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  1. I find Bongsam and the hat very cute I think The Merchant Gakju's story is very boring and old-fashioned. but I watched it without fast forward because there is 90% of JH in it (required high level of tolerance though since many parts are nonsense). If you haven't tried, maybe try watch it when you miss Janghyuk. haha I think his performance is very good. I like his crying scenes. He cried a lot unlike we see him in other dramas which he was more reserved.
  2. yes! but no worry. his eyes look normal in the recent pic at his friend's wedding. so If he really got injured it must recover already. Oh one more thing I have noticed is that he has a wound on his index finger. must due to boxing since he always has wound like this. JH is so energetic. Imaging boxing until your fingers get wounds. The scene when LBW fanning his daughter while asleep is so sweet and gentle. Since it shows he loves his children so he must love his wife too? I have no knowledge about history though. So if he loves his family I think there would be no romance story for LBW in this. How I wish he plays a powerful and smart character like this in the drama which he is the main lead. hahaha "how dare you!!!!!!" reminds me of SOGC.
  3. I notice that there is a red spot in his left eye. Did he wear contact lens or get injured? but I didn't notice it in other scene. thing that shows that he had stood there for 4 hours is his sweating on his face and neck. haha I notice that JH sweat a lot especially in the hunting scene and the last scene when he's about to kill Hwi. I love it because it looks natural. I love his make-up. It seems like he didn't have make-up on at all. Or maybe very light makeup because I can clearly see his bare skin. so manly!!
  4. I think many fans don't like when he has short hair but I have no problem with his hair in Bad Papa or even IRIS2. I prefer his hair in Bad Papa. It's natural and not much styling. similar to his hair in Dragon Club show. I notice not many actors dare to get hair cut as short as him. haha JH should know that some of his fans lose interest for the other casts and the story when he plays as a supporting role. and I am one of them I want to fully watch the drama without doing fast-forward but it has to happen again too after WOL. Sigh...
  5. so disappointed he didn't attend today press con. Didn't the news inform that he'll attend? and the fans sent many rice wreaths. but understandable though. I think the story is more focus on the 3 main leads. Here is the highlight clip. I remember he will have an event in Japan promoting Bad papa in this month right? but not sure what date. I am more looking forward to that.
  6. It is the scene in Ep.1 Although I don't like the plots and storylines for some of his dramas I never skipped. I tolerated watching til the end except WOL that I dislike it so much. I watched only his scenes which only 2-3 minutes per episode.
  7. Yeah I want him to cast in modern drama next. I rewatched Robber and I miss Janghyuk playing in romantic love story. but no more sad ending though. Any character would be okay. I watched Iris2 and I was very depressed for like 2 weeks. I was that much into his character. Until now I am still not able to finish ending episode of Chuno. I stopped at episode 23. haha
  8. Based on the stories he has told in other shows, I think when he was young he was just worried about his study since he did not do well academically. So her encouragement is really on point. You cannot be perfect in everything. Although you are not good at study but you're so good at sports.
  9. Yeah you can refer to this link. JH is the sixth actor that they offered the role to. http://koalasplayground.com/2016/04/26/jang-hyuk-confirmed-for-kbs-drama-beautiful-mind-alongside-yoon-hyun-min-and-park-se-young/ so manly and sexy!! I wish I could go back in time to save all the photos. He had done so many photoshoot in the past.
  10. me too me too. Many interesting dramas are currently airing but I really have no mood to watch. I miss JH. I saw him first time in Thank you but Beautiful Mind makes me his fan. and I regret for not liking him earlier. BM was rejected by many actors but I am glad JH accepted this role. I cannot imagine anyone can be as perfect as him in portraying Dr.LYO.
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