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  1. 31 minutes ago, imlaureeeen0511 said:

    Oh and I forgot to mention this, but I'm having weird thoughts with the role of the Rat in all this? Does he really have to be included in the team who'll get JH back to the North? I mean, first off he has a family left behind. How can they just send him like that? Seeing how he is badly needed there, there must be a reason right? Second, I get it that he had a big role in the case of JH's brother and JH's dad trusted him with his son, but what kind of help can he contribute given that he isn't a soldier to begin with. That's why I'm having these thoughts that maybe, in the worst case scenario possible, that he would play a big role in protecting either JH or SR. Maybe even at the cost of his life? I hope I'm wrong, but I can't help but think that way. He was an accomplice in killing JH's brother after all, and no matter how much he's regretted it, the guilt is always there. And what better way to atone for his sins and redeem himself of all the guilt than giving away his life to protect Mu Hyeok's brother? That way he'll be able to repay Mu Hyeok. It's a scary thought, and I hope I'm wrong. 

    I thought about this same question as well. The thing is... the moment when Jo Cheol Kang sees him with the ducklings, he would know that Manbok played a part in getting him into all these trouble. This would put Manbok in serious trouble. I pity this man and I hope he is able to live a normal life for once after Jo Cheol Kang gets his retribution. I really don't hope that he dies from all these brawl. He doesn't deserve it. He has lived in guilt for 10 years over his only friend's life. He needs a chance at life to live normally.

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  2. This episode made me cry so much at the first half! I cried so much when Manbok confessed about Muhyuk's death and told the story about how Muhyuk helped his family out and treated him as a friend. I really pity Manbok for having to do such a job even though he pretty much doesn't have a choice. He had to even go against his only friend so that he could save his mother. No one could have understood the sufferings and emotional pain he went through over the years.:bawling:


    The scene with the ahjummas in the military village was funny in a way but emotional as well. I love how Seri wrote them a letter to confess about her real identity. Even though she first started hanging out with them for a motive (to get Junghyuk the preferential star), but over the time she spent with them, they built a bond and by writing this letter, it shows that she was sincere towards them over the short time they have spent together.


    Junghyuk has learnt over the time Seri was in North Korea to express his feelings more. And it's apparent when the ducklings realize that he hasn't been sleeping and eating well ever since Seri went back to South Korea. He doesn't even bother to conceal it. On the other hand, Seri is trying too hard to convince herself that she is glad being back to where she came from. She kept telling herself this and that to try cover the fact that she misses Junghyuk. And when she "accidentally remembered" how she needed to boil water in cauldron and accidentally mentioned Junghyuk's name, she distracted herself with something else to cover her memory. We have all seen how well she slept in North Korea even when she was in danger of getting discovered, but on the soft and cushy soccer field size bed that she missed so much, she had difficulties sleeping and needed her sleeping pills to help her get to sleep. Even her assistant could see the change in her and it scares him. It makes my heart ache for both of them seeing how they are trying to get on with life while missing each other tremendously.


    On the bright side, I love how Seri made an epic comeback. She literally shook everyone up, especially her 2nd sis-in-law, whom I was itching so much to give her a tight slap. Her assistant's reaction was so adorable when he looked at his skin and saw the allergic reaction Seri's voice then went on to hug her. It was so endearing. Awwww...


    Kim Soohyun's cameo was another big epic. I laughed so hard when I saw him appear as his character in Greatly, Secretly. If his cameo was this epic, I don't want to think about how it is going to be another of epicness when Choi Jiwoo appears as a cameo.


    It's another long wait of 2 weeks for the next episode everyone! I know everyone's going to feel really empty during this period of time, but let's be glad that the CLOY team that's working so hard to give us the best drama can get a proper break for the festive holiday! We can all repeat the episodes and have more discussions about things that we may have missed, possible scenarios for upcoming episodes etc. 


    Signing out for now as it's back to work tomorrow. Good night everyone, and I will be back soon!

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  3. Wow... I haven't watched a drama that has its benchmark set higher with each episode like that before.


