again, I thought it would be nice to do another interview with Despa after three years.
































































































































































































    The communication with Gekidotours was okay...but It was kind of confusing to get two different informations from two different guys.
































































































































































































    Anyway...ther interview was confirmed to me on the Saturday before the gig and I was really happy about it. I had prepared little presents for the band and some stuff that I could use in a raffle during my next show.
































































































































































































    Tuesday started for me with nice sunny weather and too few hours of sleep. I had plenty of time to get ready, as I had packed my equipment the night before.
































































































































































































    I arrived at the venue around 15h. A group of fans had already gathered, everyone seemed in a good mood. I talked to a few friends before I went to look for the backstage entrance. It was around the building, with the tourbus parking right next to it. The area around the entrance was divided from the rest of the area by a barrier. No one from the staff was anywhere to be seen...so I waited.
































































































































































































    Finally, after a couple of minutes one guy from the staff appeared. I started talking to him, telling him who I was and that I had an interview-appointment with D'espairsray.
































































































































































































    Well...what should I say...to my horror he said: "I don't have any interviews scheduled for today. I don't think you will get it"
































































































































































































    My thoughts were racing...I dug out the email I had received with the confirmation...to no avail. No meant no...at least we got him to put us on the guestlist, as the concert was sold out. And I had the chance to talk to ZERO for a few precious minutes and hand him the present I had bought for his birthday. I also gave him some chocolate from my hometown to pass it on to the rest of the band. And I got him and the others to sign the stuff for the raffle.
































































































































































































    On a side note...ZERO was really sweet, but seemed awfully tired...or maybe hungover? He barely said anything, but nodded and smiled as he left.
































































































































































































    After that we returned to the crowd on the other side. I couldn't hold back the frustrated tears...but I knew I'd at least get the chance to see the show.
































































































































































































    Doors opened with a delay of half an hour...and the crowd was awfully pushy. When it was my turn, I told the guy that we're on the guestlist...he let us pass, shouting "GÄSTELISTE!!"...even though the guy with the list was only one metre away from him *sweatdrops*