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  1. 2 hours ago, Yanny62 said:

    Sometimes I wonder if they really made the wedding announcement it means this ship has reached the final destination.. then we would celebrate but then fans might stop posting creative things... so maybe it's good that SYJ continues to be in a secret romantic rumor topic so that we can constantly see new and fun posts :P


    I am not worried about this to be honest. I am very sure BinJin fans will have more creative posts to celebrate this joyous occasion if they made the wedding announcement. The internet will probably blow up when the announcement comes. :D

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  2. Happy 500th page dearest shippers/shoppers!


    I am still on repeat mode for CLOY after 2+ months. I just started watching a new blockbuster drama. It's interesting, but I realize everytime I watch an episode of that drama, it makes me miss CLOY even more. I was rewatching episode 13 and 14 yesterday, and I messaged my friend to tell her I don't understand why I am going through all this crying again and again, and she laughed. I don't think this fever is going off anytime soon.


    Really thankful for everyone on this thread even though I don't post that often nowadays. It's become a routine/habit for me to check on updates every single day. You all have helped me cope with this CLOY and BinJin withdrawal for this whole time.:kiss_wink:

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Helena said:

    there were a few more that many long time fans noticed: Seri speaking Chinese (Bad Guys Always Die), watching soccer (My Wife Got Married), pics on display in Switzerland (the decoration was exactly the same in ‘ ‘), etc

    - for the soju drinking scene, many thought of ‘The Negotiation’; some even mentioned the infamous soju drinking scene in ‘A Moment to Remember’

    - right before Jung-hyuk & Seri walked in the rain under the umbrella, they were running in the rain -> the iconic running in the rain scene from “The Classic’


    超甜番茄哈哈@weibo made a video with many scenes (from the Originals & CLOY)



    Yesyes, there are definitely quite a number of other referenced scenes. I just translated what was in the article. Thanks for the additional information. :)

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  4. https://www.beauty321.com/post/31451#p3


    This article talks about how CLOY referenced the following movies/dramas that Hyun Bin and Son Yejin were in (separately and together).


    1) Summer Scent (hair tie moment in ep 3)

    2) Princess Deokhye (playing piano together in ep 9)

    3) Something in the Rain (walking in the rain under the umbrella in ep 15)

    4) Pirates (showing off injuries in ep 14)

    5) Be With You (talking in dreams while in critical condition in ep 15)

    6) Memories of the Alhambra (gaming moment in ep 12)

    7) The Negotiation (having a drink in ep 12

    8) Secret Garden (meeting the future mother-in-law in ep 14)


    The writer really put in a lot of effort into making references to our BinJin couple's works as well as real life. ;)


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  5. 2 hours ago, Riri forever said:

    @sharluvsenergy as the saying goes..the best way to a Man's heart is through his stomach.:D..in the kakao interview YG was very candid to say HB ate a lot when he is trying to develop his Built for RJH role. I bet that' s a hell lot of Potato soup:P

    Uri Yejin must have cooked a lot of food for Hyun Bin to help him bulk up. If not, she must have sat beside him and watch him eat in bliss to know that he ate a lot. ;)

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  6. 32 minutes ago, liltash85 said:

    Just wanna ask the long term SYJ fans here, is SYJ really a good cook? Coz I never seen her cook before in Variety show or in her IG. 

    can someone confirm. Tq

    She doesn't cook often (most probably due to her busy schedule), but Lee Minjung, one of her really good friends, posted on IG in Dec 2018 and praised her cooking skills. 


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  7. I am kinda late to the reopening of the BinJin party but YAY!!! I have been checking for the past few days after the forum got closed temporarily but I was really busy yesterday and didn't really have time to check. And ta-da, IT'S BACK! *tears of happiness* It really felt very empty for the past few days not being able to read everyone's posts. 


    To cut things short, I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE EVERYONE BACK AND THIS THREAD RUNNING AGAIN!!! :kiss_wink::heart:

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  8. 2 hours ago, sussieh said:

    And in my mind, they don’t just meet once a year hahaha Nobody will convince me other way LOL. He could travel back and forth  with the excuse of helping students all year hahaha. 

    @sharluvsenergy LOL thank you for that IG post with the baby in the stroller hahaha it made my day!  So cute and funny! 

    I have the same thoughts as you do! I don't think they only meet once a year. Hahaha~


    And you are welcome! We should thank whoever posted it. The post made my day too!:D

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  9. 1 hour ago, doolyfeels said:

    I noticed a lot of ppl said they bought some CLOY merch like the OST, Swarovski, and the penguin but has anyone bought the LEELEE candle collection from Soohyang? I really wanna buy it but the shipping fee to my country is seriously too much :dizzy:

    I am thinking of getting my friend to help me get it in Korea then bring it back for me when she comes back home for holidays in May/June. The candles are not cheap by itself. It's like 55,000won. :relieved:

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  10. 36 minutes ago, strongtower said:


    Am not sure if somebody already mentioned here. If you watch Hyun Bin's Confidential Assignment, it gives u some CLOY nostalgic feels. Not only because of his character as NK officer too but also because Capt Ri's dad is also his commanding officer in the movie. Nd Yoon Seri's second brother (the one in Nego as well) is an NIS agent. :D

    Yup, quite a number of people have mentioned it when CLOY was still airing. I noticed it when I rewatched Confidential Assignment last month. It's definitely great to see familiar faces. With more frequent collaborations, I am sure the chemistry between the actors get better over time even if they don't get many screentime together. :)

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  11. 22 hours ago, TotoroSY said:


    Thanks for replying! That’s really great to hear and I’m so happy that both HB and SYJ are gaining fans and recognition all over Asia and the world. The cinema was so smart to do this cuz I think it got people out of their house into the cinema van staying home (cuz of Covid-19). Binjin can really move people into the cinema!


    I’ve also come across this NK defectors reaction video - it again confirms that many of the storyline in CLOY really takes place in NK, like elite studying abroad, arranged marriages etc.


    I just realize I haven't replied to you! Sorry!! Yes, I think it was a very smart move to have people out of the house. Limited re-release so people have to move their butts if they want to catch it in the cinemas! :lol:


    Thanks for sharing the video! I am glad that this drama has brought out so many NK defectors to come forward to talk about life in NK. It helps us understand more about NK which is so closed off from the world, and also let us know that whatever portrayed is true to a certain extent, and that the production team has done proper homework to show us a part of NK lifestyle. I don't think any other dramas/movies have done such extensive research on NK, and I am grateful to CLOY team for that.:heart:

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  12. On 3/10/2020 at 2:57 AM, Phoenix88 said:

    The other guy is the coastguard captain that stop the boat that they were in when Se Ri is beeing smuggled via boat to boat:blush:

    Yes!!! I nearly laughed out loud when I saw the both of them together on screen.xD 


    On 3/10/2020 at 4:28 AM, Seoshi.love. said:

    I am not judging.. ;p I am the same... I have been buying some Swarovski earrings that YSR wore and which I really like as well hahaha ;)

    This drama and BinJin are really driving us crazy. I am thinking of buying a couple of the bags as well. I need someone to stop me from doing more crazy stuff!!!

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  13. 21 minutes ago, Avid Fan CLOY said:

    Yes I recognized him the first time I saw the movie ;-)

    Do you find the other guy familiar too? Haha~ Anyway, do remove the picture from the quote ya? The mods have mentioned about it quite a number of times.


    Everyone, do join in to guess if you find the other guy familiar as well. Seri's 2nd brother was an easy guess. Look carefully:P

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