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  1. Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me... 1. It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic music at the end with a sunset backdrop. The plot already made a big deal about it was Samuel's garden for his beloved wife that he was picky not to be touched. The playground was their garden. Very true to the humble character of JH and his ordinariness despite extraordinariness. (That ending would have been classically great as well but feels rather Kdrama 2000s?) 2. It ends with a proposal on public stairs, not a white wedding down church/donghua hotel hall aisle. Less is more. Perfectly understated. No cheesy knee bend, candles lit with flower petals every where etc.. Although I can certainly appreciate a Nottinghill ending scene, with pregnant SH napping head resting on the lap of her husband reading a book in the park, but that would be rip off. Besides, the drama is called 'Boyfriend'. 3. Time jump. So it took him a whole year of 'proper dating' before asking her to marry... Or is it the nth time, judging by their reactions? (Kind of open to interpretation. The way they played it, she wasn't even surprised. It could have been a private joke the audience was not privy of? ) 4. Side Characters. Like the realistic and open ending for all the side Characters. Justice is served. The mothers may have been the biggest barriers, but the 2 mothers changed the most because of the love of their daughters/sons. The unrequited love story for the side characters remains delightfully open ended... 5. A love poem about love conquers all? Examination of love. How people use it, show it, abuse it, control it, unleash it. Ultimately how selfless love triumph and break through social conventions, class barriers, eventually conquers all. Those chose kindness and selflessness leads to a good ending. You choose love, or does love choose you? The villain chairwoman is the only one who did not choose to love selflessly (love that actress) and she paid the dearest price of all from beginning to end. Love is the theme motivate and permeate between all the decisions and emotions. Romantic, Friendship, Parents/Child, Siblings, Colleagues, Loyalty, Ex/Almost love etc.. Love is kind, Love is patience, Love also redeems, Love corrupts. The only one who remains self- absorbed, abuses is the Group Chairwoman, whose fate is certainly doomed since their 'encounter' in Cuba a year ago. If she had listened to her son, she wouldn't have ended up where she did in the end. Had the couple not met, she is likely to be still happily corrupt and rule the business world, and very likely to continues to emotionally abuse the ex-in laws and her own child. Their encounter really affects their social circle/family in a big way.
  2. A big thank you to the Encounter/Boyfriend team for setting new milestones to the Kdrama Romance genre, challenged and reinvented a few conventions, break a few molds and finally delivered this scrumptious satisfying ending that is simply best of its class. Thank you to the boards for sharing your interesting thoughts, and glad the show ending managed to have sidestepped all the things we were worried about rather gracefully. So rare I don't even feel cheated - rare from TVDrama these days. Knowing the schedules of these productions, this is a superb and rare feat, well done to the team. This exquisite little gem again reaffirming SHK as the queen of the genre/Kdrama and PBG as the millennial leading man, successfully breaking away from the pretty boy image - > Gorgeous Man with serious acting chops, clearly tries hard with so much sincerity and improvements with every episode, you can't help but want to cheer for him along the way and fall in love with him throughout the journey. This series had this green grape from the beginning turning into this fine delicious champagne with a lovely and addictive aftertaste. Whereas the ice queen with thorns turned into this adorable goofy marshmallow 'girlfriend' with a heart of gold by the end, and I can't get enough of them!! The actors deserve all the recognition and accolades soon coming their way. Their fantasy journey of 'selfless love conquers all' ultimately provide the much needed antidote and hope in the current climate of give and take. The proposal scene was simply lovely and adorable, rather glad they didn't go for an overly sappy/predictable happy ending. It lingers and left me with a satisfying smile (+ happy tears of course!) at the end, which will last for days/ weeks / months ... isn't that what we all hope for? (rewatch factor during new snowfalls x 100)
  3. Major Squeeeee....hugging a puppy!!! I couldn't stop grinning since watched ep 10. Oh!! How I absolutely adore the pace and character development of this total gem. Finally, we have a couple that are equally effortlessly interesting, each moving forward, problem-solving in the most natural and none contrived way Anyone says the SHK and PBG are bad actors just need to bear in mind that they filmed all Cuba sequences before ep 2,3,4 - 9. Especially SHK, how closed up, emotionally empty, putting up a shield from the outer world from the beginning, to this part of their relationship, much more open, demure and even a bit flirty. Yet somehow it didn't hurt the dramatization of their relationship in linear terms. It also indicates their first kiss (filmed later) was deliberately sweetly measured. Love this drama so much including all the minor characters - the secretary/ big bar brother / cupid driver Nam all need a happy ending. Goosebumps at the cafe note discovery part... so well acted and directed. Proof he showed affection first. I also appreciate the attention they paid to the costume color contrast from the last time they were in Cuba - which indicates their character growth. She is now in white like he was in the beginning, and he is now the more sophisticated maturing man with well groomed city hair, and clothes dictated by the grey/black tie colour paletted she styled him. In other words: she changed/made him, he changed /made her. They complement each other perfectly. Love the black and white silent movie epilogue insert (like from episode 1), where the previous Cupid Cuban concierge manager reappeared again inadvertent helping the couple by moving those 'funny looking words' note from the back of the notice board for her to see. Really cute reaction from the guard as well as they kiss. Havana is indeed a most fairy tale (like the literal meaning of CJH's hotel: Dong Hua = 'Fairy Tale' Hotel) city for them, the city of the most romantic drama we have seen in a while... hope they learn by now, they are growing stronger fight for each other! 6 episodes to go... Whoohooo.... go fight for love!!
