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    i was wondering can i have this weekend episode on megaupload please and thanks.

































  2. hi yall i am a big fan of SHK for one thing don't believe every single news on the Vietnamese site because they aren't that trustworthy. how i know because I have read some of the news about an vietnamese artis that are over in the state when they came back to vietnam to visit they would say that the artis died during the plane crash or that person have died in vietnam. And for the any news about SHK or other artis that you like read it from the korean news don't read it from the Vietnamese news ok. For god sake what really happen to her after the relationship of her and HB came out we haven't heard any from her or what is going to do for her next project anything at all no movie no maz or anything at all, is getting a looooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg vaction or what.

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