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  1. I checked ep 1, I still have the fatigue from the previous drama I may check it later. Sorry @Greta Masalskyte for not keeping you company.
  2. Thank you Chingu's for the time shared watching this drama and reading comments/looking at gif's I am grateful. Have a wonderful weekend!!!
  3. As predicted we got 5 minutes of happy ending scenes, NJ died and donate his cornea to OSH'Dad. AR is running an orphanage. Chairman Oh, I believe was knifed by his own thugs. Their is compulsory 1 year time jumped. Need sub to understand it better.
  4. @nohamahamoud2002, sorry to cut your post, yup; the preview shows that Chairman Oh will be arrested and AR will get hit by Chen will she die????
  5. Today's ep, Chairman Oh chasing Chairman Park and AR, like cat and mouse game. PSH, NJ along with Sandal, OSH/Ester managed to outwit Chairman Oh and his thugs getting Chairman Park into AURA's hospital and AR to OSH parents house. In the preview Chairman Park will wake up, hopefully; they will find his cane and their will be evidence against evil Chairman Oh. If NJ survive good for him I am not going to worry about the alliance of Chairman Oh and the loan shark. Two more ep to go
  6. @nohamahamoud2002, agreed, but; he need to have his R&R and/or all of them involved in this project. Thanks KBS2, the actors/actresses, staff and management for bringing us this drama that sometimes wants me to reach out the tv screen and pull AR/Ester and NJ's hair
  7. @nohamahamoud2002, sorry to cut your post; let us hope that Chairman Park managed to turn on the camera in his cane, at least it will show that evil Chairman Oh was the one who pulled the trigger. Their is a possibility that Chairman Oh will use NJ's on/off amnesia as a bargaining chip to get AR's shares.
  8. I will not be surprised if we only get 2 minutes of happy feeling at the end of ep 103. This writer just love to toy with the viewers. NJ is totally crazy, Chairman Oh I really cannot stand looking at your face @nohamahamoud2002, me third, don't want to be stress of how this drama will end. Anyway, 4 more ep to go and we are done Chingu's, enjoy the rest of the week!!! Peace to All
  9. Hoping, that the story line for AURA management take over will be resolved in the next ep. I am really tired of looking at HY's adoptive Dad, a total scumbag. AR give your shares to the Park family and take NJ with you, go to the end of the earth Yes, we need episodes where PSH/OSH/Gun are happy before this drama ends. Enjoy and have a safe weekend
  10. Filler ep, Chairman Oh's thugs tried to scare AR and PSH comes to the rescue, writer nim loosing her steam.
  11. @kimdaehwi, from the preview it looks like OSH's Dad eye surgery did not work and he may really get NJ's cornea. I think Chairman Park will help AR by lending her money to pay Gold Asset. NJ/OHY will be released and AR will find out about NJ illness. At least the jewelries are in the Park's household. Wondering who will discover it? Do Ri/Ester? OSH/PSH? we know that PSH's Dad and Gun saw it and set aside without knowing the value of these items their reactions when Gun dropped it on the floor.
  12. @nohamahamoud2002, in today's ep AR was shown at the beginning, OYH's adoptive Dad probably order his thugs/minions to hide heras a bargaining chip for the jewelries that NJ took and lost. You are right NJ will not die easily, what I meant set up the motion for him to be the cornea's donor cause his disease is progressing rapidly and if he gets into accident he may have additional injuries. Writer nim, what is your next move?
  13. IF it's in the real world and AURA developed a cure for dementia, then; I want a piece of the pie. Anyway, in K-dramaland an A list company is always a target for takeover. Wondering if OHY is the one who reported that SH impersonated Oh Jemma, that's why the prosecutor's office came by to take her for questioning. OMG the audacity of this person, or she is trying to save her skin from the wrath of his adoptive father. @chrissydiva, you are right; Do Ri and Gun will be the one to discover the jewelries. NJ will probably have an episode of his illness while fleeing with SH's Dad and get into an accident, set up the motion of him dying and becomes the cornea donor I am not sure if I want NJ's cornea. I am really looking forward to the end of this drama
  14. @nohamahamoud2002, I have watched a drama penned by this writer and she can really create twisted plots, which made me really dislike her at one point. But, I still comeback and watch this on and off cause of the Chingu's in this thread who really help me go through the ups and downs. Pardon me for not mentioning all of of you my senior moments are catching up on me. Yes, my fave scene today was when SH's Mom pulled HY's hair and AR's reaction to the sequence of painting/drawing by PSH Dad. Anyway, I am glad that this will be over soon thanks to All.
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