  4. OT Trivia PBG's former leading lady Kim Yoo Jung played baby Hwang Jin Yi, in the SHK movie years ago. So it is inevitable he progress to the adult version eventually... The kid on the bottom right who played Hwang Jin Yi's love interest as a child, even looks a bit like kid Park Bo Gum.
  5. Some beautiful thoughts and great observations at halfway point of this magical series. Keep them coming, love reading them! Spoiler alert: Thank our lucky prayers, it turned out to be one of the most naturally romantic kisses we have had in a while in Kdrama land. Totally swoon-worthy. I actually appreciate it is not so much in your face (give them time to learn/progress lol!). It was a tentative and shy sweet first kiss that felt right and natural for the characters and where they are in the relationship. (Plus they went for seconds/thirds, so it wasn't like cheating! ) I am glad 'Encounters' kept up with the original promise and kept up with the plot pace that kept true to the characters whilst avoiding obvious pitfalls. I simply love the CSH character growth, that somehow in the face of overwhelming ridiculous hurdles, remained principled, dignified, eventually brave to face up her feelings that lead to actions. It was KJH who has given her the courage and enforced her confidence to fight, but she still respects his feeling enough to let him stay true to who he is, to abide by his decisions. She also confronted with the sneaky hotel manager through decisive reasoning rather than bully/blackmail him into anything. I am sure it pains her to have the power but still feels helpless because she respects others to come to their own decisions. It really separates her from the likes of her mother and mother in law, that has the power and completely abuse and enforce them for self-interests. Again, the relationship dynamic remains balanced and their character growth feels natural, as their rise above the hurdles placed upon them, maturely, true to their characters. Like drama without the obvious theatrics, and I really appreciate the thoughts and careful direction behind them. As some posters have already cleverly pointed out, this drama is full of metaphors, use of heightened symbols or semiotics in the established fantasy genre. This week's theme is all about the big 'reveal/reflect' beneath the surface. Where every character has finally revealed themselves at this point of who they are, including the fiancé , the destiny DateApp couple.. Cutest bearded cupid ever who is incapable of masking, CSH's dad is squarely in her corner etc.. The use of through a looking glass (camera that focuses and frames the person even more clearly, The most precious possession he has), mirrors that reflect in her office, masquerade masks that hides and reveals, masked characters (ice Queen, Tinman from wizard of Oz/ knight - who is known to be brave, sensitivity to their friends, who is looking for a heart) can bring out the romanticism for the most poetic psychoanalysis. So far, this drama is the perfect concoction of Xmas Winter desserts: the delicacy of a souffle, the tanginess, and loveliness of winter berries, the creamy center of sweet kisses of pure joy, with slight bitterness and addictiveness of coffee and brandy in between. Repeat and Rinse? Hope we get a glorious memorable ending that it deserves, with a cherry on top. Big creds to the SHK and PBG, they are settling into their roles nicely.. and ever so gorgeously. A good hair day indeed. Love the epilogue, the difference between KJH and the former husband. One see/think on what they want to see - he is his mother's child after all. One act based on what they instinctively knows based on their sensibility to think beyond themselves and put others first.
