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  1. 3 minutes ago, antiherofans said:

    Well, if the writer and director don't give me happy ending, that is fine by me.

    I would make it my own.


    HS: I am sorry I leave you there alone. I am sorry.

    WS: I will find you.

    Then BAMMM

    Go Ha Jin meet the future Wang So who by the way remember everything.

    They fall in love again, get married, have lots of beautiful babies and live happily ever after.


    The end.


    Now I can move on with my life.

    I'm gonna picture that in my head to console my broken heart. It is the ending we deserve, not the mindless one written by the heartless writer that has just been shown :tears:

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  2. What's the point in showing us HJ waking up in modern time if she is not to reunite with her beloved WS??? Above all, she meets modern JM. Unbelievable!!!! 

    I'd rather the drama had ended at the scene when Soo died in Goryeo and that's it, than this nonsense ending. MLSHR should get an award for the most cruel K-drama of all time :bawling: In the end, the ultimate villian is not YH, Queen Yoo, Yo or Wook but the writer of this show. She must be held responsible and punished for tormenting So throughout the whole drama and for breaking our hearts and souls over and over again. So, without a doubt, is the most pitiful male lead that I've ever seen in my watching history of K-dramas.

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  3. 5 hours ago, millie10468 said:

    It occurs to me this fandom was divided into a couple of categories during the course of the drama:

    Cat. 1: People who had read/watched the C-BBJX and knew going in that the possibility of a happy ending, thereby deviating from the source material, was extremely thin and therefore didn't even hope for anything different.

    Cat. 2: People from Cat. 1 who hoped K-BBJX would end differently than C-BBJX.

    Cat. 3: People who had no knowledge of the source material and assumed some kind of happy ending was imminent.

    Cat. 4: People from Cat. 3 who got their google-fu on quite early and realized just how unhappy the ending was going to be based on real history.

    Which category did/do you belong to?

    I ask because it makes me wonder how different our viewing experiences were. Especially for the people whose viewing pleasure are spoiled by spoilers and those that find spoilers to just whet their anticipation more.

    Did having a general gist of what was going to happen make the drama more or less interesting to watch?

    @MAROSA_JIN and @briseis Thanks for the new stills.

    Sigh. Soo's determination (and devastation at having) to poke a few more holes in her already sinking ship is pretty clear from the pictures. Tomorrow's episode's definitely not going to be easy to watch

    For me it's definitely Cat.2

    As someone that has experienced the heartbreaking ending of C-BBJX before, what I'm afraid the most is that the ending of c-ver will repeat itself here in MLSHR. I started watching this drama with a naive belief that it was gonna be brighter and less harrowing than the original ver, according to the interview of the cast before the official broadcast of the show. As the k-ver did deviate from its c-equivalent at some point, I was so hopeful of a different, happier ending for So-Soo until the recent episodes proved me wrong. I start to realise that the k-ver is heading towards the ending of the c-ver. They may have changed the path, but the destination will be the same, which makes me hesitate to watch ep 19 tonight because I can't bear to watch our OTP create the same misunderstanding and make the same mistakes as Ruoxi and Yinzhen did. I'm already sad looking at those new stills :tears: For the sake of my sanity I will wait for ep 20 to come out and watch it together with ep 19, praying that So-Soo will have a few more moments in modern time compared to the c-ver.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, caramelovers07 said:
    Ouchhh... It seems likely ALL of our good-hearted ladies will be die in the end....

    Lady Hae, Lady Oh, Seon Deok, Chae Ryung, Woo Hee, and finally Hae Soo...

    World is tough indeed...:bawling:

    All the good women will be gone and the one that will remain is the evil YH. Not only will she get rid of HS who has always been an eyesore to her (and she won't even have to do that herself because HS has made the choice to leave the palace of her own free will), but she will also achieve what she wants most - making (at least) one heir with the King. The world can't be more cruel than this :bawling:

    *I'm doomed*

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  5. 5 minutes ago, deabakdrama said:

    @Tang Soon Agree with you. If they made HS died like c version BBJX, and HS meet WS in 21st century, it is not considered as happy ending, I am personally not satisfy both of them ended up like that. That s ending is the easiest way for PD and writer nim to close file of all the incidents happened in Goryeo. And when H'S wake up in 21st century, she thought that she had made a long dream. Oh GOSH...please think of other way.

