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  1. From my two experiences at his Japan fan meetings , there was no time to say longer than 2 sentences. They just want us to finish group photo as fast as possible. But it's true that he looks younger in real life. His face is so small and has very perfect complexion. He doesn't look like human. He's like angel or something. lol
  2. Is it just me? but I remember that during Ordinary Person, they had a lot of promotions? many press conferences , interviews, shows, and Vlive, etc. maybe because of Covid19? sigh.. I feel like not many people know about the movie. By the way, I love John Wick. I already watched all 3 squeals.
  3. From what I have noticed, Janghyuk normally doesn't look lean or loses weight when he has no project. I think he has something comping up soon. and based from his look now is very clean and boyish. Pleaseeeee be a charming man once more in a drama.
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