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  1. [KBS] MC Kang Ho Dong <Latest Updates+Info @ Page 440> >> CLICK HERE FOR OTHER UPDATED POST FOR THIS SHOW << KBS HAPPY SUNDAY 1 NIGHT 2 DAYS (1박 2일) Originally know as Are You Ready (준비 됐어요) Happy Sunday Official Website Other Happy Sunday segments on Soompi: Delicious Quiz & Immortal Music Classics Happy Sunday starting May 6, 2007 (August 11, 2007 for 1 Night 2 Days) Sundays @ 5:30PM Korean Time (currently the second segment) Navigation: (i) Hosts (ii) Summary (iii) Clubbox Links (iv) Bulletin (v) Joining Software (vi) MegaUpload Premium Happy Hour Tutorial (vii) Episode List & Downloads (viii) Subtitles (ix) Song List (x) Extras HOSTS MC: Kang Ho Dong Current Members: Eun Ji Won, Lee Soo Geun, Kim C, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Sang Geun (dog) Former Members: Ji Sang Ryul, No Hong Chul, Kim Jong Min SUMMARY Credits: Wikipedia MC Kang Ho Dong and the members go off on a trip to a Korean village and try to survive. Throughout the show, there are several mini-games played to see who will eat dinner (as opposed to a simple snack), who will serve the most work that has given during each journey every week and also, who will sleep comfortably. The segment's cast includes entertainer Eun Ji Won, comedian Lee Su Geun and recent additions include high-profiled singer Kim C, Lee Seung Ki and MC Mong. CLUBBOX LINKS HQ: Kalena85 | godlove3494 | KoreanEnt | cashewmania LQ: Kalena85 (whenever available) BULLETIN NO REQUESTING for new links! NO POSTING OF DIRECT CLUBBOX LINKS, as stated in forum rules! Download from HQ and LQ links at DKYang's Blog Watch via KBS VODs: KBS Online registration ; Happy Sunday VODs page Watch the show on YouTube at htruc, churchguitar or kjh1114's channel! Watch English-subbed (KBS World) episodes on YouTube at boosaysharingiscarin's channel! (Add "&fmt=18" to the end of the URL to watch it in HQ!) Watch the show on Veoh at kv03333 or storm5464's channel or koam114.com! Soompi's 1N2D Fan Sub Blog: http://1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com/ JOINING SOFTWARE Credits: silverwingz | Heather Winrar Download all parts and save them in one folder/location. Double click one of the files and select "Extract to". Select the location you want to save it in and click "OK". HJSplit Download all parts and save them in one folder/location. Open HJSplit and select "Join". Click "Input File". Locate the first part of the split file (has the extension .001) and click "Open". Click on "Start" and the program will join the files in the same folder the split files are located. MEGAUPLOAD PREMIUM HAPPY HOUR TUTORIAL Credits: baekkyungzqt | DKYang Download the MegaUpload Toolbar, yes you must; if you don’t want to, then forget getting the premium for free. You must restart your browser. If you don’t see the toolbar, then make it viewable. For Firefox, click View > Toolbars, then click on MU toolbar. For IE, it’s the same way, or at least the older version is. I don’t the new one installed. Click on the circle that has the star. It’s the 3rd icon from the left. Click on “Happy Hour Premium.” (Note: The Happy Hour Premium only happens during certain hours. It’s 9PM to 3AM EST for Eastern Time users, so it could be different for you.) EPISODE GUIDE & LINKS NOTE: Please give full credits if taking out. * Latest update by Kalena on: Feb.02, 2009 * SONG LIST Credits: aRt&musiC<3 | Heather | Kalena | kimmyrout | MsCTruc | silverwingz | soonjap | xman150 | yoojeong | zushipairu 1TYM - Hot (뜨거) [Mirror] ABBA - Dancing Queen Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get Retarded Besame Mucho Celtic Woman - The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun Eun Ji Won - Adios [Mirror] Eun Ji Won - Drunken in Melody Eun Ji Won - Eun Ji Won Go! Go! Eun Ji Won ft. Baek Ji Young - It's True Hot Potato - A Woman Who Follows the Spring Breeze (봄바람 따라간 여인아) Hot Potato - Peppermint Club Hot Potato - Rain Tears [Mirror] Ivy - Sonata Temptation J-Walk & Son Dam Bi - Couple (Remake: Sechskies - Couple) Kang San E - Rakuyo KCM - Classic KCM ft. Suho - I Am Kim Hye Yeon - Please Endure [.WMA Mirror] [Child Version] KKa Nal Ee Mok Go (Child version) Kim Jang Hoon - Shower (소나기) Koreana - Hand in Hand (손에 손잡고) Koyote - Love Formula Lee Jung Hyun - Come Lee Ki Chan - Why Is It So Lee Seung Gi - 그래서 어쩌라고 (Ripped from Baekdusan episode) Lee Seung Gi - Behind You Lee Seung Gi - Give My All Lee Seung Gi - Let's Go On Vacation [Mirror] Lee Seung Gi - On The Road To Vacation Lee Seung Gi - Smile Boy [Mirror] [Ringtone Version] Lee Seung Gi - To Your Side Lee Seung Gi - Unfinished Story Lee Seung Gi - You Inside My Memories [Mirror] Leessang ft. Ali - I'm Not Laughing Lee Su Geun & Eun Ji Won ft. MC Mong - Bok Bul Bok (Improvised: Eun Ji Won - Adios) Lim Jae Bum - Go Hae [Mirror] Mario - Good Bye MC Mong - 180 Degrees MC Mong - Back In The Old Days (Long Time Ago) MC Mong - Circus [Mirror] MC Mong ft. Yangpa - Cloud Nine MC Mong ft. M.A.C - Clown (Pierrot) MC Mong - Feel Crazy MC Mong ft. Kim Tae Woo - I Love U Oh Thank U MC Mong - Ice Cream MC Mong ft. Lena Park - Love You To Death MC Mong ft. Kim Tae Woo - So Fresh Park Hyo Shin - Snowflake Park Hyun Bin - Shabang Shabang (샤방샤방) Park Sang Chul - No Matter What (무조건) [Mirror] Psy - Champion Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain Sechskies - Couple Sechskies - Pom Saeng Pom Sa (사나이 가는 길 (폼생폼사)) Sechskies - Yegam (예감) S.E.S - Running Seo Taiji - Ultramania So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls' Generation) - Baby Baby Toy - Good People Wham! - Careless Whisper Wheesung - Ahn Dwe Na Yo Wonder Girls - So Hot Wonder Girls - Tell Me Zi-A - Feel or Rush Zi-A - I Love You, I'm Sorry WEEKLY RATINGS, SUBTITLES & SUBBING TEAM INFO Please click HERE EXTRAS Lyrics to "Please Endure" by Kim Hye Yeon: Korean lyrics and romanization One of the PD/crew's Cyworld where you can find out about 1 Night 2 Days Sang Geun the dog is a Great Pyrenees. Sang Geun's biggest Little Furry Fan: CLICK to d/l clip (Kalena) MC Mong, Eun Ji Won, Kang Ho Dong & Lee Su Geun congratulating Lee Seung Gi on his remake album on M.net Quotes from 1N2D: https://123.writeboard.com/4989d532e73023d97 (Password: 1n2d) Airing of 1N2D with English subs: KBS World (Asia) 1N2D on KBS1 TV 전국 노래자랑: Part 1 Part 2 (o51029) MC Mong's Cyworld KBS Yunyegajungye (080628) - 1N2D Baekdusan Trip segment: [Download] (Kalena) or [stream] (o51029) For translations done by sarangaia, visit her Blogspot 1 Night 2 Days (Kang Ho Dong, Kim C, Lee Su Geun, MC Mong) vs. Family Outing on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 Week 1: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (Credits: sylver) 1 Night 2 Days (Kang Ho Dong, Kim C, Lee Su Geun, MC Mong) vs. Family Outing on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 Week 2: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (Credits: sylver) [ENG SUBBED] 1 Night 2 Days on Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 Lee Su Geun Cut (Translator: eequeezee; Timer: bedifferent; Edited/QCed: bedifferent) ***Credits for this NEW and IMPROVED organized compilation to Heather*** ***** *No posting of direct CB Links! (per forum rules)* *No requests for links or subs in the thread* (per forum rules) *All requests should go in the Non-CB Request thread in the Resources section* *Check out the Non-CB thread for links, too!* Enjoy the show!
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