    I suspect One year in Goryeo equivalent to one day in 21st century. That's mean she has been hospitalized for 10days... Probably she needs to wait for another 26days for her prince WS to show up....

    I hate that kind of ending, too. If it's gonna be HS meeting someone that looks like WS in modern time, especially if that person has no idea who she is, I would feel a sense of betrayal. That ending will not live up to our expectations and will not do justice to the portrayal of HS-WS's love in previously aired episodes. If they're going down that path then I swear from now on I will stay away from any other drama written by the writer of this show. I know I'm sounding childish here, but I've had enough of that cliché ending in a time-travelling drama. I hope in this drama they can do better by showing us a memorable (in a positive way of course) and well-executed ending instead of the overly used reincarnation idea. However, if they're still going to follow that route, at least they should be more creative this time :sweatingbullets: Honestly, after all the chaos and turmoils in recent episodes, I don't even know what to expect anymore :P

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  6. 9 hours ago, Akiddo said:

    Ep 19 - 20: Farewell to my eternal love

    Ep 17-18 sped up the sequence of events in the original novel and C-BBJX. We have 2 more episodes to bring this epic love story to a close.

    In the ep 19 preview, the sequence of events is jumbled in my opinion. My version for Ep 19-20 is as follows. Parts of Baek Ah and Woo Hee are not included as my concern is only So-Soo. Points 11-25 could be vastly different from the drama. I just need to get these thoughts out of my system. 

    1. GJ plots to get rid of Wook - with the help of YH and Won. 

    2. Wook is condemned to death for attempted treason. 

    3. Soo steps in to beg for Wook's life - possible that Wook's mother asked her for help and tells her the sequence of Wook's progression into the dark side. Given her personality, she risks her life to help Wook one last time - out of guilt, out of her loyalty to her late cousin, out of whatever residual feeling she has left for 8th. She succeeds in getting his life saved but causes a permanent rift in her relationship with So. 

    4. Wook reflects on the sequence of events and figures out that his sister has betrayed him for GJ. By then, Jung will have gotten wind of Soo's decision to leave with him. 

    5. So gets the late King's edict to betroth Soo to Jung. He refuses to acknowledge the edict. Jung shows the hairpin as proof of Soo's decision. The sight of his token of love to Soo hurts GJ deeply. Baek Ah realises the significance of Soo's request and is devastated. 

    6. Wook loses all hope in his life and family. He confronts GJ for a final show down - tells him the truth about the poisoning incident, YH's involvement and why he couldn't save Soo. He pulls everyone into the blackhole with him - if he has to suffer, GJ and YH will have to suffer along. Soo becomes the collateral damage in this confrontation.

    7. GJ is devastated by Wook's confession and links her determination to save Wook as a sign of her love for Wook. He confronts Soo and she admits to her past relationship with Wook. GJ tells her that he doesn't want to see her anymore and she has the permission to leave the palace. 

    8. Soo leaves the palace and Songgak for good. Before she steps out of the gilded cage, she looks back with tears in her eyes and memories of the past flashing before her. Soo knows she will never see the palace again. 

    9. GJ looks from afar with tears streaming down his face. Memories of happier times flashing before him. WS is inconsolable but GJ soldiers on. He fulfils his promise to YH to give her an heir. 

    10. Time skip. Soo starts life anew with Jung in exile. A celebration of marriage is prohibited between them but Jung is happy to have Soo by his side and tries his best to make her happy. Soo misses So deeply and continues her writing every day. 

    11. GJ continues to consolidate his empire. He has spies in Jung's household. Jung is aware of it. GJ gets reports on Soo and Jung regularly. 

    12. Jung creates an illusion of intimacy between him and Soo for the spies to report back to GJ, mainly to rile GJ. GJ is devastated that Soo has finally moved on from him and orders that reports on Jung's household must not be presented to him from here on. 

    13. In the mean time, Soo's health continues to deteriorate. She knows her end is near. Asks Jung to help her to deliver a letter to GJ. She hopes to see him one last time. 

    14. Jung accedes her request. Notices her handwriting is too similar to GJ's. He puts her letter in another envelope with his handwriting on the envelope. 

