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  1. I agree with you.. I am capricorn as well.. as Capricorn, when I had serious relationship (but unfortunately we didn't make it cos something), I introduced him to my close circle first which is my parents.. but for the other I have thought in my mind will introduce him and announce our relationship when I would like to invite them to my wedding.. Capricorn will keep private regarding the relationship.. They will announce it when the relationship is getting serious and ready tie the knot particularly when we are in the age of marriage stage like BinJin (I am in the same age like BinJin as well).. this is just my experience
  2. I was surprised when i read your comment here because I thought this is mine but of course not, since I haven't given my comment here after I saw SYJ IG update this afternoon I have similar thought with you regarding SYJ after I saw her pic today by her IG. This thought just came out from my mind and I even told to my bestie who fan of SYJ as well, that maybe SYJ is in first trimester and suffering from morning sickness'. I've never had pregnancy experienced but I learnt from my besties and my sister who had pregnant and they had suffered experience from morning sickness and made them being thinned in their first trimester (pls no offense chingudeul, this is just my assume). I have very highly respect to SYJ and also fan of her. I adore her so much from the first time I saw her movie "A Moment to Remember" when I was in the last year of college in 2004, since then I am being her fan. She is a great actress, her acting skill is no joke!! She's the only one of my fave of korean actress. I don't know BinJin being secretly married or way to go tie the knot (the two options are good for me), but I always wish the best for both of them and Happily ever after Hopefully we will get a good news from them soon!
  3. I agree with you.. This time, I am rooting SYJ for the Daesang Winner! Hopefully the universe at our side as well.. SYJ deserves to get Daesang this time
  4. I don't know but I think it's not fair for the other nominees because KHA is in nominees since her drama is still on going.. If She will be in nominees for the best actress, she would be in the next baeksang which is next year.. Because for the other nominees as we know their drama has ended already (no offense.. It's just my opinion)
  5. The nominees are good but the nominees for the best actress made me goosebumps when there are 2 seniors and also GHJ (SYJ bestie).. Just pray for the best that uri SYJ will be the winner this time as well.. She was in the same nominated with KHS in 2017 for the best actress as well and SYJ made it with The Last Princess! Hopefully this time will be SYJ as well!
  6. I absolutely agree with you! YJ is clean by her track record in her career! She has no dating scandal! Too risky for her to ruin her clean track record in 20 yrs of her career just for dating scandal! That's why I believe even if HB and her in serious relationship by now (I believe they are dating though). She won't announce it but when they already a date set for wedding! Don't forget they are in mature age that simple dating is not the concern but marriage! I can speak like this since I am in the same age like them (I was born in 1982 as well), so i know what they feel!
  7. Which is the 3rd? I just know that she liked and commented in Uhm Jee Won and her stylish IG.. May I know the 3rd? Thank you
  8. Can't wait for the good news from them.. Hopefully it will be soon
  9. What is this? Could you please DM me as well? I am just curious.. Thank you in advance
  10. I do believe that they are dating and already in serious relationship and getting tie the knot.. Since I am in the same age like BinJin.. I do believe that their relationship isn't just for a moment since they are in the age of marriage stage! Hopefully we can hear the good news regarding their wedding soon, maybe after the issue of covid-19 could be handled very well in South Korea especially in YJ's hometown, so she doesn't need to be worried for her family in Daegu especially for her parents. All the best for them.
  11. Yes I agree, the set is comfort zone for her since she has to work on the set! She has to deal with it! I want to recall your statement here that SYJ seems to be more of an extroverted introvert ... natural tendency to be an introvert but adapts given the situation / comfort level. Yes, She is Capricorn indeed! They can adapt with new atmosphere easily but they just play on the surface. It's not easy to be very closed with them, as i said they look like extrovert and easy in adaptation but in fact they are introvert! Very hard to read their mind! They can be opened and shared their matters to someone whom very very close to them! I agree with you for this as well! unless she gets engaged, I very much doubt she'll admit to being in any kind of relationship. For women which are in our age (SYJ and I were born in 1982 and have same zodiac as well which is Capricorn), Capricorn can't be closed to other people without observes it first! They can sit together face to face to other people without talking but just listening! That mean they are observing the person who they are talking to. If they can be closed to other people and have relationship with them, It means they have done the observation! We will very much carefully to admit the relationship since we are in the age of marriage stage! We can't just admit the relationship that have no future! It's just my thought, no offense : I think SYJ is waiting for her gut to make decision since it will be influenced in her career. She loves her job so much but she needs to make decision as well! And I bet that HB is passed the observation by SYJ that's why they can be closed by now! I think HB is waiting for SYJ decision since He is very comfortable arround SYJ. Since we've already known that HB always brought up his relationship to public, but by now He's still waiting for the green light from SYJ! I love to see them together. Hopefully they can end up together in marriage life for good! #prayhardforthem
  12. I just wanna say something here since there are much questions for "why there's no explanation from SYJ?" regarding this dating rumour between her and HB. Back to her personality and we shouldn't forget that She is Capricorn. Since I am Capricorn and I was born in the same year with SYJ and HB as well! I can understand her silent when rumour comes around about her! I think you must watch this video from youtube, so you can understand how is personality of Capricorn! Maybe not 100 percent correct but mostly It's correct!Hopefully it will be helped you guys! Don't worry i ship them as well! Since they can be closed like that, It means SYJ has attention to him as well because Capricorn is very picky person for someone who can be closed to them, since they are looking for comfortable. They prefer stay at home instead go out with people whom they are not comfort! And prefer being silencer than they have to explain about matters that they don't want to explain since they are introvert. They Look like extrovert but in fact they are introvert! They don't want people knows about their personal life or privacy eventhough with their close friend! They have space inside them to keep their personal matters! They prefer face it alone or keep it like that until the matter will be sunk by the time! If SYJ like this in her silent, She must be in "her time" to think all the matters while resting and does her habit in leisure time, staring blanky ahead with cup of coffee! Since Capricorn loves to be alone while they have problems! span widpan widget
  13. Is there something that i'm missing it with the thread about DM? Is there anyone could DM me as well? I am just curious.. Thank you in advance
  14. I feel like watch re-act "Something in the Rain" but this time the male lead is Hyun Bin
  15. That's HB's right hand.. because the thumb position.. It couldn't be SYJ's hand.. and color of clothes is darker than SYJ's clothes.. I believe that is HB's right hand..
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