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  1. Oh I really hope your right. It'd be a dam shame if they take and turn him into power mad wicked person and his love turns to a dark obsession that clouds his judgement. Please let him still. Our ever so sweet smithy.
  2. I hope so too. She needed this massive smackdown to wake and see the facts. She can't trust no one from "her family". She needs to play smart only Han grisly on her side everyone else is either fickle and not to be trusted at all. Will be interesting to see what she does as we have till December I'm guessing they ain't gonna test using grandma's DNA anytime soon
  3. Lord forgive me but the hand with bracelet we keep seeing dropping of the stretcher better be that wotless barmaid of hers. God she's vile.
  4. Yes finally, her I want to say be nice and naivety but it's her stupidity, has gotten her proper burnt this time. I really wanted it to happening cause she's just been too ridiculous. At least now weknow how they planning to drag this out till December. Clear evreyone down to the police are idiots. How is everyone so quick to believe people they didn't trust and have actually done something dodgy. The police should be runnign their own tests. Clear looks likeit's gonna be like in Golden Garden. Wickede mamma got knocked up with driver dude kid. Meaning Na Bi is a child of that house but mamma wasn't gonna let that money go, she lied about Na BI dad add greeed and granma favouring Bom to the mix and poor Bom didn't stand a chance. The need to run a test with granma DNA. Also the hypnotherapy was working sos why didn't she go back and get it done properly this time. Really hope this new turn of events will active he brain, she'll stop telling her business to everybody and start playing smart. Was gonna drop but still hanging on......
  5. Someone needs to gaffer tape up Bo Mi's mouth she chat too much and is too dam thick. There must be something in the water cause even Mr Han is slow on the uptake with all the clues. Not liking the preview for tomorrow. Grandpa better be ok. All these near misses the she devil is having is just annoying, she keeps getting away with everything.
  6. Yah my lovelies we made without having an aneurysm! Whoop whoop! We a live! What a ride. Crazy to the end. Like how the heck is ringing the bell. @chickfactor I like that saying. With the craziness the writer but us through it's only fair that she gives us the medicine too. I gave up trying to figure out the point of some things like Wae Sang's rapist. She could have easily been a one night stand, but guess it draws more sympathy towards WS. I am happy with the end. Glad HWS has turned over a new leaf cause Chil Bok deserves a good person by his side. Off course babies babies all around. So glad the secrets are out as folk (mainly PS) keeping things to themselves and bottling feelings played a big part in their problems. Yah WS got to be with his first love, plus his kid is so cute. So happy with how JS and her husband's relationship grew, they're so cute. Phew, Jin Sang finally manned up, thank heavens. Glad he went and sorted himself out before resuming contact with his family and the woman he fancied. Even the two oldies now have each other for company. Get in mum is finally reaping what she sowed. Looks like she scammed the wrong person her face all scarred up. Yet she hasn't changed, still blaming her kids. Probably her crazyass ring the doorbell, nobodies home b.... All it all please with the ending. Writernim be crazy, but the acting was great, they did really well, award worthwhile sure. Been grand sharing with y'all and reading your opinions. See you over on some other drama thread some where out there in drama land.
  7. @rolisrntex yes that scene is definitely worth rewatching. It was an awesome reality check for the Wangs. Mr Wang with his selfish self. He knows these kids still love each other but they can't be together according to him, granny, Madame Airhead and most of society it seems. Yet he doesn't mind reminding DR of her lost love each time she has to deal with granny. She will always be reminded of him so when is she meant to get over him? Ah I see her feelings and mental health doesn't matter as long his precious mummy is ok. Selfish git.It was good he told DR of as well and that she was there to hear it all. Like come to your senses, these people hold you no where, you owe them nothing, you don't deserve that treatment. I got your back, step away, it'll be ok. I too found HJ annoying at the start she literally forced her company on Mr Kang. However the moment he decided to accept and reciprocate her feelings he should have thought about what that meant with his criminal background in such a society and had firmed his heart to tell her as well as if by chance she sticks with him after knowing he would also stick by her no matter what and that would most likely mean moving somewhere where they can start anew where no-one knows them. He should have thought it all through BEFORE he showed her that he was interested too. But like I said it was like he was all caught up in cloud nine and forgot how harsh society can be. HJ also seems to make frequent visits to la la land because she shouldn't be forcing him onto her family. She is completely disregarding their right to be upset and their right to not forgive him. Here she too is being delusional and selfish. Even now the truth is out I hope she doesn't do a see it as an I told you so moment because at that time they hard all right to feel how they did but obviously absolutely none whatsoever to treat them like richard simmons though, so she can hold them accountable for that but not for not accepting him into the family.