    15. Letter reaches GJ. GJ doesn't read it. 

    16. Soo dolls herself up the best that she can. Deteriorates rapidly.

    17. GJ dreams of Soo. His right arm where he was once wounded aches terribly. 

    18. Soo gives up hope that So will come to her. She asks Jung to cremate her right away after she dies and throw her ashes into the ocean/lake on a windy day. She wants to forget all of them. She asks him to let go of the past and live on fruitfully. Soo doesn't leave any last words for her beloved. She dies in Jung's arms. Soo finally leaves Goryeo behind. We see a solar eclipse transporting Soo back to modern time the moment she passes on. 

    19. Jimong sees the solar eclipse and sighs for the loss of his kindred spirit Soo. He knows she is gone. 

    20. Words finally reach GJ and Baek Ah that Soo has passed away. He is shocked beyond words. He scrambles for the unread letter. He finds it and opens it with trembling hands. He sees Soo's handwriting for the first time. Reads the letter while the audience weeps with him. All inconsolable. Ambulance and medics should be on standby at LJG's fan meeting. 

    21. GJ and Baek Ah arrives at Jung's residence. Fight ensues. Baek Ah stops them, asks them to let Soo leave in peace after being sandwiched between all the brothers for the past 10 years. 

    22. So enters Soo's room to find her belongings - the hairpin, the arrow, stacks of her writing...So breaks down once again. He knows she left with him etched in her heart. There was no room for anyone else. He was her eternal love, just like she is to him. She is completely his person, always and forever. Need more back up on ambulance and medics - many are suffering from excessive sobbing and heart aches.  

    23. So takes her ashes back to Songgak. Jimong tries to explain to GJ about Soo/Ha Jin - offends GJ and is banished. So and Baek Ah throws her ashes into the ocean or Dongji lake as per her wishes. GJ mulls on Soo's odd ways and concludes that he will find her one way or the other. 

    24. GJ lives for another 20+ years, misses Soo everyday. GJ tries to leave clues for the future Soo/Ha Jin. Dies on a solar eclipse in 975. 

    25. Time skip 1000 years to modern day Seoul. Your guess is as good as mine. Let's hope for a good ending with all the loose ends tied up nicely. 

    Will we all be alright on Tuesday night? I am going to ask my hubby and kids to stay out of my way from 9pm. 

    My heart ached and tears welled up in my eyes as I read your post and imagined the scene when Soo passes away without seeing So one last time, leaving the man she loves dearly behind with unbearable pain and sorrow that never goes away :bawling: Gosh, no matter how many times I've reminded myself that this is only a drama, I still can't get rid of the feeling that I'm experiencing So-Soo's misery myself. Until now I still can't believe that I did miraculously finish watching ep 18. I had initially planned to wait another week for the release of the final two episodes and watch three episodes back-to-back later, but on second thought I need to prepare myself for the final blows thrown by the writer of this show, who has been quite successful in ripping my heart out and playing with it, so I just took a deep breath and decided to watch it. It hurts to see So-Soo start growing apart and the rift between them getting bigger and deeper with each move they make. *Sigh* How I wish for this drama to come to an end, the earlier the better, since I can't take it no more, but once it does I know I'm gonna miss our OTP very much (I'm in conflicting mode now :tears:)

    By the way, I really like the ambulance and medics part. They're exactly what we need during the broadcast of the finale. I hope my family will not have to call one for me next week *praying* :sweatingbullets:

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  7. 52 minutes ago, jadecoral said:

     The message the writer wants to give us is: Always have a rose petaled bath when you're thinking about putting your son on the throne.

    Haha, your comment made me laugh when I was too upset with all the things that are about to happen. Yeah you're right, we had Queen Yo who successfully applied that method and now YH is doing the same. Those two wicked women should have gone to hell together hand in hand so they wouldn't be lonely (they could either become friends as they are so much alike or continue their hostile talks out of detestation for each other) and left the world in peace :sweatingbullets:

