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  1. BTLIMF, Lee Minki and Jung Somin trended last night during the episode! Haha me too, too bad about the kiss scene! Misoo had to interrupt ;_; haha
  2. Aaaaaaa I just finished watching the cameo and my heart! The feels.. Also the 돼요 part reminded me of that "bed scene" in episode 11 HAHA. Im with everyone here praying for a BTLIMF season 2!! Also minki updating his IG after a long time and its a pic of the two of them. Aaaaa
  3. So is tonight's episode the one we've been waiting for? It's been awhile since I visited tvn's yt account hahaha. And we finally moved to a new page after many months, lol. Happy 4th to those who celebrate!
  4. Waaa didnt know the snail plushie had a cameo!!! Maybe next cameo should be Woori!! I miss the kitties T.T The drama airs Wednesday-Thursday right? Aaaa im excited for the cameo. I hope its a long one. Haha!
  5. Its nice to see the other members of this forum post again. Maybe after this cameo and theyre all done with their new projects, we can get a BTLIMF season 2 or another drama with a new storyline for pd nim + Minki and Somin!
  6. Just saw the post about Minki and Somin doing a cameo in PD-nim's new drama! Will be looking forward to it.
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