  8. Oh I almost forgot. ... mmmwhhhhaa Daya getting her.... I can't wait to see her world come crashing down. Next week is gonna be glorious. I hope (not expecting) WDR leaves. Then as he's the oldest and WR is useless, plus Madame Park's need for DR, dad will finally get fed up with Madame Airhead and serve her the divorce papers. Let be alone just her and useless DY. Then HJ tells her family were to go and her and Mr Kang sail off into the sunset to start their new family. DR and WDR can be their neighbours. They can babysit for each other
  9. Finally watched this weekend episodes......hhhmmpphh Like seriously it's all well and good being nice but that doesn't mean you have to be a door mat. Why oh why has they turned Doran into a whimpering puppy. Like why is she apologising because WDR took it on his own volition to come to her. Since the spiteful mare keeps saying they are strangers, Doran should treat her as such and let her have both barrels, tell to richard simmons off and not to cross your path again. When she slapped her Doran should have clart a box back in her richard simmons. KMT writernim made our girl too spinless compared to how she started. I also agree with what some of you guys on the HJ Kang relationship. The moment he chose to reciprocate her feelings he should have now darn well what that meant. He should have made up his mind to reveal all. I always found it strange like what he was living in la la land expecting no repercussions if it came out. Never made any sense. Same with him sticking around once he realise who DR was. He knows what Korean society is like. He has no excuses..... LOONNGG strupes..kmt..... That preview. Kang best just be telling to go kick rocks..no easy forgiveness.....selfish bunch of people. WDR best be cutting ties if he plans to get back with DR (secret garden style would be ok....mind I personally wouldn't even let the see their grandkids but I digress). If he's not willing to cut ties then he needs to let her go. How can he love her and want her around people who treat her like that. That would make him part of the selfish bastards crew and he too can then go kick rocks.
  10. Don't think anyone paid of the loan shark. Why would they need to? It just straight up self preservation and opportunistic revenge. He didn't fancy prison and was pissed at Kang for daring to steal from him plus injuring him. He just killed two birds with one stone..
  11. Yes run b....ch, run! The gall of her, Poong Sang has his faults but for her to ever doubt he would sacrifice himself for any of them is the main reason why I couldn't stand the selfish cow, even though there's some pity. Wife beater finally did something useful introducing her to the bar owner. Now let the guilt eat her up. Mind knowing HWS she'll probably find a way to blame Point Sang mid-apology. I know many of us thought Poong Sang should have outed mum ages ago but you know what now that it's all coming out I'm begin to think it is probably better this way as they would always have doubted Poong Sang, let her actions and other people do the talking. JS sitting on the cusp of being human, he's still a selfish git at the moment, like if he was serious bout helping his brother he wouldn't keep doing what he doing. Add to that the way he's still soft on the mum when Jung Sang and him caught up to her, like he should've told her "you and I are going to find your tiefing man until then I ain't letting you out my sight", then go recover that money. He still has a long way to go to even be likeable. A little annoyed with Jung Sang she went against her brothers wishes without even considering the that fact that Joong Yi her own niece could be made an orphan if it went wrong. It didn't even cross her mind. I understand she's desperate but ffs show some concern at least. Come to think of it did she even show any for Bong Shil? As a doctor she of all people should understand the risks. Ah man I really hope they can get that money back. The grandpa can be annoying but he doesn't deserve that betrayal. Seeing him counsel BS and offer his liver, I felt so bad for him. BS so short sighted, she's put into jeopardy the only surety she and her daughter had. Surprised delusional rapist pregnant hasn't rocked up yet. I really hope the truth comes out in regards to her. I think WS was an easy mark cause he doesn't remember, but truth is it's not WS's baby, squirrel face gangster dude sent her to him or the real baby dad won't even spit on her so she came to him.
  12. She is indeed pitiful. I do think once the dust has settled her, Dani and SY will have a great friendship and could be a great support to each other.
  13. Lord have mercy I thought Bong Shil at least had some sense when it comes that succubus. I can't believe she did that to her dad, so pissed at her right now. Writernim needs to stop mudding the water, mum is sludge, there will be zero pity even if she was dragged up, she's a seasoned con woman turning on the waterworks when it suits and good at spinning a tale. Look now they are gonna loose that 20000, kmt. So dang predictable. Dam it my Summer Snow vibes seem to be correct..... So if WS dies is this brazen rapist female going to come cap in hand expecting the family to support her and the kid? Actually she seems the type that would drop the kid off outside their door and walk away. HWS needs to stop lying to herself with her selfish and self pitying self, using it as the reason for not donate. Even without JS crazy creepy behaviour wouldn't have done it. She saying to console herself. On the plus side JS and her husband's relationship is looking up, yah!
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