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  8. I feel like my heart has been ripped apart after reading your live recaps and watching ep 19 preview :bawling: I'm afraid what's going to happen to our OTP next week will be far beyond my ability to endure and perhaps I might get a panic attack. In the preview I notice a scene when YH is having a bath in candle light but don't tell me that she's going to spend the night with So :( That evil snake becoming So's queen is already too much to bear so if she's gonna do it with him (I know in history she did, however at this point isn't it too soon and too cruel for us to witness that?), I wonder what kind of message the writer wants to deliver to us. Does he/she want to encourage us to live a comfortable life at the cost of others and willingly destroy someone else's happiness as long as it will gain us what we desire? I wish for a severe punishment that will serve her right but unfortunately it seems unlikely to happen if they choose to follow history closely (Geez just imagining she will live a long life and have 5 children with So makes me wanna pull my hair out :crazy:)

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  9. 11 minutes ago, ilovecoffeeandbooks said:

    Also, was it just me or was anyone else bothered they chose to play the Death Song during Queen Yoo's death scene... I'm sorry, that song is reserved for good people who don't deserve to die. You should have gotten an out of tune bagpipe playing over your death or something (though that would ruin WS's tearful revenge scene and that was beautiful). 

    Like seriously, Lady Hae, Court Lady Oh, Eun and Seon Deok, .....and Evil Queen?! *sigh*

    100% agreed. The evil hag doesn't deserve that beautiful song. Playing it during her death scene makes her equal to Lady Hae, Court Lady Oh...? -> NO WAY!!!!!

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  10. A No.1 rating and more than 1500 pages on this thread -> Congrats to all of MLSHR cast and supporters ^^

    The rating has cheered me up and brightened up my day a little bit. Honestly, ep 18 preview has put me in quite a dull mood, worrying about the forthcoming separation of our OTP and whether the writer is kind-hearted enough to show his/her sympathy for So-Soo and let them have a happy ending (in modern era of course). As someone who has already watched the c-version, I know the day So is parted from Soo will come eventually as it's a significant part in the depiction of their relationship, but witnessing it actually happen on screen for the second time will definitely take me on another emotional roller coaster ride, which I have been on quite frequently since I bumped into this drama, and break my poor heart :bawling: (At this point let's not mention that damn wedding ceremony between So and wicked YH which we might have to see because it would just add to our pain!) 

    Pls writer, can you show us some mercy by letting So-Soo meet again in present time with their memories intact (I personally loathe the idea of Soo/Ha Jin travelling back to the future with all of her painful regrets and meeting So's reincarnation who has no memories of their encounter in the past. I'd rather see them both forget everything and have a fresh start than see one of them leading a life of torments while the other is completely ignorant about it *cry a river*). Geez, this drama has been torturing me mentally and it will take me some time to recover after it finishes (this time it's gonna be much harder to do so as I'm obsessed with So's character more than I did with the 4th prince in the c-ver), yet I can't stop myself from watching (God pls bless me so I can be strong enough to take whatever kind of ending the writer will throw at us :cry:)

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  11. 14 minutes ago, 29bellevie said:

    Hey everyone! Just watched ep 14 and like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoyed the So-Soo scenes. I had to rewatch the scene of the being honest with each other, what a deep and sweet relationship they're developing!!

    Can anyone answer the question of why the little prince (can't remember his number...) and his wife Seon Deok must be killed in order to make the rebellion successful? (or did I misunderstand something??)

    I was asking the same question until I remember in the episode when the princes found out about HS being married off to an old man (whom at that time they didn't know was the King), Eun did say that he would request his grandfather's help to save HS so it probably means his grandfather must be quite powerful to be able to have a say in that matter. Plus, Eun's wife is the daughter of General Park who undeniably has proved great loyalty to the late Kings. My guess is that Wook may warn Yo about Eun's family's influence and suggest him to annihilate the whole clan in order to protect and strengthen his position as a King. However, I really hope that this time the preview is misleading us again and that we won't have to witness the cute, innocent couple getting killed, at least not by WS himself :bawling:

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  12. This is my first time seeing sports live recaps on a drama thread. You guys are incredible, thanks for making it less of a pain for me during the postponement of the long-awaited ep 14. Never had I thought that there would come a day when I would pay close attention to the highlights and scores of a baseball match like what I just did =))

    I've heard that the game is finally over and the new episode will start in a few moments. Yayyyyyy ^^ It seems that our earnest prayers were heard after all and I'm so grateful for that :lol: Can't imagine how desperate I would feel if there were only one episode this week but thank God it didn't happen. The highly anticipated kiss will be either on ep 14 or ep 15, so we will get to see it anyway (no need for another week long wait ;) )

