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  1. I'm agree with both of you @minmangfan and @park2park When I saw their off cam and then their on stage, I'm very happy with their off cam and little bit don't care with their on stage. Because I don't expect anything with their on stage but their off cam make me melting. And their non physical behavior speak more load than anything. Whatever their future later (I wish it will be wedding ), I'll cherish and happy with this moment. And when they leave the venue together, I feel like I'm getting bonus. With their secret behavior after WWSK then appear together, it's enough for me but then we have fancam they leave together, I almost couldn't believe with eyes last night.So I'll say thank you for them with their appearance together, talking and laugh at their seat and leave together. I wish the best for them and let's toast everyone. They give us too much in 1 one event.
  2. My PPC ship moment. At first, I watched almost of PSJ drama. Then when WWWSK air, I wasn't think watch their BTS, because I know PSJ always has good chem with his co stars. Then I saw their Viki interview in my youtube timeline, so I watched and I surprise their closeness and the way PSJ talk with PMY and later I saw their BTS and their press conference. PSJ like tease PMY.
  3. Her house to his house is 10 min. woah, I think their house will 30 minutes or 1 hour walk away.
  4. Count me in. I believe they're serious dating too. PSJ's answer and their body language make me think that. Edit: So I'll wait how it will end. Whatever the ending, I just hope they'll be happy.
  5. Happy to see PSJ and PMY smile although they're tired. Hope they'll enjoy their vacation and ignore Knets reaction.
  6. Nah, I'm waiting for this patiently and imagine they're keep contact each other with their busy schedule right now.
  7. I already watched almost all PSJ drama.And WWWSK make him glowing even after WWWSK, he still glowing.
  8. Hi, I'm just want introduction myself. Actually, I always check and read this thread. Before I am silent SSC shipper too. Back PPC, I never see their BTS before. And then I accidentally watched their Viki interview and I feel different vibes, the way PSJ talk to PMY and how close PMY to him, those viki interview has different vibe. And then I watch some of their BTS and interview, PSJ always make joke for PMY. And when the news comes out although they're denial and with their so many coincidence, no wonder they're so close like that. Their closeness is impossible only 2-3 months, right. I hope they will ended like SSC. It's okay if they always denial dating news. I don't need dating news. I need married news.
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