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  1. I’m in the same predicament. I need to study and focus on work. But everyday I come on here and watch some Mvs. Not as crazy as before but I think it’s because I’ve been working a lot.
  2. I must’ve missed it but what ep is the second gif crying scene? Was that right after minmin disappeared?
  3. Oh that ending sucks! I don’t like the second one very much either because it seems he’s not 100% love zm, only thinking he does.... hmmm yeah no. I’ll take this 2019 version any day! He’s very committed to her. Thank goodness.
  4. I can't quite move on either. I want too but it's so hard. I haven't been rewatching but I still watch the gifs a lot and every single time I scroll through some I get hooked. UGh. And then I go watch the MVs. It's an endless cycle.
  5. What were the three promises? Loved the mv but couldn’t understand what they were saying.
  6. You are so on point about this. She never received any consequences. She doesn’t even feel sorry for what she did. Arggh. And she got away so easily still with her position of sect leader and wj forgiving her. It doesn’t matter if yl is alive at the end because it still doesn’t justify her actions. The director or writer for zzr made her character kinda gray and let her off too easily. They try to make us feel sorry for her (which I don’t at all) and forgive her. Mehhh. Pass. I don’t quite remember other versions of zzr. Did she get off quite easily too? I liked the 2000 version where she lost her memories. And 2009 version she showed more remorse I think?
  7. Even without his voice I thought he was super charismatic and cool. But his voice does bring it up a notch! @LaurenPanna I miss them. I just rewatched a bunch of their gifs!
  8. LOL at the “hint as big as a rock”. I always thought that she wouldn’t tell him if she can get away with it with whatever lies she can come up with but yeah, it’s a little too obvious.
  9. @jackieusa oh yeah. If it was zm, I don’t think he’ll just leave her with someone else honestly. When I watched that scene, I was like haha he doesn’t care about her like zm. Every time zm faints or is hurt he alsways ask if she’s okay.
  10. I totally skipped the first part of the series and started at the GMD arc. So it didn’t bother me at all. And yes my fav WJ too!
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