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  1. Tonight's episode better give us moreeeeeeee between our couple. Stop with the foreplay and go straight to the main point!!



    This can be a start point. Seri cleaning Junghyuk's wound, leading to this! But please don't stop here!!!



    It has to at least lead to this. If KBS could give us this, I believe tvN can do so too! Don't disappoint or make us wait for another week please!! P.S. Junghyuk, your brother has already gone to this extent, you have to catch up!!!



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  2. I have probably said this a million times or more but Junghyuk really makes me swoon EVERY SINGLE TIME he appears, and the swooning just increases with each episode. It's not only how good he looks but more about how he always looks at Seri lovingly, how he softly brushes her hair, how he remembers everything Seri said, how he goes all out to protect Seri etc.:heart:


    I love how Seri dressed Junghyuk up, and how she got jealous over that salesperson being so touchy with him. But the moment the salesperson said Junghyuk is her husband and how looks at her lovingly, she went all out to buy almost everything in the store. She might as well just bought the whole shop hahaha!


    I love how the roles have reversed now that Seri is back being the queen, and she is buying things for Junghyuk and having him stay at her house. But one thing that stays consistent is that he is always there to protect her. Jo Chul Kang escaped to South Korea to harm Seri and Junghyuk immediately made his way over to protect her, even if it meant he had to crawl through that 10km long cave. And yes, crawl, not walk or run.


    Talking about Jo Chul Kang, I am just shocked at how much of backup he has in South Korea. Is it Seri's 2nd brother, Se Hyung, who has been backing him up or is there someone else? I am really pissed at how far Jo Chul Kang is willing to go to drag Junghyuk and his family down.


    I always have so much to say after each episode, but my mind just runs in all sorts of directions, thinking about everything that happened in that episode, that I can't get my exact thoughts penned down. Many of you here can definitely organize your thoughts and write much better than I do, but still, thanks for taking time to read my thoughts! I don't know if I am just tired now or I just cannot focus at this point of time so I shall stop here for now.


    Would be back with more to say when I am in a clearer state of mind. Haha~ Good night and see you all soon again!!

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:

    For someone who eat 24 hour day & night in NK  she drink non stop in SK :joy:

    ** Omg their chemistry , his face so close like   :wub:

    He was so oblivious to the close proximity though while her face was like omo, you are so close! Hahaha! 


    That last part, omg... My heart nearly stopped. 11 more min before Netflix releases the episode!


    Episode 11 epilogue and episode 12 preview 


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  4. 1 hour ago, dulcinea1 said:

    New stills :wub:. It seems what they filmed last week.




    The scriptwriter totally flipped the usual rich-boy-transform-Cinderella cliché over by making the lady watch her man transform instead. Oh my heart! :heart:


    Also, the film set of Junghyuk's parents house and his room he used to sleep in.

    Happy 200 pages and more!!

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  5. 56 minutes ago, liltash85 said:

    I know Live filming is not healthy for all the cast and crew but this is the way to keep the drama brand reputation. Pre Produced drama has a risk. If it becomes successful it's good but what if it turns the other way round like Arthdal? The ratings is ok (above average) but because of the high budget, they need the drama to have more than 20% ratings but it fails. And now it is almost impossible to have second season of the drama and those who watch it (like me) need to accept the open ending. If it is not pre produces, the prod team can think on how to mitigate the problem while filming/airing. 

    To be honest, whether the drama is pre-produced or not, there is still the risk of a drama failing. This may offend some people, but I must say that there are 2 major groups of people in Korea - the type who care too much about what others say and the type who criticize others no matter what they do. This is why they created such a society where it's very stressful to live in. >< I have friends who have moved to Korea to study and they all told me that it's pretty stressful to live in their society as it feels like you are under scrutiny most of the time. People judge how you behave, how you dress, how you look (skinny or fat) etc. I just feel it's very unhealthy to live in such a society. :(

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  6. I pray for every staff's well being, whether is it Son Yejin, Hyun Bin or anyone on the set. May everyone be safe and sound and healthy. No matter what, health comes first.


    I hope Son Yejin recovers soon!! I think she has been holding on for many weeks now. She looked pretty tired on the day of the press con and during the various interviews done, but she was very professional and made sure to smile for the audience. Actors are also human and they need to get sufficient rest! I have been saying this for years - Korea should stop this live filming thing to "get feedback from viewers". I don't think they would ever stop it though, which is sad to think about it.:tears:

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  7. 48 minutes ago, liltash85 said:

    i think my mind is too occupied with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin that I dream of them last night. In my dream I accidentally met them in a cafe and these two are discussing how not to let their relationship surface to the media. :lol: 

    And there are almost 3 years together.... :lol:


    I woke up sighing that it was just a dream but laugh later because seriously nowadays my mind is occupied by this drama and them. 

    We are in the same boat! I had a dream about them 2 nights ago but it wasn't so innocent. Hahaha! I dreamt about how they shared Seri's bed in ep 11 and they were spooning with Seri lying on Junghyuk's arm.


    I hope this is not too much for the thread. Hur hur~ xP

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