    First I was worried about Seri and feeling so upset abt Junghyuk and Seri's separation, then I was laughing at the whole scene with Seri and Junghyuk's father. Next I was in tears when the lovebirds met again, but after that I laughed and giggled again when they sat down with Junghyuk's parents. Then I had goosebumps at the piano scene (it was electrifying). And after I so wanted to climb into the screen and punch Jo Cheol Kang in the face. I felt pity for Dan in this episode as well, but the scene with Seungjun made me laugh too. My tears were threatening to spill when Seri had the goodbye scene with the ducklings and they finally let go and went wild when Junghyuk and Seri had their goodbye kiss. T___T


    So much of emotions in just one episode. The rollercoaster ride was so very thrilling and the hour went past without me realizing it, leaving me wanting more!! My friend came over to watch the episode with me tonight and we were in a mess after the episode. Just so sooooooo awesome!!


    I need to organize some of my thoughts before posting more as I am still in an high adrenaline state. Need to calm down a little. BUT!!! Can I say how glad I was when I saw that it was U-pil who picked up the box Seri dropped when she was kidnapped?!?!?! God bless his soul for picking it up and handing it to his father!!!

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  4. I was staring at this photo thinking how perfect the 2 of them look together even from the back, and it suddenly struck me that they look like the piano keys with the contrasting dark grey and white tops. Maybe I am just thinking too much, but probably they were made to wear the contrasting colors to represent the piano keys which cannot live without one another. Just like how Junghyuk and Seri cannot live without each other after realizing their love for each other.:heart:

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  5. 47 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    On the poster:

    Title: Fast & Jeong Hyeok


    A fantastical rush that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.
    A masterpiece that the whole country should see at least once…!
    As you look at his face, 1 hour flies by.



    Instagram caption:

    A fantastical rush that you won’t be able to stop watching all weekend!
    As you look at his face, where did the 1 hour go?


    A plot that changes color every time you watch. (me: means that it has a lot of twists and turns)
    <Fast & JeongHyuk> will be showing only in our dreams.



    I know that almost everyone wants a longer episode count for this drama, but actually, I think it would be a really great movie as well. I would go watch it anyway. :)

    Thanks for the translation @stroppyse! If this turns into a movie, I bet it would be a blockbuster. I would probably buy premium class tickets to enjoy the movie comfortably with a meal.xD

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  6. 1 hour ago, dulcinea1 said:

    This week bts :lol:


    Thanks for the video! I love their interactions with each other. They are so comfortable around each other, I can't stop smiling when I see them together. They can be so playful with each other but yet professional at the same time. So much to swoon about the both of them.:heart:


    Anyway, I realize this thread has been moving at lightning speed. I am glad to see more people participating in discussing about the drama. :)

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  7. As mentioned by some of you about Na Younghee's appearance in the drama, I too found it very odd that she was brought in as wedding designer. I am pretty sure she is not there just as a cameo. And her character being so sneaky about selling wedding dresses and smuggling South Korea wedding magazines definitely make it seem that we will see more of her in the upcoming episodes, especially when the choosing of wedding dress scene got cut so abruptly by Dan. I am suspecting that she is a member of Division 11 and Seri's mum as well like many of you. If that's true, it would be interesting to see how she is going to play a part in helping Seri to get back to South Korea or maybe she would even help Junghyuk and Seri get together.


    Another character I would like to mention in this episode is Manbok. It breaks my heart to see him being in such a turmoil because of his job. He is so very human but he has to serve the country and do such unethical stuff which goes against his conscience. I cheered for him and so wanted to hug him when he helped Junghyuk and Seri by lying to Jo Cheol Kang. I hope he is able to get out of this whole vicious cycle of having to do this dirty job by the end of the drama. He deserves to be happy!


