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  1. Yeah I want him to cast in modern drama next. I rewatched Robber and I miss Janghyuk playing in romantic love story. but no more sad ending though. Any character would be okay. I watched Iris2 and I was very depressed for like 2 weeks. I was that much into his character. Until now I am still not able to finish ending episode of Chuno. I stopped at episode 23. haha
  2. Based on the stories he has told in other shows, I think when he was young he was just worried about his study since he did not do well academically. So her encouragement is really on point. You cannot be perfect in everything. Although you are not good at study but you're so good at sports.
  3. Yeah you can refer to this link. JH is the sixth actor that they offered the role to. http://koalasplayground.com/2016/04/26/jang-hyuk-confirmed-for-kbs-drama-beautiful-mind-alongside-yoon-hyun-min-and-park-se-young/ so manly and sexy!! I wish I could go back in time to save all the photos. He had done so many photoshoot in the past.
  4. me too me too. Many interesting dramas are currently airing but I really have no mood to watch. I miss JH. I saw him first time in Thank you but Beautiful Mind makes me his fan. and I regret for not liking him earlier. BM was rejected by many actors but I am glad JH accepted this role. I cannot imagine anyone can be as perfect as him in portraying Dr.LYO.
  5. I prefer him in short hair like in Bad Papa or Money Flower but he also looks very handsome in long hair. I thought his hair would be longer but it seems that only his bang is long haha sigh I miss him in drama. Actually, if The Swordsman has been out, he would be busy now with promoting activities and we would get to see all clips and pics but these days so quiet. I hope to see his casting news every morning I wake up but none...
  6. I am waiting for The Swordsman too. A short clip of him practicing sword fighting is already awesome. i think he must be very very cool in the movie. He also injured his wrist while filming. All the effort for this movie...... I hope it will be released soon. I am curious about My Country. but I want him to cast in another drama too this year. I think I prefer the drama which he is the center. I love when he's talking about his family. It is very sweet. My mind kept wishing his friends to ask him more in Dragon Club. lol Ask ask him ask him moreee. In ep 3, when they're sitting at the cafe. When he said that his wife is loyal and he was about to explain more but then they just laughed and like changed the topic. I was likeee whyyyyyyyyyy let me hear it moree. It would be good if we can hear his wife talking about him too. I want to hear it from her side. haha but that is impossible though.
  7. haha me too. I ship him and his wife forever. He has chemistry with his co-stars but I never wish them to be together in real life. Can't help it. it's his natural self. he is not just cute but there is fluffiness quality in him lol it's the feeling I can't explain
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