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  1. I feel like a water tap that was turned on from the start until the end of the episode. My eyes are all blurry from the crying. Oh writer-nim! What have you done to me? Where is the rom-com I signed up for? I don't think I have ever cried this much within an episode for any drama before. Right from the part when Junghyuk held the gun to his temple and had thoughts of killing himself after Jo Chul Kang got shot and was telling him about the consequences of him doing all these things, I could feel myself stop breathing momentarily and my tears started pouring involuntarily. 


    It also hurts to see Seri hurt physically and psychologically too because she was trying so hard to protect the people who have protected and loved her all the way from North Korea to South Korea, but she couldn't do anything much. I can literally feel her pain and helplessness in this situation.:bawling:


    And why?!?!?! Junghyuk why did you hurt Seri with all those words? I usually hate the act of noble idiocy in dramas but in this situation, even though I was crying out in my heart, telling Junghyuk not to lie and tell the truth,  I could understand his actions. It's not just about pushing his love away because he feels that she would live better without him, but the complication of this whole matter is too huge and it concerns life and death and also the punishment of people who are involved (Seri, his father and the ducklings). He is hoping that he could shoulder all those burden and not get those he loves and cares for in trouble. Some people may say that he is being naive and dumb, but from what we have seen so far since the start, Junghyuk is a person who is full of warmth and love even if he doesn't say things out loud, he shows it fully with his actions. He was willing to act nonchalant to everything and sacrifice until he heard about Seri's condition. The moment his facade dropped, my tears started pouring even more. (Save my soul someone. I feel like I am going to be drained from tears just thinking about it. T_________T)


    I still have a lot of thoughts around this whole intense episode but I will end this post after talking about the last scene where Junghyuk and Seri walked in the rain. I NEED A HAPPY ENDING FOR THE TWO OF THEM. It's a sincere plea to the writer. Everyone can see that all the both of them want is to be happy together. You can see that everything else doesn't matter when they are in each other's company. That's all they want after everything they have gone through. The simplest thing they want is peace and their happily ever after. This is what we all want too, isn't it? 

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  2. 2 hours ago, sheeeeee said:





    Hyun bin & Dong Wan (?) shinhwa 


    When is this everyone?

    This is during Spin Kick days! Omg I remember watching this movie. But at that time, I watched it because of Kim Dongwan and found another gem (Hyun Bin). Hahaha! It's like 2003-2004.


    @YuSanSeul I love Spellbound! It must be fate like what Junghyuk said. Fated that she gets together with someone from the marines. Predestined!!

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  3. 11 minutes ago, TotoroSY said:


    Awww, sweet story! Thanks for translating. Though this was a work travel encounter, it's still sweet to know that they were seated together. So lucky that this fan met both of them, and SYJ is so friendly to initiate chat with them.


    Would love to see both of them in real life. Bet they look STUNNING! They need to do another movie together and go around different cities in the world to promote it!!



    They should do a fanmeet all over the world then we can all see for ourselves their out-of-the-world chemistry! But judging on how the COVID 19 virus is spreading, the chance of them doing so is really low and impossible. And Hyun Bin is starting his new movie filming soon after this drama. I just hope we get to see more interviews on different channels and also, I hope they would do photoshoots for different magazines! They would look stunning and amazing! :heart:

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  4. 4 minutes ago, kriswu said:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts as a HB fan! That interlocking fingers seemed so casual for them. No hesitation whatsoever and he looked genuinely happy. I was screaming inside seeing him intently gazing at her. Haha. I haven't seen other actors do that in BTSes, maybe being attentive like getting dirt from the other's face/hair or holding stuff for a fellow actor but not something like this unless it is necessary for the scene but I bet this wasn't even suggested in the script. :lol: Like you, I am also overjoyed seeing Binnie this jolly and all smiles most especially with SYJ, considering most of his fans acknowledge that he is such a guarded, reserved and boring person before. It's like seeing a new him. It's the Son Yejin effect indeed. :D

    The director was definitely amused judging by the way he giggled at their actions. And this was definitely not in the script cos Hyun Bin was the one who suggested it during the rehearsal. His dimples were at full workout. I feel like this is a new actor that I discovered in this drama. The Son Yejin effect is indeed extremely lethal and powerful. 

