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  1. MSteam new logo, So why should we read as VAMS? Ambiguous between the 2 agencies or one of their talents already made a fam? So they are completely vams by now
  2. I think I am alone with this thought but Thank God, I am not.. I am sorry but pls don't get me wrong.. I am a fan of Yejin since decades ago.. I always support her in her career.. She is a precious gem for South Korea Movie Industry.. She is a versatile actress indeed! Even I've ever thought that her skill has already in the level of Director! But I don't know when I heard this news I felt sad.. I got deja vu.. because there is an actress from Asia as well (She is my fav actress as well outside of South Korea) who has made debut in hollywood been years ago and She just
  3. What's wrong with the theme? I've already minus and cylinder.. and this theme makes my eyes uncomfort to read this forum.. is there any chance for soompi to bring back the previous theme?
  4. I have the thought like you as well but time will answer.. just wait for the announcement.. hopefully soon
  5. He's definitely looking for her and his eyes was locked by YJ.. He tried to close to her but since there was no empty spot anymore in YJ row so he decided to stand at the top row but still closed to her.. We can see by the picture that his position on the top of SJH position where YJ stood by next to SJH.. it means if there was no SJH in that position, HB will be at that place next to YJ There is popular sentence in Indonesian language to describe that maybe HB said on his mind "cewek yang baju gold, jangan sampe lepas!"
  6. I think HB fangirls did that because they have admitted that YJ has already stolen the heart of HB and admitted that YJ is getting more beautiful by now and loved by many people but them maybe Just positive thinking that they just wanted to give the best for HB so they wanted YJ to give her best since she is already with HB and what should they say when finally they found that their idol was wearing the same brand with YJ Gem is a gem, life is always rocky when you are a gem and YJ is a precious gem
  7. HB is a calm person refer to introvert.. YJ maybe as you said that she is an ambivert person but in my opinion, she is an introvert person because an introvert person can disguised being an extrovert person with show it by the cheerful etc as YJ has done.. And in my opinion, after TN promotions, and on sharp in presscon CLOY, I looked her more calm that's why I assumed her into HB already, and about HB, He has known as calm person but after he closed to YJ, he has changed.. they are into each other and made it balance.. they look comfort one each other and it can be happened in a c
  8. I agree with you!! Basicly, I am a fan of SYJ since decades ago.. I am here because I love this couple.. SYJ looks comfort and being more calm around HB.. The CLOY presscon made me realize that she is into HB already.. I know SYJ and HB are veteran actors and already steady in their career that's why of course their financial will be followed them as since they are the A-list actors.. buuuutt I think it's not good and not polite to discuss how rich they are until wrote the details how much assets they have.. We all here to ship our OTP and share the evidences to discus
  9. Well said.. I totally agree with you.. Thank you for your observation
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