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  1. The main couple are moving so fast.
    They've spent the night together (OK, so not literally, but hey...)They've run around holding hands.They've gone on a cinema date (OK, so it wasn't intentionally...)He's met the best friend (through SNS stalking) and she's met the *beep* of a fiancée.He kind of saw her take her clothes off, and next week, they're in a room together, and she gets to see him taking clothes off.I feel a first kiss is in order. 

  2. tessieroo said: That's actually my only problem with this drama so far? Almost ALL of the female characters besides the lead are annoying, mean, hateful and whiny. I don't get it. I like strong, independent female characters who know how to be charismatic without being a beotch and I'm not seeing that in these female characters at all. (which makes me not root for them)  :( I'm so tired of seeing jealous, spiteful, "mean" girls on TV. *sigh* 

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