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  1. OMG...Help me! It's 1am....and I have to prepare for school tomorrow but all i have in my head is THAT scene!!! *heart flutters*
  2. OMG!! THAT. KISS. SCENE!!!! My heart skipped several beats.....and I held my breath!!! OH. EM. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *faints* And THAT is how it should be done people!!
  3. And THIS!! THIS is the reason why usually, almost always, I wait until a drama finishes airing before I indulge in a drama marathon!! Cliffhangers are bad for the heart and mind!! Badddddd~~ It should be illegal for episodes to end on a kiss scene or even show preview of a kiss scene for the next episode. ILLEGALLLLLLLL~~
  4. Woahhh...He's going to be very busy! He also has to fly off to Hanoi, Vietnam as he'll be performing at "K-POP Concert - Daebak Vietnam 2019" on the the 24th August as well!!
  5. Scalpers are no joke....I came across your post and became curious about how much the scalp tickets are..and OMG...They are like 5-6 times it's original price!!!! >"< Even if I want to go (More like if I can go!)...and desperate..I can't justify forking out THAT much just so it'll benefit the greedy greedy people. That's is just sad!! >"<
  6. @cherkellGahhh...I'm still in the process of thinking whether or not to Seoul (I need more ammunition other than to fangirl! :P) Meeting new people would be GREAT ammunition!! haha And if I do decide to go, I sooooooooooo want to be there for the 27th but all my flights home are overnight and I have school on the Monday!! T_____T (And why are the return flights so crazy high at that time too! T____T) @Mai Stars I pretty much wasn't planning on going but I'm currently in dire need of a little get away....and luckily, the musical is still in run....*fingers crossed* ^^
  7. Hello hello. Delurking myself after a long while... But just wondering if anyone here is going to catch the musical during it's last week run next month?
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