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  1. Hi Guys

    First time commenting on this thread after lurking here for so long. My soompi account has actually not been in use since who knows how long but this damn drama (or the lack of it during this long wait) has destroyed my soul and as a result I've been marathoning the entire show again this week and started reading all these comments in this thread from the beginning just to not go crazy...or maybe I'm already crazy...if so...SOMEONE SAVE ME!!

    I want to post up some of my thoughts...BUT it's 1AM right now in Korea and I should be sleeping BUT I'm not because I'm watching this show and my delusional mind is driving me insane...BUT I really want to comment about our OTP BUT...I'm not in the right state of mind...BUT I am thankful that this thread is here and thank you to everyone here that has faith in our couple..

    Judging by the amount of BUTs...I think it is safe to say...I should sleep.

    Shall return with my thoughts later.

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