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  13. Come home drained and exhausted after spending a whole day fighting all those work deadlines (having to go to the office at weekend is merely a torture >"<) but that kissing picture of our So-Soo couple has saved my day :blush: Luckily, my weekend isn't ruined completely and I have something to hold onto until the release of new episodes. I think I will just keep looking at that pic, swooning over their cuteness and sweetness, and let my imagination run wild :phew:  It looks like we're gonna see a double kiss because there is no way WS can let HS get away with stealing a kiss from him without paying her back, right ;) The only thing that makes me nervous is whether I can survive if the kiss will be in ep 15 instead of ep 14, which means another week to wait (NOOOO, I don't even want to think about it :cry:) If that's the case then the person who leaked that pic out in the first place should be punished for testing and playing with our fragile hearts :angry:

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  14. 1 hour ago, violet90 said:

    MORE BAD NEWS.....

    this is just a rumor nothing confirm yet on SBS side....

    IF they continue to air the Baseball Tournament it will effect 3 weeks of MLSHR..this drama won't be air on monday (10/10 , 17/10 ,24/10) due to the tournament....

    w.....t...... even they thinking.. the rating starting to go up and now this... it will effect the rating and airing schedule......

    SBS get a grip pls....!!

    That would be such a nightmare to all of us. I told myself to be optimistic but now I'm doomed :bawling: I'm praying hard that it won't happen. Pls SBS, you won't be that cruel to us MLSHR lovers and supporters, will you? I think they're already aware of how the rating of MLSHR has been up and down so probably there will be a proper alternative airing schedule.

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  15. 7 hours ago, meahri_1 said:

    Annyeong chingudeul,

    I have potential bad news. Episode 14 may not be airing as scheduled due to a baseball tournament. 



    So sad TT_TT I've been replaying ep 14 preview countless times in my efforts to sustain myself until ep 14 is officially broadcasted but what am I gonna do now??? It's like having a bucket of cold water splashed in my face :bawling:

    It was not easy for the rating of MLSHR to climb up a bit, so I'm afraid the decision to postpone airing ep 14 might have adverse impacts on it. Baseball is not really my cup of tea but I've never come to hate it this much (sorry all baseball fans, I'm acting irrationally out of my obsession with MLSHR :sweatingbullets:) Trying to be optimistic, I hope SBS will make it up for our suffering with a better edited episode which is worth the wait (by saying that I mean the new episode will feature a lot of beautiful, romantic moments of our OTP :wub:)

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  16. Just now, ratgirlina said:

    I am hanging just slighty. I love ws too much to abandonen him now.

    Any news of ratings for ep 12? Did it affect international viewership? Especially china?

    According to AGB Nielsen, the rating of ep 12 is 7.9% and MLSHR is the only drama that witnessed an increase in its rating (ratings of the other two dramas which were aired at the same time dropped a bit). 

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  17. 1 hour ago, gentlelily12 said:

    In consensus 200%...i dont think i can bear to see even another hug let alone kiss between HS and WW.  There is no way the second lead will be able to replace or take the love of first lead here from HS.  (Honestly WS's screentime doesnt seem to allow him to shine much...but LJK being LJK is an excellent actor who delivers any role you give him and impacts the audience who watches him.  His eyes reflects his emotions that you feel his every feeling in that scene.)

    Everyone is just waiting for HS-WS love to blossom into full bloom but we keep getting the lingering feelings of love from HS towards WW when now its already Ep 12. (Seriously!!!) Sadly this is pre-produced and i sometimes wonder if WS's role here had being shortchanged by the writer as I am getting extremely tired to see Soo still hanging onto WW's rather selfish love....FRUSTRATING!!!!


    Can't agree more. If only we had more than 8 episodes left then I would have no complaints about HS's lingering feelings for Wook at all but unfortunately we didn't. Now I doubt whether she will be able to put an end to her relationship with Wook and cut all romantic ties with him in ep 13. Even if she did manage to do that, she would probably need some more time (again!) to get over it, wouldn't she? (which means So-Soo ship cannot sail yet for at least one or two more episodes). If she abruptly has a change of heart and turns to WS then I'm afraid her love for him can't convince me. I'm wondering what the writer would put into WS and HS's relationship to depict their intense, passionate and persistent love that will be embeded in their hearts forever as now there are only 8 episodes remaining but too many unresolved issues and plot holes. 