  6. So it finally took this little gem for me to delurk... ha.. been a member since 2006... and happy to say Hye Kyo's latest return drama is totally worth it! From the first time we see her in Autumn in my heart...almost 2 decades later, her natural subtle acting style has become sublime and exquisite. What incredibly high quality first 4 episodes, I am a little taken back, to be honest. To the point, I am fearful of the inevitable dread that the show may not able to sustain this intricate poetic 'dreamlike' quality for the rest of the series due to the typical time rush, production crazy hours, actors overworked, poor lazy writing we have come expect from lack of time and tiredness, stretching episodes due to high ratings etc... How many episodes are they filming ahead? So far, the directing, acting, editing, the cinematography, music editing, artistic direction, pacing, costumes all screams labour of 'love' - how everything all weaved together has been A++ grade, and sometimes so masterful and surprising, the standard has become immeasurable. Romantic melodrama at its very bests - world class. Too often we see tired cliches recycled as fillers for plots that the show rests entirely on the actor's charisma (look at Yun Eun Hye's latest drama, sad to say), but 'Boyfriend' very much like 'My sassy girl' has the potential to become an instant classic demanding repeat viewings. Symphonic masterful reinterpretation of old cliches in new original ways captured moments of heart fluttering unspoken poetry, planted with Easter eggs instead of spoon feeding the plots, bring up old feelings in new ways - implied, not overtly stated. The same reason we re-read poetry, reviewing master artworks time and time again the provoke feeling, memories despite their simplicity thanks to superb eloquence. Since episode 1, 'Boyfriend' has been subtly paying tribute to all these greatest romantic drama/films with their own nuanced spins at the right point of the story, hinting an homage to the likes of Roman Holiday (hints of Notting Hill, Strictly Ballroom, Serendipity etc..), and ultimate respect and celebration. The shots, carefully chosen colour palettes, the clues are all there, along with those glorious book ending animation sequences, and what little easter egg we can find. These are thoughtfully and sensitively put together, polished and poetic. I hope the rest of the series continue this level of intricacy and quality (not sure it is possible). Please please don't ruin it, as they did with some other series that always start strong, so promising, then dragged the rest of the series.. (Mr. Sunshine, Saimdang, Legend of Blue Sea) My 2 fav details (easter eggs) The most important cupid of their journey is the Hotel Havana Cuban concierge manager (rather Pretty Woman? Red dress!), who had not only advised CSH visit the beach location to observe the sunset by putting her in that taxi that eventually broke down (while adding the 'obligatory' comment on 'it is where people fall in love'), he also inadvertently pointed the secretary to the wrong location, which allows the couple a few hours to spend by themselves. He was also seen at the end of episode 1 in the black and white silent movie sequence, at the street cafe asking KJH to move to the next table, because he would like to sit at his usual table. Of course, a few minutes later, CSH's chauffeured car crashed to that 'lucky' table while breaking KJH's camera that brought CSH's attention to KJH for the first time. These series of unfortunate events/fates/serendipity are the reasons they met and fall in love halfway across the world and made the impossible possible. I wonder if they will revisit Cuba later on in the series, and the manager gets to make another guest appearance - in what capacity. KJH rushing back to her in Ep3 driving overnight was not simply because he is thinking of her. Any more than he had hoped on the small chance the song request is as if she is calling out for him made him rushing back to her. The fact she changed the subject immediately rather sheepishly (... uh.. I like the soup! Yeah right lol!) at breakfast is practically an admittance she did request the song against the odds, outside of her usual self, and is clearly is embarrassed by being caught. Something she'd never admit in a million years, that she was thinking of him, actually listened to her 'employees's' advise to listen to music on radio to help her to sleep instead of taking sleeping pills. Throughout the series, she gets caught out by him several times, drew to each other makes the relationship balanced and feelings building naturally. And we are only on episode 4!!! 'Goblin', and 'Love from another star' have all played around these themes well, but would be about ep 9-10. I am a little shocked how fast the feeling has been building and spilled over to result in the amazing ending (superb reinterpretation/edit of Pachelbel canon - homage to My SassyGirl ending reveal/affirmation) for ep4 so quickly, what are they going to do with the rest of the series? The unpredictability excites me. Just pray no silliness ruining it, please.
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