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  5. 33 minutes ago, J13 said:

    @sharluvsenergy oh I thought the second brother lied and said the Mum was sick to trick SR into coming over so CK could ambush her? I might have missed it if it was the dad who asked him to call her over.

    The dad did ask the 2nd brother to call Seri to come over but he didn't tell her the truth and instead lied saying that the mum was sick. He probably knows that Seri's weakness is their mum so he used that as an excuse to get her to come over.

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  6. 25 minutes ago, J13 said:

    Random question but I wonder why SR’s dad didn’t phone SR to clarify the situation straight after the second brother lied again? I mean he has already lied once before about SR’s whereabouts.. even if the dad were trying to compute the situation, wouldn’t he just want to clear it all up?


    Also how funny was the bday scene when JH was super proud of the cake until SR called it old fashioned :joy: I find it very sweet that they all made a wish and blowed out the candles together too. Love this sweet family!

    He asked his 2nd son to get Seri to come over the house to clarify things, which was why Jo Chul Kang had the chance to attack both Junghyuk and Seri separately, not knowing that they already have plans against him.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, andy78 said:

    i wonder if SR father belived those two...i hope he 'll investigate more...

    I believe he would be suspicious with Seri being injured and hospitalized. It's too much of a coincidence that she got injured when he asked for her presence.


    2 minutes ago, crazybunnylovers said:

    I would expect the boss of a conglomerate and an ex-scammer to do way better than that... How could he trust his sons?? A bit unrealistic... if he could be so scheming in his youth, he should be very sharp and astute... seems gullible now...

    If he really does trust his 2nd son and daughter-in-law, I can only say that he is turning senile. Those 2 are just beyond conniving.

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  8. I really wonder how much more would this drama make me cry. I realize I have been crying more with each episode for the past 3-4 episodes. It was so heartbreaking when Junghyuk opened the car door and Seri just fell into his arms lifelessly. Then when the ducklings ran out and broke down, my heart shattered. Pyo Chisu's tear rolling down his cheek made me sob endlessly. The woman that he wanted to bury at the beginning, has become a dear friend and family to him that he couldn't bear losing her. Junghyuk's confession in the voiceover was just as heartbreaking and unbearable for me. I believe he has been wanting to tell that to Seri in person, but the situation they were in has prevented him from saying that to avoid complications. He didn't want to say it and give hope to Seri when he has no confidence about their future together. But at that moment when he said those heartfelt words in his heart to Seri, he must have regretted not being able to tell her in person. Oh, my heart.. Drama, just what are you doing to me? :bawling:


    I knew the sweet moments at the first half of the episode was building up to something heartbreaking, but I was still not prepared to be so torn at the end of the episode. D;


    I am hoping at this point of time that Manbok did indeed kill Jo Chul Kang, and that he himself is safe at the same time. At the same time, I realize the most dangerous person wasn't Jo Chul Kang but Seri's 2nd brother and sister-in-law. To get the money and power they desire, they could go all out to hurt their own family. They even went to the extent of lying to their father, and trying to frame Seri (who is the victim of this whole incident) and Seungjun for conspiring to cheat their father's money. That's downright despicable!!!


    I am praying hard that Seri would wake up halfway through the episode tomorrow (as what happened to Junghyuk in North Korea). No amnesia please! Writer-nim, I will hate you if you go that route!


    *Okay, this is really random and irrelevant, but I just realize after almost finishing up with this post, I still have my mask on. I went to wash up and put on the mask after I finished the episode cos I saw Seri doing the masks for the ducklings. It's been almost an hour since I put it on.:scream: 


    Alright~ Checking out for the night! Have a good night/day to all comrades, and thanks for reading my post once again!

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