    On a side note, I think we've had enough of HS and WW's moments. One more hug or kiss between them will knock me out completely, but I firmly believe that won't happen unless the writer wants to troll us viewers and adds his/her name to the list of the most "daring", "unbelievable" screenwriters to avoid when picking up a drama to watch.

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  18. Okay, normally I would avoid sharing my opinions about a new episode before I can watch it with full subtitles but this time I really want to say something. After reading you guys' recaps and watching some cut videos, I feel that somehow all of my excitement and expectations for tonight's episode just go to waste. I thought that Wook-Soo ship already sank the moment she watched him turn away and leave her in that rain but I was terribly wrong. So far I've never been this disappointed with HS, or rather, the writer of this drama as I am now. I got it that HS doesn't want to accept WS's feelings and fall into his loving arms just yet after all the traumas she's been through. She's having a tough time so I'm not blaming her for doing that. However, her stubborness and clinginess towards Wook are beyond my knowledge to comprehend. I had hoped for her to confront WW with all her might and require an explanation from him but instead she asked "Do you miss me?" (!?) At this point I'm totally speechless. What else does she need to realise that she's given her heart to the wrong person? Maybe she needs him to betray her a few more times so that she can make up her mind. I can't believe I've waited a whole week just to see this happen. The way the writer keeps dragging Wook-Soo romance is driving me crazy. HS has said before that she believes if she doesn't change first then those whom she cares for won't change either, which can be translated to me that she needs to see a change in Wook to take actions. Her indecisiveness and passiveness that are purposely prolonged episode after episode is something I cannot stand. Sorry you guys if I'm talking nonsense here, I will still stick to this drama till the end and hopefully it won't let me down any further.

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  19. 28 minutes ago, SizzlerZ said:


    In the C-version does anyone other than the 13th prince find out she's from the future? Does the 4th prince find out?

    As far as I remember, the 13th prince and the 4th prince are the only ones who know. The 4th prince didn't find out himself but Ruoxi told him instead. He didn't believe it completely at first, however after Ruoxi died, the 13th prince reminded him that Ruoxi once said she was transported to their era from the future and that's when he decided to believe it, hoping that they could meet again someday. He even made that classic statement "If you can't come to my world, then I will go to your world and find you", which lays the foundation for a sequel that came out later.

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  20. 51 minutes ago, ratgirlina said:

    gawwdd. i have tons of works i have to do. my boss is waiting for a report asap. but i just cant help it. i keep checking soompi for new stills or spoilers.

    so are we sure taejo's death will be in ep 12? it's just as much as i love the pace of the story, if possible i prefer soo back in the palace sooner rather then later. and that can only happen after taejo's death and CP became king.

    what about how he die? i think the trailer was misleading, taejo died of a disease, not of murder




    Agreed. I also think the trailer is misleading as always :D In the long trailer there is a scene of Baek Ah and Woo Hee hugging each other and smiling happily so I doubt that her plot to assassinate the King would be successful. Ep 12 preview makes it appear to us that she will stab the King at a banquet/ritual where she is performing a sword dance and Baek Ah seems to be witnessing it in shock. However, if that really happened WH would be arrested on the spot and there would be limited chance for her to get away with that murder, let alone develop a romantic relationship with Baek Ah. In the previous episode the King almost had a stroke during the execution of Court Lady Oh and I believe the pain of losing her has taken its toll on his health (I remember there is a voice of someone advising him not to attend the event in ep 12 preview, maybe because of his health conditions?), hence it would be no surprise if he suddenly collapses in the middle of the ceremony and then passes away.