    Anyway, back to our main couple, I am not sure if you all realized that there are some things that are reversed between the 2 of them. At the beginning, it was Junghyuk doing everything for Seri. But when Junghyuk got hit by the bullet, things turned around and Seri started to become the caregiver instead. What she is doing doesn't add up to what Junghyuk has done for her so far, but I believe this is the one time she has opened up her heart in her life and given her all to care for someone. Previously, it was Junghyuk who lent her his shoulder but this time round, she was the one who lent her shoulder to him. It was his turn to rely on her and I think for the first time in his life, Junghyuk felt insecure about the possibility of someone walking away from him. Maybe it was because of his injury and fever, but we cannot deny the fact that Seri is essential in his life and he cannot bear the thought of her leaving. He was so transparent with his feelings when he thought that she left without saying bye to him. He literally begged her to meet him so that he can say goodbye to her in person (which I am sure he won't be able to let her go if they really did meet). This was a big contrast to his previous acts when he pretended not to care when she said goodbye and told her to forget about him and live a good life. The scene where they met at Seungjun's house really confirmed their love for each other.:bawling:


    Urghhh... Typing this post makes me want to rewatch episode 8 again but I am at work. Can I just skip the rest of the weekdays and get to Saturday now? Hahaha~ This drama keeps leaving me wanting more!!!

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  8. My heart is in so much pain for Junghyuk and Seri right now. When Seri confessed her love for Junghyuk at the end, my heart beat so quickly, but then the gunshot came and my heart stopped. We all know that Seri wasn't killed but Junghyuk doesn't! All that was left for his imagination was that sudden mysterious gunshot and Seri disappeared on him. :bawling:


    I really hope the watch won't be found by Jo Cheol Gang! That guy is just beyond greedy for power and would stop at nothing for that. Absolute worst!


    Okay, I need some time to calm myself down from today's episode before I comment on anything else. I can only say that Hyun Bin and Son Yejin gave stellar performances beyond description by words, and I definitely felt (and still feel) very emotional together with their characters for today's episode. I hope tonight's emotional episode will push the ratings past 10%!!!


    Alright, I am checking out now to calm myself down. Will definitely be back tomorrow! Good night everyone!

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  9. I don't know if anyone said this yet, but there must be a reason why they made Junghyuk and Seri's Blood Type O (other than for Seri to donate blood to Junghyuk). As we all know Blood Type O is the most universal donor. It's exactly what Junghyuk is. Always giving and sacrificing himself for the others (especially Seri), but he doesn't expect anything in return.


    Seri as Blood Type O may seem the opposite from Junghyuk as she has been receiving so much from him and the ducklings but haven't been giving anything back in return. In actual fact, Seri is a very giving person as well but she just doesn't have the means to do so being stuck in North Korea with nothing. She has tried expressing her gratitude during the reward ceremony (even though she made use of Junghyuk's resources haha). Also, she could have just left for the airport when Junghyuk and Gwangbeom were in the hospital but she stayed on, and even donated blood to Junghyuk without thinking when the hospital staff said they needed blood. Of course, he holds a special place in her heart but if she was a selfish person, she would have left him in a lurch since she has been longing to go back to South Korea. To be honest, I am pretty sure she would have done the same for the ducklings if any of them got hurt.

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  10. Good morning comrades, it's like 4+am in my country and I am still up as I just got back home. I got kidnapped by my friend after the concert to go for supper across the straits right after the concert. Hahaha~ BUT... I still managed to finish watching ep 7 on his car and gosh! That was one sweet kiss between our Captain Ri and Seri.:wub: It's indeed very mild for tvN but the feelings were strong and real. 


    I like how Junghyuk was very straightforward with Dan, confessing his feelings for Seri, and telling Dan that he doesn't have feelings for her and they shouldn't proceed with the marriage. 


    Now that Dan has found out Seri's real identity, I think it will further push the whole story into another phase. Everything's getting more complicated and more people are getting involved.


    I don't want Seri to go into a fake marriage with Seungjun!! I know there is going to be more angst for the following episodes but please give the 2 lovebirds their happiness.


    I probably don't quite make sense at this point of time but I needed to get some things off my chest before heading to bed. Hur hur~ Will be back with more after I get my sleep. Good night everyone~

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