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    i don't like rice... but i love noodles... :sweatingbullets:
































































































































































































































































































































    for me it has to be harry potter.. i couldn't stand the twilight series... no offensive to anyone... it got so annoying... maybe it was the high school romance... i don't know... in harry potter, you got to see them all grow from kids into teenagers... not in twilight... i dunno... i gave up half way in reading the second book for the twilight series.... meyer, in my opinion is not as good of a writer as rowling... too teeny blooper for me... guess it works for junior/high school students.. :sweatingbullets:
































































































































































































































































































































    elliot lucca bag:
































































































































    -lv wallet
































































































































    -makeup bag (laneige sliding pact powder, oil absorbing sheets, clinique gloss wear, clinique colour surge impossibly glossy,macs lustre glass, two chap sticks, macs lip liner, macs powerpoint eye pencil, clinique long last lipstick and bobbi brown blemish cover stick)
































































































































    -marc jacobs sunglasses
































































































































    -canon powershot camera
































































































































    -house keys
































































































































    -car keys
































































































































































































































































    -lg chocolate phone

































































































































    does anyone else having problem downloading ep 6 from WITHS2 clubbox? it's weird I can't download it for days. does anyone knows any other clubbox that i can download it?
































































































































    You can download from creidesca's clubbox. The address is http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca2.
































































































































































































































































    does anyone have the episode with bi, cha taehyun, kim sunah (pt 1&2)?
































































































































    btw, i'm new to the thread. and i'm sorry if i'm breaking any rules by requesting. this will be the first and last time. i promise. BUT this is my favorite yashim man man episode!!!































































































































































































































































    do u want to watch it or download it... if you just want to watch it, you can search for it on youtube...

































































































































    I'm downloading from clubbox... When I'm downloading movies it works fine, but when I'm downloading music and subtitles it doesn't work.. can somebody tell me why?? :unsure:
































































































































    I think it just takes a bit longer to start downloading... because that always happens to me.. whenever downloading music or subtitle files... it takes a bit of time for it to start downloading... it can also be because not many ppl download the file... so it may take longer... i think...

































































  7. it seems there's a possilibity he entered army b4 he actually started his career... i'm wondering what's the minimum age for enlistment in Korea too. i know some countries, the minimum age is like 18.

    hmm. is there an exception as well, like being an only child or only son, that person does not have to undergo the military service?

    i don't think so because i remember Lee Byun Hyun is an only son, and he had to enlist into the army






    umm i was just wondering if the subs for ep 17 & 18 are up yet.. please dont get the wrong idea.. im not rushing the sub team or anything.. im just wondering because the main page doesnt seem to be updating soo ive spent the past 40 min looking for the subs.. im just wondering.. sorrY! ..please someone help me



    if u can't find them on daddicts, then theyre not up yet... subs for epi.15-16 just came out too so please stop asking..



  9. Hello! Can anybody help me please? :blush:

    I download the HQ raws from clubbox( touya & creidesca's)

    there seems to be a problem with epi 12... i can't play it using windows media or win classic... the other episodes worked fine (1-11, 13to 16) but not 12.. :unsure:

    I tried using my desktop comp and my laptop to play epi 12 but I got the same results... seems that there's a problem with the downloaded file. ( I downloaded it twice but from different clubboxes)

    Can anyone please tell me where to download a working epi 12 (preferably HQ) ?

    I know someone asked this question before but I can't find that page anymore :unsure:

    I download it from japaneseguy's clubbox... and his file is fine. so you should try his clubbox... hope it will turn out fine for you!!!






    can someone please please help me? I recently downloaded the subtitles for epi7 and 8 and some of the subtitle do not show on BSPlayer, i heard we are suppose to use Window Media Classic to be able to view the subtitle correctly. But I can't seem to load the subtitle file... When i try to, it tells me to change the video renderer type.. what's that? someone please help me.. thank you!!



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