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  21. 3 hours ago, MoOnLoVeRz said:


    HS's rejection of WS's proposal is expected. She's just lost Court Lady Oh and her "candy lover" turned his back on her right at the moment she thought he was her last hope. At present, life to her is a terrible nightmare in which she wishes for nothing but being woken up. I'm okay with her turning WS down for now but hopefully she will be able to recover and move on soon enough. Let's say, she will avoid So for around one more episode (Pls writer, don't drag it over two or three more episodes, I'm starting to lose my patience >"<), then something will happen as the final push and motivation for her to open up to him and love him back. Only 9 episodes left and I really need to see our OTP having a happy time together for a few episodes before their relationship is hit by a storm later on. HS yah, pls wake up and see for yourself who is the one you can trust and rely on. You saw it with your own eyes that Wook had left you behind and walked away while WS chose to stand by your side on that day in the pouring rain. If that can't open your eyes then I don't know what can. Pls don't waver no matter what excuses Wook would use to defend himself and don't let his words blind you again. It would be a huge disappointment if you did :cry:


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  22. 1 hour ago, lilinguyen said:

    I thought it's 7.4% base on Tnms rating??? http://www.tnms.tv/rating/default.asp?sNdate=20160926&menu=Gi_Daily look at no.19


    And btw, i don't really understand why Wang So has to keep drinking tea? He knows it has poison after drinking 1 cup right? 

    Well I read it from another forum and they say it's 7.1% according to AGB Nielsen. There are two different systems of rating measurement - AGB and TNmS and as far as I know, the TNmS rating is normally a little higher than that of AGB. It doesn't really matter to me anyway, the fact that ML's rating has improved is enough to brighten up my day :wub:


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  23. Wow, this thread is rocketing to the Moon. More than 700 pages? You guys gotta be kidding me :D I run out of breath trying to catch up but still love it ^^
    Anyway, pls excuse me if someone has already mentioned this but I'm too excited to let it go - The rating of last night's episode is 7.1% Hurrayyyyy \^o^/ I really wanna jump up and dance around the room happily if I could (but I'm in my office and telling myself to calm down instead ;) ) For the 1st time my biased drama has reached the level of 7%, I'm grinning like a fool now :blush:

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  24. 36 minutes ago, kilovekyo said:

    :tears: oh gosh what happened to Hae Soo? i got shock see the pics, Wang Sooo....please take care her, as i said in my previous post maybe.. he will get angry how people around him done this to Hae Soo, he will hate it and maybe took revenge.

    @MoOnLoVeRz thank you for pics.

    Please sharing with us chingu who knew story from C version about this scenes, thank youu T_T poor Hae Soo and Wang So, they're cruel.

    You can back read one or two pages and there's already a rough translation of the text review for the next episode (Sorry I don't remember the exact page number so I can't give it to you). The K-adaptation has taken a different route to the C-ver but if you're still keen on knowing what happened in the original version then here it is:


    In C-version, the 8th prince and his gang set up a plan against the 4th prince (it has been so long so I no longer remember what he did exactly :) ). However, the 13th prince took all the blame on himself in order to protect his 4th brother whom he has been so close with and received the punishment from the King. In that situation the 4th prince couldn't do anything otherwise the King would think that he was involved in the 13 prince's case and was eyeing the throne. Ruoxi, however, couldn't stand watching her best friend being placed under house arrest without doing anything. The rain scene occured when she was trying to save the 13th prince by begging for the King's forgiveness. She kneeled in the rain for hours and after the 4th prince learnt about that he went to find her and shielded her from the rain. He also gave her a hug and it has become an iconic scene of the drama.


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  25. 19 minutes ago, violet90 said:

    i been backtrack all the post and i read the director said its sadder than c version??????????

    what even i read now??? i mean i don't think any drama will surpass BBJX sad love story.. no its not really sad but heartbreaking and heart wrenching one... the love between the lead is so deep but the hate between them is running deep as well.. the betrayal , the misunderstanding and last but not least Ruoxi hate the emperor so much but love 4th deeply... its make you exhausting to watch them , to cry with them also to strangle them to death.. 

    how can the director top that story???? what else he can throw in WS and HS relationship to make it more miserable??? gosh it make me kinda nervous about how to cop with what will coming in our way in OTP love story...


    OMG, I didn't know the director said this drama is sadder than the original C-version. It took me a long time to get over the ending of BBJX so this time I ask for nothing else other than a less heartwrenching ending for our OTP. What the director said makes me as nervous as you. If HS and WS's relationship has to go on a rockier path which will brings them more pain and suffering than what Ruoxi and Yinzhen went through, I don't think I will be able to bear that :bawling:


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