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  1. 10 hours ago, TotoroSY said:


    Wow, they are showing The Negotiation again in Singapore? Do you think it's due to CLOY and Binjin's recent hike in popularity?



    Yup, just on 7th and 8th March though. But yes, I believe it's because of CLOY and BinJin's hike in popularity. There was only 1 slot available for each day and the cinema was pretty much filled up. Also, I was trying to eavesdrop on responses from the audience during and after the movie and it seems pretty positive. I had 2 middle-aged men (separate individuals) sitting on my left, and I was very sure they were entertained by the movie judging from their responses throughout the movie. And I heard a couple and 2 girl friends discussing about the movie pretty excitedly after the movie. I am definitely happy with the positive vibes from the audience after the movie.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, flailingfangirl said:

    OMG yes! Even his swearing was sexy. I don’t really dig that scruffy look in men but HB looked damnnnnnn fine. 

    Like, seriously, can these two act again in an action movie or something? If they can really have that chemistry when their eyes were glued on that monitor, what more when they are doing one-on-one action/fight (and ahem, love scene).

    If BTS of CLOY can be of any indication, these two have no problem doing skinship / fight (and ahem, love) scenes at all, they are natural ;) I’ll watch that movie no matter what the outcome of BinJin will be. Three times. Hehehe.

    I SO AGREE WITH YOU. If they do an action romance movie, I probably will buy tickets to watch the movie for every other day possible. More skinship is soooooooo needed!!! (P.S. love scenes are necessary too please)


    12 minutes ago, ChunSungIm said:


    Here when son ye jin swearing to hyun bin :D


    her acting are beyond level of best actress !!!

    You are so right!!! Her acting sucks you right in with all the emotions that are so point!

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  3. 10 minutes ago, flailingfangirl said:

    Oh yes. I watched it on TV and said to myself “damn, they’re enemies? the sexual tension is through the roof!” :naughty:


    HB was damn fineeee in it, too. Like, not as buff as JH, but woahhhhh. If I were Yejin I don’t know where to look hahaha.

    I know righttttttt!!! I even find his swearing sexy. HAHAHA!


    8 minutes ago, aduck said:

    @sharluvsenergy you mean they are showing it in Korea??????????

    Nono.. They are showing it in Singapore. Haha~

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  4. I am not too sure if anyone posted or talked about this before. A Chinese fan posted on Weibo with her observation that Junghyuk's 1st scheduled message to Seri was on 7th March (Hyun Bin's enlistment date in 2011). Kudos to these sharp eyes! I am pretty sure these little details aren't just coincidence. This drama continues to awe me again and again even after rewatching the episodes many times.:heart:




    Another fan mentioned that the soju conversation about Junghyuk wanting twins probably sparked from an interview Hyun Bin did back in 2015 after Hyde, Jekyll and Me. He said he wanted a boy and girl when he gets married and have kids. Well.. I hope this wish comes true for him and his lucky lady (I hope it's you know who).:wub:


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  5. We should all stop having internal conflicts as fellow shippers/shoppers. There is no such thing as who is better than the other person. Hyun Bin and Son Yejin are both fantastic, amazing beings on their own. They each have their own good points and together, they bring the best out of each other. Stop trying to prove that either one of them is more superior than the other. We don't even know them personally and I think it's being very unfair to both of them.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, AnnieCheesecake said:

    Yeah I saw their couch talk , that’s why I was excited for his scenes especially when we were fooled by the screenwriters when Ri Jeong Hyuk came to SK and stayed at Seri’s house we all thought that we gonna have a bed scene or a shower scene :smirk:.... But nothing :bawling:.

    Them I have hope again since KJH had a shirtless scene I thought that HB would have, but nothing again :heartbreak:.

    Who knows maybe his best friend didn't allow it since it's supposedly meant for her eyes only. Probably they had a talk about it before. Who knows... Haha~ 

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  7. Just wanted to share with everyone some Chinese news articles on CLOY which I got from the newspapers my mum buys every evening. The same newspaper LianHe WanBao posted on CLOY consecutively for 3 days!! :heart:





    Some online articles from Straits Times and LianHe ZaoBao as well! I am really happy and ecstatic to see how everyone loves CLOY. It's not only just ladies, even guys enjoyed the drama and have all sorts of good comments and reviews about it!







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  8. 29 minutes ago, Jemrie said:

    That sideway glance he gave her

    Not only the sideway glance. It's like he knew how she was going to react afterwards and he mirrored it... once again. :wub:


    Please take the news and the so-called good friend's comment with a pinch of salt. I really don't think he would have made a comment to the media if he is a good friend of Hyun Bin, knowing that he is a private person. And did he say that Hyun Bin called him in the morning to tell him that he was stunned about the news? I am totally not convinced.


    I would say it's best that we leave the two of them alone and let things happen naturally. They are both mature adults who know what they are doing. As much as we would love them to have their happy ending, we are in no position to comment or make any decisions for them. Let's just pray and hope for the best. As long as both of them are happy, as a longtime fan of them, I would be happy too.

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  9. 1 hour ago, dulcinea1 said:

    Ratings episode 16 (Nielsen Korea)


    Nationwide: 21.683%

    Seoul: 23.249%


    CLOY It's now the highest rated TvN drama!



    I am on cloud nine about the ratings!! The CLOY team definitely deserve this for all the hard work and effort they have put in for the drama! I am glad that Hyun Bin's dream came true. Can we have more good news to go with it? (E.g. Hyun Bin and Son Yejin getting married)


    After watching the last episode yesterday, I realized that Writer Park Ji-eun's vision about this drama has been very clear right from the start. She knew where she wanted to the drama to start and end very firmly, and no matter what changes were made in the midst of it, her goals were clear. This is probably one of the contributions to the great success of the drama. When your directions are clear, everything would fall in place and you would get to your destination no matter what routes you take. Of course everything else from the cast to the backstage crew etc are very important as well. The cast whether main or minor roles were all very well casted which created this great synergy to form, piece and create such a marvelous drama.


    Thank you once again to CLOY team for everything. You have created a piece of work that would go down history and be remembered for a long long time.

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  10. It's really late and I just finished watching the episode with my boss (yes, she came over to my place to watch it with me hahaha). All I want to say is that I am really thankful for the awesome ending. I like how Junghyuk and Seri were finally at peace after so much of chaos and separation for 2 years. They managed to build a home of their own and lead a simple life. Even though the twins that many were hoping for didn't happen, but I am still more than happy with this ending. My heart is full and this drama will forever have a special place in my heart. I am very sure I am going to rewatch from episode 1 again very soon (probably tomorrow), but for now, I can go to sleep in peace.


    My weekends are going to feel empty now without the anticipation for new episodes, but I hope we can still keep this thread alive. I will definitely be hanging around in this thread for a long time. Thank you my dear comrades for all the good memories while the drama was on air. I enjoyed all the discussions, information, media and thoughts everyone shared. I will see all of you around soon!! 


    For now, good night! :heart:

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